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Case on HRM

Case on HRM

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Case on HRM
Case on HRM

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Published by: Nuruzzaman Prodhan Ruposh on Jul 09, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 Operating at the Bottom of the Pyramid:
 A case on HRM
“Strive Enterprise” a small Chemical and Cosmetics Company isabout to float. It is a tiny Company with a capital base of Tk. 1million only. The company belon!s to both chemical and cosmeticsindustry. The entrepreneurs are a !roup of youn!" educated"ener!etic but conditioned business people with an unusual motiveto reach the low price# low mar!in# hi!h volume business model.The product line of the company for chemical and cosmeticsrespectively are$Chemical %mainly repacka!in!&1.'ydro!en per o(ide).*lycerin+.sodi bi carbe,.-oric acid./otassium perman!anateCosmetics 1.0fter Shave lotion ).0ntiseptic cream+.Talcum powder ,./etroleum elly.Tooth paste2.Tooth powder The company wants to be a “low cost leader” in an oli!opolymarket structure where few dominant firms 3both 4orei!n anddomestic5 en!a!e themselves in cutthroat competition throu!hprice war and heavy promotional activities. 0s a very small firm"Strive Enterprise 6ust cannot effort to !o for cutthroat competition inthe aforesaid manner.There is a hu!e se!ment of the market for low cost 7ualityproducts particularly in the northern districts of our country and the
market is scattered in a hu!e !eo!raphic spread for a newly foundconcern. There are established local manufacturers with reputedand reco!ni8ed brands. Their market share and sales revenue isreasonable" but the entrepreneurs runnin! them are not thatdynamic and are often vulnerable to !ood mana!ement andmarketin! strate!ies. The company wants to float in at lest 2 northern districts namely"9an!pur" :ilfamai" ;uri!ram" <almonirhat" aypurhat and =ina6pur with the manufacturin! plant situated in 9an!pur. They want toimport the raw materials form India throu!h -urimari land port. 0=haka based printin! and packa!in! company will establish anre!ional plant to cater the needs of the newly floatin! company.The Simple mana!erial hierarchy will consist of one *>" 2 districtmana!ers for sales and 0dministration separately. The companywants to !o for a uni7ue distribution channel of its own byemphasi8in! on the Thana level" 3the 0chilles heel for themultinationals and lar!e local firms5 and by appointin! one salerepresentative and two sales persons 3females5 from the localcommunity. The company will provide transportation and lo!isticsin the form of vehicles and offices in every Thana. The companywants to utili8e the local orientation and personal connection of thesales people as the uni7ue marketin! tools.The chemical products are tar!eted for the >edicine stores andthe cosmetics for local >odi shops and the >onohari shops. Theproducts are relatively cheap but standard. The packa!in! and !etup is okay. =erive a '9 plan for the company for the comin! #year spanshowin! the followin! particulars$1.The >ission and vision statement of '9
Human Resources Mission Statement
 The mission of the human resource department is to support the goals andchallenges of Strive Enterprise by providing services that promote a work 2
environment that is characterized by fair treatment of staff, opencommunications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect. e willseek and provide solutions to workplace issues that support and optimize theoperating principles of the organization.
Human Resources Vision Statement
).The ?r!ani8ational Structure
!E" # $anaging %irector& Eng. 'uruzzaman (rodhan
)actories %irector & 
(roduction *$ & 
+iuid detergents # personal care factory - *$
Soap )actory - *$
warehousing - *$
ndustrial # Technical pro/ects - *$ & 
$aintenance $anager
)inancial $anaging %irector
(lanning - *$
(urchasing - *$
!ommercial %irector
0uman esources # Training - *$
uality %irector 3$anagement epresentative4
uality !ontrol *$
+.The 9ole profiles@= of the *>"=istrict >ana!ers" TheThana Sales >ana!er and the Sales /eople.
Sales Force
The Strive Enterprise !osmetics sales force consists of a team of contractors calledndependent 5eauty !onsultants. 5eauty consultants buy their inventory from theStrive Enterprise wholesale division and sell it directly to customers at in-home parties and through personal websites. Similar to brick-and-mortar stores, consultantskeep the difference between what they sell their products for and what they paid for 6

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