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Problems at the Richmond Heights Pool

Problems at the Richmond Heights Pool

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Published by The News-Herald
A list of concerns at the RH pool provided by two former assistant managers.
A list of concerns at the RH pool provided by two former assistant managers.

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Published by: The News-Herald on Jul 09, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Problems at the Richmond Heights Pool:
Raccoon a.
Fecal matter on Roof above entryway/concession area, and in the First Aid room  b.
Raccoons are not safe animals i.
Carriers of rabies ii.
Potential bite hazard if the animal is active during operating hours in the  pool area 2.
Chemicals a.
There were days with dangerously low chlorine levels i.
The chlorine levels were at .75 or lower parts per million. According to Ohio Revised Code (3701-31 Section D Subsection 6a), the minimum  ppm required to remain open is 1 part per million. When notified of the  problem, the Recreation Director instructed the guards to ignore protocol and stay open. 3.
Pool Walls a.
The inner shell of the pool is chipping i.
Small children may ingest the water in which the shards of the wall are floating ii.
Children may get cut on the chipped wall, therefore it is a safety concern  b.
Again, the recreation director was notified of the incident, and nothing was done to fix the problem. The only concern on her part was if the wall was going to completely disintegrate. 4.
Lessons a.
As of today, there is no Water Safety Instructor (WSI) present during swimming lessons. As required by the Red Cross Learn to Swim program guidelines, one needs to be present during lessons. 5.
Rotation a.
There were many days when The Recreation Director would send home staff who were on duty, leaving us without the proper number of guards to operate legally. i.
E.g. it was a 90 degree day, and we had four guards on staff. She opted to send home two guards, leaving us with only two. There were 40+ people in the pool, and two guards needed to be up. With only two guards on the clock, both guards were up without anyone to rotate them for the remaining 3 hours of the day, which under OSHA regulations, is illegal. 6.
First Aid a.
For about the first 2 weeks of the pool being open, the only first aid supplies that were provided to us were expired Band-Aids that were either breaking in half or coming out of their packaging, making them unsanitary, and not sterile, and single use ice packs. When told about this, after inventory had been taken a week prior to our opening, nothing was done about it. I personally spent approximately $30.00 out of my own pocket on supplies such as antiseptic wash, gauze, and tape. I was never reimbursed for this.
To this day we still have inadequate supplies, including sterile water for treating wounds. 7.
Spray Ground a.
Legally, a lifeguard needs to be stationed in the Spray Ground if there is no
Swim at your Own Risk, No Lifeguard on Duty
 sign posted. There is no such sign. There are no Lifeguards stationed there.  b.
She has concessions workers who are stationed there who allegedly have received CPR and First-Aid training; however, this does not certify them as lifeguards. 8.
Child Labor Laws a.
A 17 year old guard worked 110 hours in a pay period with no enforced or documented minor breaks, yet another OSHA infraction.  b.
Minors are also not allowed to work more than 8 hours in a given day. There are several guards, who are minors, who have worked 12 hour days. 9.
The Recreation Director a.
She is very absent at the pool, and refuses to properly delegate tasks. She has, on several occasions, told me that I don
t have the ability to alter chemicals in the  pool house, but she would direct me to do so on days where she could not solve the problem.  b.
Scheduling i.
She scheduled guards above council requested guidelines, and created a false schedule to show to council. This is a fact easily confirmed by comparing recorded time sheets to the reported schedule. This is a fact she admitted to the entire guarding staff on at least one occasion. c.
Pay i.
During my first two weeks, I logged 147 hours. I was only paid for 125. The remaining hours have yet to be paid. ii.
Tried to withhold an underage guard
s hours so that the aforementioned labor laws wouldn
t come under the scrutiny of the finance department. iii.
Guards are, often, required to work through their lunch, which is still  being deducted from their pay. d.
She chose to not give managers keys, knowing such a decision could lead to any of the following: i.
If there is a potential spinal injury in the Spray Ground, we need to be able to shut off the water and open up the gates on the side for EMS to enter and exit more efficiently. Without keys, we are unable to do so. ii.
Because we do not have keys, and Ms. Spencer was late to unlock for  private lessons on this past Saturday and Sunday (7/5/14 and 7/6/14), the  parents of lessons children were irate, and guards lost the pay from the lessons. iii.
She is hard to reach when she is away from the pool. 1.
On occasions which she is informed that she is either late or needs to be at the pool, it has taken as long as 45 minutes for her to arrive.

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