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Censoring_ Internet Censors..

Censoring_ Internet Censors..

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Published by api-19798709

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Published by: api-19798709 on Nov 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Censoring A la Carte\u00a9
Internet Censorship Methods and
[Home] [About] [Censoring] [?] [Map] [Newest
] [Lose 'em ]
nfortunately, it is not likely that you have made it to this page if you're running any of
thecensorship software federally mandated in libraries and schools and marketed to
parents who wish to prevent theirchildren from having free access (peacefire.org/censorware/) to the
web. In fact, if youd o manage find your way here while using one of these programs, please
let us know. [Edited '04-Dec-15th to add:] Since issuing this challenge in late 2002 we have

received only one message that someone was able to get through using such a program. That
was a filter called8 e6, which seems to be unique among filtering software in making a
strong effort to not over filter. [end edit]

On This Page:
Overscreening, Self Rating, Online
Organizations, Unschielded Erotica,
Responsitility, Online Censorship Articles
See also, the A la Carte Essays:
Does Boycotting Equal Censorship?,
Read Banned Books!,Sexu al it y,Femin ism
ensorship software products tend toscreen out
some 99% (www2.epic.org/reports/filter-report.html) or more of useful

research sites, especially any that may be even vaguely controversial or unorthodox. Some programs even block sites or their entire Internet Service Provider for merely being critical of

software [link
for this assertion gone bad].

Self Rating

In a large site such as this one, there is surely something to offend just
about everyone. The information available hereshoul d be of great
personal interest to most children. However, no effort has been put
forth to sanitize the presentation with some generic child in mind.
Alarmingly, some might argue that this site is therefore intentionally
contributing to juvenile delinquency and
would be subject to large fines and civil
penalties under the draconian Child Online

Censoring: Internet Censorship Methods and Effects
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26/3/2009 10:35
Protection Act(censorware.org/ - bad link ). In that case, having indicated a self
rating as child friendly could be interpreted asfurt he r
(safesurf.com/ssfaq.htm#rating)in c r imin a t io n .
Online Freedom Organizations
For these reasons, A la Carte, Int'l endorses theBlue Ribbon Online
Free Speech Campaign(eff.org/blueribbon.html), and has joined the
Electronic Freedom Foundation (eff.org) as an
Advocate Member. You are encouraged to do the same!
Also, consider signing up to receive a coupleCDT Policy
Posts (cdt.org/join.html) each month. These are the folks who led the fight
against the Communications Decency Act [CDA].
Unschielded Erotica
On the other hand, as parents we need to have confidence in the sites

where we allow our children to roam. In that light, A la Carte promises to never participate in the spreading of unshielded erotica (exceptt his) or of cruelty or even harsh discipline for people or other animals, nor knowingly link to sites that do (exceptt his). In fact, the A la Carte

Copyright Policy even specifies that such sites are unwelcome to linkt o
A la Carte, hopefully providing some measure of legal protection
against so-called 'backlinks.'
This policy is unchanged since before HTML Day #1.
Personal Responsibility
We (Dancr &Da v id
) display the logo of the Green Ribbon Campaign
with some hesitation. While we've
often taken great care to consider

the feelings of some who may
disagree, we're quite sure that
almost everyone could find
something here to offend them. Of
course, any time one chooses to talk about sex, religion, and politics
they're treading on thin ice. Members of the medical establishment
might be particularly insulted by our health pages. The world's top two
teacher associations are certainly insulted by our learning page. Even
the founders of the Green Ribbon Campaign would likely findour

religion page to be vulgar, profane and insulting. Never-the-less, we
appreciate the spirit in which that campaign is
Quote about Censorship
Censoring: Internet Censorship Methods and Effects
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26/3/2009 10:35

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