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Published by: api-19797401 on Nov 29, 2009
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EnglandSpring 1040 ADThe battle had been harder than most. The field, littered with the dead and dyingof both sides, was enough to bring turmoil to even the strongest stomach. Thewarriors who walked through it now had stronger constitutions than most and still,the bile rose heavily within them. So many broken bodies. Warriors and knights,earls and lords, the scourge of death marked them all. For what cause, Devlinwondered. For greed, for power, to usurp and plunder, rape and pillage a landalready suffering from the tyranny of one who should protect rather than destroy.Here was the proof of man.s cruelty and disregard, one to another. This was thesum total of a king.s vow to protect and cherish life. To lead, guide, and rule histhrone in justice and compassion. It was a vow the king had made to the warriorsand this was the proof of his deception.Devlin stared around at the broken, wounded, dead and dying, and felt his soulache. Many were young, too young and too ill prepared for the death that stalkedthe land, the evil that washed over it in these dark times. Like a dark malevolentcloud of suffering and violence it stalked and struck with the viciousness of arabid dog.There were no longer days of peace. There was no longer a sense of security or growth. War, disease and hunger were like maggots growing with steadystrength on the dark forces sweeping over the countryside. Devlin knew thecause of the evil and the war. He knew the forces pushing the destructionsweeping through town and parish alike but he had been unable to stop thesteady force of violence. There were days he wondered if the evil would ever behalted. Or if he would forever be faced with the sight of this, a once beautiful fieldwrapped in mist, filled with carnage, the moans and broken whimpers of itsvictims drifting forever through his head. This was his curse, though he had beentold it was his blessing.The Shadow, he was called. His unique abilities enabled him to hide himself withthe barest protection of even a small amount of darkness. With the power of hismind alone he could fade into a corner, into a shadow, become one with the nightand all that it contained. Yet, he could not hide from this, the merciless games of an unnatural demon intent on possessing the world.The Guardians, those gods who watched and waited from the stars, hadbestowed this power on him decades ago. They had sought to create a warrior who could battle in this land, who could kill the evil they could not. An evil of their own kind, a Seeker of 
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ABC Amber LIT Converterhttp://www.processtext.com/abclit.html
Lora Leigh Shattered Legacy 8power, a demonic being whose sole aim was the enslavement of a world. So far,the Seeker, Jonar, was winning..We were betrayed.. Devlin spoke to those following in the mist behind him, hisvoice seeming to echo about the field. .Why else would we have been calledaway? This battle was decided long before it was ever fought..Devlin and his men had heard of the forces moving steadily toward thecontingent of warriors he led himself, barely a day after leaving camp. It seemedall had known of the battle to come except those who lay dying about the fieldthis night. Deceit, even within his own ranks, he thought. For the enemy wouldnot have known the time to strike without a spy within awaiting the order from theking..Sir Devlin. Sir Devlin, help me.. A young voice called out weakly as Devlinapproached, his hazy expression beseeching, a dirty, blood streaked armstretched out through the mist.He was just a child, Devlin knew. One of the skinny, gangly young boys theknights brought along as squires. This one had always been the most cheerful,despite his uncertain lot. The one who had seemed perpetually filled withlaughter..David.. The boy.s name was a sigh of regret.Devlin moved toward the small figure with quick steps, aware of the men whofollowed him. They spread out around him, attempting to see through the steadilybuilding fog that crept over the countryside. They searched, as always, for theassassins that lurked, ready to sever the head of the dark force.s greatestenemy.He reached the boy in seconds, moving to kneel beside him. Devlin knelt at theboy.s side, easing his light weight into his arms. He was so small, he thought.Too small and too young to be lying on a killing field..Sir Devlin, we were defeated,. the young voice held a measure of bemusement.The boy fought to breathe, his lungs wheezing wearily, his breath a gurglingwithin his throat as Devlin pulled him close.There was no aiding him. The wound to his stomach was a long, painful deathsentence. One such a young boy should never have to endure. Devlin clenchedhis teeth tightly, fighting the rage and bitterness that filled him.
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ABC Amber LIT Converterhttp://www.processtext.com/abclit.html
.Aye, David, in this battle we were defeated,. Devlin said roughly, propping theboy up in his arms, and wishing there was more he could do other than providecomfort and warmth.David had come to this battle as a squire to an arrogant, overbearing knight. Theknight was dead, his head severed from his body. A quick and merciful death for one who knew only his own selfish ways. And here this boy lay, pale andtrembling, the pain a fiery throb in his body, enduring a death no full grown manshould have to suffer, let alone a boy..I have wanted to speak to you,. David.s voice rasped in his throat. .I was senthere for you, Sir Devlin..Lora Leigh Shattered Legacy 9.Rest, David,. Devlin urged him, hearing the sound of lungs filling with blood, therattle of death in the boy.s young chest..No, Sir Devlin, hear me.. David stared up at him, his eyes glassy from the pain,yet showing his determination to give Devlin his message. .I tried to tell you, andyet I could find no place where other ears would not hear. There are those whowould aid you. Those who know the truth of the evil that has come upon us. Youmust go to them. Seek their aid..Devlin frowned as he watched the boy.s desperate expression. David.s eyeswere glazing with his fading strength, his body trembling as the cold and shocksettled over him..What do you know of such evil, David?. he asked him gently. ..Tis the evil of men with nothing better to do than war. You should know this by now..David shook his head weakly, his gaze steady and knowing on Devlin.s...Tis an evil not of our land. An evil that only few can destroy,. David whisperedregretfully. .Find the Wizard, Galen, and his daughter, Chantel. Find them, LordDevlin. They hold a key, a secret that can save us all..The young voice was imploring, hoarse with need. His dirty face was twisted intolines of pain and need, his gaze boring into Devlin.s with the strength of a man,rather than a child..The Wizard, Galen, is dead, David,. Devlin reminded him. .Even our king admitsto this. If he lived, he would surely have come to aid the family he swore hisfealty to long ago..David.s gaze became frightened, his grip on Devlin.s arm desperate. He
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