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Sap Data Center 02 01 PDF en v5

Sap Data Center 02 01 PDF en v5

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Published by quangteo2009

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Published by: quangteo2009 on Jul 09, 2014
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How Secure Is the Data Center
 Chapter 02.01.
Can unauthorized people enter the data center?
Access to Data
How are hacker attacks fended off?
Power Supply
What happens when the power goes out?
If the servers fail, is the data still secure?
Fire Protection
If a fire should break out, who responds?
What happens if there is a natural disaster?
Data Privacy
Is data protection guaranteed?
How can you recover data?
The data center is monitored around the clock. Single-person access and mantrap systems provide access only to authorized individuals. Technicians can then enter special rooms using custom-configured ID cards. High-sensitivity areas require authentication by means of biometric scans
Access to Data
 An intrusion detection system monitors incoming data and identifies suspicious activities, while firewalls made by different manufacturers protect the data in the data center. Data and backup files are exchanged with customers in an encrypted format or transmitted via secure fiber-optic cables.
Power Supply
Should the multiple-redundancy power supply system fail, batteries are automatically and immediately actuated and supply electricity for up to 15 minutes. Within this time frame, emergency power diesel generators are started up. They can then supply power to the data center for an extended period..
 All virtual and physical servers, HANA databases, storage units and networks in use access a pool of physical hardware. If individual components should fail, the load can be directly re-allocated to other components without impairing system stability. If hardware fails due to a fire, data can be recovered from the backup system
Fire Protection
The data center is subdivided into many fire compartments. In addition, thousands of fire detectors and aspirating smoke detectors (ASD) monitor all rooms. The ASDs pick up on the emission of specific gases that stem from overheating electronic components and set off a preliminary alarm. Should a fire break out, the affected room is flooded with extinguishing gas (INERGEN) and the fire is smothered. Sprinklers are not used, as water would destroy sensitive electronic devices. As a last resort, however, water or foam may still be used as an extinguishing method by the fire department, which is automatically alerted to the emergency
The data center consists of 100,000 metric tons of reinforced concrete and rests on 480 concrete pillars, each extending 16 meters into the ground. The exterior walls are 30 centimeters thick and made of reinforced concrete. The server rooms are further surrounded by 3 concrete walls. This design provides effective protection against storms and even a small airplane crash.
Data Privacy
SAP ensures compliance with data protection provisions. Data from cloud customers falls under the jurisdiction selected by the customer and is not forwarded to third parties.
SAP’s support services ensure that data protection is also maintained during require
d maintenance operations.
Backups are carried out in the form of disk-to-disk copies, which enables rapid data creation and recovery. Besides full backups done on a daily basis, interim versions are created several times per day and are then archived, like all backups, at a second location for security purposes.
 At regular intervals, TÜV, KPMG, and SAP itself test whether the technology and infrastructure are operating smoothly. An overview of the most important checks is provided below.
Databases and servers are routinely checked in real time to ensure that they operate properly. Batteries for the emergency power supply must always be charged. Thus, the condition of batteries is
continuously tested. If a battery’s maximum
capacity decreases excessively, it is replaced. Gas cylinders containing the INERGEN fire-extinguishing gas must sustain a specific level of pressure. An electronic pressure gauge on each gas cylinder electronically transmits deviations from the standard value to the central gas distribution facility.
The diesel engines are automatically started
once per month
 to perform a full load test.
 An aspirating smoke detector (ASD) emits a preliminary alarm to the security department upon the slightest signs of fire or smoke. A second fire detector then emits a piercing alarm in the event of an emergency. An external company performs tests
every three months
 using a smoke device to determine whether the ASD and fire detectors are still active.
The diesel engines’ switch control panels are checked
twice annually
 by an external company. The inspection ensures that, in a real power outage, the switchover will function and that power is supplied to the servers.
Doors, windows, and ventilation systems are inspected
. The TÜV (an international safety certification organization) inspects all access points to the data center in accordance with ISO 27001 specifications. The door check verifies what types of door locks (toggle locks or dead bolt locks) are used and whether they comply with the ISO standard. In addition, doors may not be kept open for too long. During the TÜV inspection visit, the door is left open for one minute to see whether an alarm is triggered as per the standard.
KPMG goes one step further and inspects the data center’s “black box” according to the international ISAE
3402 (or SSAE 16) certification standard. In other words, it checks the video recordings made over the last 365 days that prove that doors were opened only for authorized individuals. Inspectors refer to this measure
as a “door effectiveness” check.

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