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The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.

The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind.

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Published by api-19792422

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Published by: api-19792422 on Nov 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 “Live The Power” www.livethepower.com
Welcome,you have here atyoufingertips some ofthegreatest truthsabout successever written. Ifyouincorporate these truthsintoyour lifeyour life can’t help butchange for the better. You can workmiracles inyoulife and you canmake allyour dreamscome true. Live the Power.Formore informationon the wisdomosuccess please seeourwebsite atwww.livetheower.com
“Live The Power”www.livethepower.com
The POWER ofYourSubconsciousMind
Joseph Murphy
D.R.S., D.D., Ph.D., LL.D.Fellow of the Andhra Research University of India
How This Book Can Work Miracles in Your Life
I have seenmiracles happen tomen and womenin allwalks of lifeallovertheworld. Miracles will happen toyou, too—whenyou beginusing themagicpowerofyour subconsciousmind.Thisbook isdesigned to teach youthat your habitualthinkingandimagemold,fashion,andcreateyourdestiny; for asa manthinkethinhissub-consciousmind, so is he.
 Do you know theanswers?
Whyisone mansad andanother manhappy?Why is one manjoyousandprosperous and anothermanpoor andmisera-ble? Why is onemanfearfulandanxiousandanother fulloffaithandconfidence?Whydoes onemanhaveabeautiful,lux-urioushomewhileanothermanlivesout ameageexistenceina slum? Why is one mana great success and anotheranab-jectfailure?Whyisonespeakeroutstandingandimmenselypopularandanother mediocreandunpopular? Why isoneman ageniusinhiswork orprofessionwhiletheothermantoilsandmoilsallhislifewithoutdoingoaccomplishing anything worthwhile? Why isonemanhealedof aso-called
“Live The Power”www.livethepower.com
incurabledisease andanotherisn’t? Whyis itsomanygood, kindreligious people suffer thetortures of thedamnedin theirmindandbody? Whyisitmanyimmoralandirreligiouspeoplesucceedand prosper andenjoyradianthealth? Why isonewomanhappilymarriedandhersisterveryunhappy andfrustrated? Isthere ananswer tothese questions inthe workings of your consciousandsubconscious minds?There mostcertainly is.56
 How This BookCan WorkMiraclesin YourLife
Itisfortheexpresspurposeof answeringand clarifyingtheabovequestions andmanyothers ofa similarnature thatmo-tivatedme to writethisbook. Ihaveendeavored to explainthegreatfundamental truthsofyour mindin thesimplestlanguagepossible.Ibelievethatitisperfectly possibleto explain the basic,foundational,andfundamental laws oflife andof youmind inordinaryeverydaylanguage. Youwillfind thatthe languageofthis book isthat used inyour dailypapers, currentperiodicals, in yourbusinessoffices,in your home, and inthe dailywork-shop. I urge youto studythis bookandapplythetechniquesoutlinedtherein;andasyoudo,Ifeelabsolutelyconvincedthat youwilllayhold ofa miracle-workingpowerthatwilllift you upfrom confusion,misery,melancholy,andfailure, andguideoutoyour trueplace,solveyour difficulties,severyoufrom emotionaland physicalbondage,and placeyou ontheroyal roadtofreedom,happiness,andpeaceofmind.This miracle-workingpowerofyoursubconscious mindcan healyou of yoursickness;make you vital andstrong again.In learninghow touseyourinner powers,you willopentheprison door offear andenter into a life described byPaulas the glorious libertyofthe sons ofGod.
A personal healingwill ever be themostconvincing evi-dence ofour subconsciouspowers.Overforty-twoyearsagoIresolvedamalignancy—inmedical terminologyit wascalledasarcoma—byusingthehealing poweromy subconsciousmind,whichcreatedmeandstillmaintainsandgovernsallmyvitalfunctions.ThetechniqueI appliediselaborated onin thisbook,andIfeelsure thatit willhelp others to trust the same InfiniteHealingPresencelodgedinthesubconsciousdepthsof all men.Through thekindly officesomy doctorfriend,Isuddenly real-ized thatit wasnatural toassumethatthe

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