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Published by: api-258168768 on Jul 09, 2014
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Transparency MarketResearch
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USD 4595
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USD 7595
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USD 10595
Cellulose Fibers Market
is growing at a CAGR of 9.8% from2013 to 2019
 ! "rans#aren$! Market Resear$.
Transparency Market Research
 &tate "ower'90' &tate &treet' &uite (00.Alban!' )* 1220(+nite, &tates www.trans#aren$!marketresear$.$omsales-trans#aren$!marketresear$.$om
72 Page ReportPublise! Date22"#ul$"201%&u$ 'o(Re)uest Sa*ple
Press Release
Cellulose Fibers Market was valued at USD 12.63 billion in 2013 and is expected to reac USD 2!.1" billion b# 201$% &rowin& at a C'() o* $.+, *ro- 2013 to 201$. n ter-s o* volu-es% te &lobal de-and *or -an/-ade cellulose bers was !%"63.6 kilo tons in 2013 and is expected to reac "%+1!.1 kilo tons b# 201$% &rowin& at a C'() o* "., *ro- 2013 to 201$.rowse te *ull report at ttp44www.transparenc#-arketresearc.co-4cellulose/bers/-arket.t-l 5e &rowin& de-and *or biode&radable% environ-ental *riendl# and skin *riendl# *abrics and clotin& *ro- te textile industr# as been drivin& te &lobal -arket *or cellulose bers. Si*t towards replacin& petroce-ical bers wit cellulose bers *ro- -aor end/use industries as also been one o* te -aor *actors propellin& te -arket &rowt. 7owever% volatilit# in wood pulpprices% wic is a -aor raw -aterial *or cellulose ber production% coupled wit re&ulator# issues due to &rowin& environ-ental concerns are -aor *actors tat ave been inibitin& -arket&rowt. Conse8uentl#% te world is si*tin& *ocus towards producin& cellulose bers trou& renewable sources and providin& biode&radable solutions to various industries9 de-and.Cellulose bers are -aorl# consu-ed in te clotin& industr#% wic accounted *or -ore tan 60, o* te total consu-ption in 2011. Cellulose bers are used in various re&enerated *or-s suc as corn bers% l#ocell% ra#on% -odal% tencel% viscose% and -an# oters *or-s in te clotin& industr#. 'lon& wit bein& te bi&&est consu-er clotin& is also expected to be te *astest &rowin& application se&-ent *or cellulose bers% &rowin& at a C'() o* ".6, *ro- 2012 to 201+. (lobal de-and *or cellulose bers used in spun #arn is expected to reac $3.1 kilo tons b# 201+% &rowin& at a C'() o* ".3, *ro- 2012 to 201+.'sia :acic e-er&ed as te leadin& -arket *or cellulose bers and accounted *or ust over !, o* te &lobal de-and in 2011. 'sia :acic is also expected to be te *astest &rowin& -arket% witan esti-ated C'() o* +.1, in ter-s o* volu-es *ro- 2012 to 201+. 5e &rowt o* te textile industr#% particularl# in Cina and ndia% is propellin& te &rowt o* te cellulose bers in te re&ion. 5e ;uropean -arket *or cellulose bers was valued at USD !.6! billion in 2011 and is expected to &row at a C'() o* $.!, *ro- 2012 to 201+.
"rans#aren$! Market Resear$
R+P,R- D+SCR.P-.,'
 5e &lobal -arket *or cellulose ber is considered to be -oderatel# concentrated wit top *our co-panies accountin& *or ust over !0, o* te total -arket. So-e o* te -aor co-panies operatin& in te &lobal -arket include 'o#an&% Fulida% (rasi- ndustries% 7elon% ndo arat% <en=in&% Sateri% 5an&san and 5ai )a#on. 5is report se&-ents te &lobal cellulose bers -arket as *ollowsCellulose Fibers Market :roduct Se&-ent 'nal#sisSpun >arnFabricsClotin&?ter @includin& 'desives% Sealants and 5apes% etc.ACellulose Fibers Market )e&ional 'nal#sisBort '-erica;urope'sia :acic)est o* te orld @)oA'bout Us 5ransparenc#Market )esearcis a &lobal -arket intelli&ence co-pan#% providin& &lobal business in*or-ation reports and services. ?ur exclusive blend o* 8uantitative *orecastin& and trends anal#sis provides *orward/lookin& insi&t *or tousands o* decision -akers. e are privile&ed
"rans#aren$! Market Resear$

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