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Temptation Limited

Temptation Limited

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1 COR. X. 13,

God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be
tempted ^bove that ye are able.


1 COR. X. 13,

God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be
tempted ^bove that ye are able.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 09, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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TEMPTATIO LIMITEDEDITED BY REV. EDWARD ATKYS BRAYFROM CHILLIGWORTH * 1 COR. X. 13, God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted ^bove that ye are able. Whatever punishments befel the disobedient Israehtes, who murmured and tempted God in the wilderness, all these things, says St. Paul, hap^ pened unto them for ensamples ; and they are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come. And this is a privilege which we surely possess beyond our forefathers. We may present before our eyes a long-er series, a fuller history, of God's providence; we may take a view of his constant and unaltered course of aveng- ing- himself on sin, in whomsoever he finds it: and hence we cannot but collect (whatsoever may be our fancied privileges and immunities, whatsoever comfortable errors we may take upon trust) that William Chillingworth was born 1602 and died 1644. 101 Godj itierely for our sokes, will not begin a new frame of polity in the administration of the world; but that we also, after the example of these mur-
muring' Israelites, unless we repent, shall all like- wise perish. The words that precede the text may as reason- ably be directed to 7/ou who now hear me, as they were by the Apostle to the Corinthians ; There hath no temptation taken you hut such as is common to man. Let, therefore, your memories recollect the past occurrences of your lives, and tell me. Was there any sinful temptation so strongly urged on you but what (with the assistance of that grace which God has already given you, or, at least, if you had besought him, would have superadded) you migh easily have diverted the force of it ? And did tiot your consciences, even after you were overcome by such temptation, tell you, that it was mere cowardice, to suffer yourselves to be overcome by it; and that you voluntarily surrendered and be- trayed those forces which God has already bestowed on you ? But we must not fancy, for all this, that there is ary extraordinary worth or dignity in our- selves. For, take away God's free and undeserved graces within us, and his divine assistances, together with the guard of his blessed angels, without us ; and there is no temptation so weak and despicable, to which we should not instantly yield ourselves. If, therefore, hereafter, we ever overcome temp- tation (as certainly, by God's help, if we wish for it. 103 we may) let us bless Almighty God, and ascribe to Bim, the glory and trophies of the conquest. But, on the contrary, if, notwithstanding the many secret whisperings and inspirations of his Holy Spirit in our souls ; if, notwithstanding God's voice, which (as every day's experience witnesses) continually
calls to us, This is the good isnay ; walk therein y and ye shall find rest for your souls ; we are ever ready to hearken to and obey our own lusts and affections ; let us lay the fault where it is dub\, even on our wicked and deceitful hearts ; or other- wise, the time will come in which we shall be thoroughly, but too late, convinced of it ; namely, when the worm of conscience which never dieth ghall continually torment and gnaw us. J^et God he true and faithful in his promises, and every man a liar. For, as God has hitherto been so merciful as to preserve you from all temptations but such as are common to mati ; so, for the time to come, (though greater trials may perhaps befal you than you have yet experienced) you may be confident that the same God continues faithful and righteous to fulfil his promises. He will never suffer yoii to be tempted above that ye are able. But, before I proceed further, I must take it for granted, that the same men, though they have bee^ overcome by a temptation, might, notwithstanding, have resisted it by the assistances of grace ; or, I confess, I kno>v not what to say: for, \f this he a good inference ' A man is overcome oy a temp)* 103 ration ; therefore he could not possibly have re- sisted/ then Adam, not\yithstanding he was se- duced by the devil, is clearly not so culpable as 1 took him to be. How, therefore, can I censure such a man for not doing his duty ? How can I convince his conscience that it was through his own fault and negligence ? But, is there no man to be found that could not possibly have done more good than what he actually has done? Does evety man improve that talent of grace which God has given

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