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Published by: Earl Justin Concepcion on Jul 09, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 JOHN DY, Petitioner,- versus - PEOPLE OF THE PHILIPPINES and The HONORABLE O!RT OF APPEALS, Res"ondents#$#R# No# %&'(%) Nove*+er %, )'
 Acting C.J
 This a""ea. "ra/s 0or the reversa. o0 the De1ision
 dated Januar/ )(, )( and the Reso.ution
 dated 2a/ %, )( o0 the ourt o0 A""ea.s in A-$#R# R No# )(')# The a""e..ate 1ourt a3r*ed 4ith *odi51ation the De1ision
dated Nove*+er %6, %777 o0 the Re8iona. Tria. ourt 9RT:, Bran1h ') o0 ;ue<on it/, 4hi1h had 1onvi1ted "etitioner John D/ o0 t4o 1ounts o0
 in ri*ina. ases Nos# ;-7(-=6%% and ;-7(-=6%(, and t4o 1ounts o0 vio.ation o0
Batas Pambansa Bilang
B.P. Blg. 22
: in ri*ina. ases Nos# ;-7(-=6%) and ;-7(-=6%# The 0a1ts are undis"uted>Sin1e %77, John D/ has +een the distri+utor o0 ?#L# Food Produ1ts 9?#L# Foods: in Na8a it/, Bi1o., under the +usiness na*e D/na 2ar@etin8# D/ 4ou.d "a/ ?#L# Foods in either 1ash or 1he1@ u"on "i1@ u" o0 sto1@s o0 sna1@ 0oods at the .atters +ran1h or *ain o31e in ;ue<on it/# At ti*es, he 4ou.d entrust the "a/*ent to one o0 his drivers# On June ), %77), D/s driver 4ent to the +ran1h o31e o0 ?#L# Foods to "i1@ u" sto1@s o0 sna1@ 0oods# He introdu1ed hi*se.0 to the 1he1@er, 2ar/ Jane D# 2ara1a, 4ho u"on 1on5r*in8 D/s 1redit 4ith the *ain o31e, 8ave hi* *er1handise 4orth P%=,&67#=# In return, the driver handed her a +.an@ Far East Ban@ and Trusto*"an/ 9FEBT: he1@ 4ith he1@ No# &&(=) "ostdated Ju./ )), %77)# The 1he1@ 4as si8ned +/ D/ thou8h it did not indi1ate a s"e1i51 a*ount# Yet a8ain, on Ju./ %, %77), the sa*e driver o+tained sna1@ 0oods 0ro* 2ara1a in the a*ount o0 P))=,67#(= in e1han8e 0or a +.an@ FEBT he1@ 4ith he1@ No# &&(=%& "ostdated Ju./ (%, %77)#In +oth instan1es, the driver 4as issued an unsi8ned de.iver/ re1ei"t# The a*ounts 0or the "ur1hases 4ere 5..ed in .ater +/ Eve./n On8, a11ountant o0 ?#L# Foods, +asedon the va.ue o0 the 8oods de.ivered#?hen "resented 0or "a/*ent, FEBT dishonored the 1he1@s 0or insu31ien1/ o0 0unds# Rau. D# $on<a.es, *ana8er o0 FEBT-Na8a Bran1h, noti5ed Att/# Rita Linda
 Ji*eno, 1ounse. o0 ?#L# Foods, o0 the dishonor# A""arent./, D/ on./ had an avai.a+.e+a.an1e o0 P), as o0 Ju./ )), %77) and Ju./ (%, %77)#Later, $on<a.es sent Att/# Ji*eno another .etter
 advisin8 her that FEBT he1@ No#&&(=) 0or P%=,&67#= 4as returned to the dra4ee +an@ 0or the reasons sto" "a/*ent order and dra4n a8ainst un1o..e1ted de"osit 9DA!D:, and not +e1ause it 4as dra4n a8ainst insu31ient 0unds as stated in the 5rst .etter# D/s savin8s de"osit a11ount .ed8er reCe1ted a +a.an1e o0 P%=,=&7#(7 as o0 Ju./ )), %77)# This,ho4ever, in1.uded a re8iona. 1.earin8 1he1@ 0or P&&, 4hi1h he de"osited on Ju./ ), %77), and 4hi1h too@ 5ve 9&: +an@in8 da/s to 1.ear# Hen1e, the in4ard 1he1@ 4as dra4n a8ainst the /et un1o..e1ted de"osit#?hen ?i..ia* Li*, o4ner o0 ?#L# Foods, "honed D/ a+out the *atter, the .atter e".ained that he 1ou.d not "a/ sin1e he had no 0unds /et# This "ro*"ted the 0or*er to send "etitioner a de*and .etter, 4hi1h the .atter i8nored#On Ju./ %=, %77(, Li* 1har8ed D/ 4ith t4o 1ounts o0
under Arti1.e (%&, "ara8ra"h )9d:
 o0 the Revised Pena. ode in t4o In0or*ations, 4hi1h e1e"t 0or the dates and a*ounts invo.ved, si*i.ar./ read as 0o..o4s> That on or a+out the )
 da/ o0 June, %77), in ;ue<on it/, Phi.i""ines, the said a11used, did then and there 4i..0u../ and 0e.onious./ de0raud ?#L# PROD!TS, a 1or"oration du./ or8ani<ed and eistin8 under the .a4s o0 the Re"u+.i1 o0 the Phi.i""ines 4ith +usiness address at No# &(% $en# Luis St#, Nova.i1hes, this it/, in the 0o..o4in8 *anner, to 4it> the said a11used, +/ *eans o0 0a.se *ani0estations and 0raudu.ent re"resentation 4hi1h he *ade to 1o*".ainant to the ee1t that Far East Ban@ and Trust o# 1he1@ No# &&(=) dated Ju./ )), %77) in the a*ount o0 P%=,&67#=, "a/a+.e to ?#L# Produ1ts is a 8ood 1he1@ and 4i.. +e honored +/ the+an@ on its *aturit/ date, and +/ *eans o0 other de1eit o0 si*i.ar i*"ort, indu1ed and su11eeded in indu1in8 the said 1o*".ainant to re1eive and a11e"t the a0oresaid1he1@ in "a/*ent o0 sna1@ 0oods, the said a11used @no4in8 0u../ 4e.. that a.. his *ani0estations and re"resentations 4ere 0a.se and untrue and 4ere *ade so.e./ 0or the "ur"ose o0 o+tainin8, as in 0a1t he did o+tain the a0oresaid sna1@ 0oods va.ued at P%=,&67#= 0ro* said 1o*".ainant as u"on "resentation o0 said 1he1@ to the +an@ 0or "a/*ent, the sa*e 4as dishonored and "a/*ent thereo0 re0used 0or the reason sto" "a/*ent and the said a11used, on1e in "ossession o0 the a0oresaid sna1@ 0oods, 4ith intent to de0raud, 4i..0u../, un.a40u../ and 0e.onious./ *isa"".ied,*isa""ro"riated and 1onverted the sa*e or the va.ue thereo0 to his o4n "ersona. use and +ene5t, to the da*a8e and "reGudi1e o0 said ?#L# Produ1ts, herein re"resented +/ RODOLFO BORJAL, in the a0ore*entioned a*ount o0 P%=,&67#=, Phi.i""ine urren1/#ontrar/ to .a4#
 On even date, Li* a.so 1har8ed D/ 4ith t4o 1ounts o0 vio.ation o0
B.P. Blg. 22
 in t4o In0or*ations 4hi1h .i@e4ise save 0or the dates and a*ounts invo.ved si*i.ar./ read as 0o..o4s> That on or a+out the )
 da/ o0 June, %77), the said a11used, did then and there 4i..0u../, un.a40u../ and 0e.onious./ *a@e or dra4 and issue to ?#L# FOOD PROD!TS to a""./ on a11ount or 0or va.ue a Far East Ban@ and Trust o# he1@ no# &&(=) dated Ju./ )), %77) "a/a+.e to ?#L# FOOD PROD!TS in the a*ount o0 P%=,&67#= Phi.i""ine urren1/, said a11used @no4in8 0u../ 4e.. that at the ti*e o0 issue heshethe/ did not have su31ient 0unds in or 1redit 4ith the dra4ee +an@ 0or "a/*ent o0 su1h 1he1@ in 0u.. u"on its "resent*ent, 4hi1h 1he1@ 4hen "resented 7 da/s 0ro* the date thereo0 4as su+seuent./ dishonored +/ the dra4ee +an@ 0or the reason Pa/*ent sto""edK +ut the sa*e 4ou.d have +een dishonored 0or insu31ient 0unds had not the a11used 4ithout an/ va.id reason, ordered the +an@ to sto" "a/*ent, the said a11used des"ite re1ei"t o0 noti1e o0 su1h dishonor, 0ai.ed to "a/ said ?#L# Food Produ1ts the a*ount o0 said 1he1@ or to *a@e arran8e*ent 0or "a/*ent in 0u.. o0 the sa*e 4ithin 5ve 9&: +an@in8 da/s a0terre1eivin8 said noti1e#ONTRARY TO LA?#
On Nove*+er )(, %77, D/ 4as arrested in Na8a it/# On arrai8n*ent, he ".eaded not 8ui.t/ to a.. 1har8es# Therea0ter, the 1ases a8ainst hi* 4ere tried Goint./#On Nove*+er %6, %777 the RT 1onvi1ted D/ on t4o 1ounts ea1h o0
 and vio.ation o0
B.P. Blg. 22
# The tria. 1ourt dis"osed o0 the 1ase as 0o..o4s>?HEREFORE, a11used JOHN JERRY DY ALDEN 9JOHN DY: is here+/ 0ound $!ILTY +e/ond reasona+.e dou+t o0 s4ind.in8 9ESTAFA: as 1har8ed in the In0or*ations in ri*ina. ase No# 7(-=6%% and in ri*ina. ase No# ;-7(-=6%(, res"e1tive./# A11ordin8./, a0ter a""./in8 the "rovisions o0 the Indeter*inate Senten1e La4 and P#D# No# '%', said a11used is here+/ senten1ed to suer the indeter*inate "ena.t/ o0 ten 9%: /ears and one 9%: da/ to t4e.ve 9%): /ears o0 "rision *a/or, as *ini*u*, to t4ent/ 9): /ears o0 re1.usion te*"ora., as *ai*u*, in ri*ina. ase No# ;-7(-=6%% and o0 ten 9%: /ears and one 9%: da/ to t4e.ve 9%): /ears o0 "rision *a/or, as *ini*u*, to thirt/ 9(: /ears o0 re1.usion "er"etua, as *ai*u*, in ri*ina. ase No# ;-7(-=6%(#Li@e4ise, said a11used is here+/ 0ound $!ILTY +e/ond reasona+.e dou+t o0 io.ationo0 B#P# )) as 1har8ed in the In0or*ations in ri*ina. ase No# ;-7(-=6%) and in ri*ina. ase No# ;-7(-=6% and is a11ordin8./ senten1ed to i*"rison*ent o0 one 9%: /ear 0or ea1h o0 the said oense and to "a/ a 5ne in the tota. a*ount o0 P(((,(6(#7=, 4ith su+sidiar/ i*"rison*ent in 1ase o0 inso.ven1/#FINALLY, Gud8*ent is here+/ rendered in 0avor o0 "rivate 1o*".ainant, ?# L# Food Produ1ts, herein re"resented +/ Rodo.0o BorGa., and a8ainst herein a11used JOHN

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