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Tough Luck Kid

Tough Luck Kid

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Published by Chris Ryves
First ten pages of my coming of age comedy.
First ten pages of my coming of age comedy.

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Published by: Chris Ryves on Jul 09, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Tough Luck KidByChris RyvesWGA-W Registered 2013
EXT. SPRING CREEK - EVENING - FLASH FORWARDA weeping willow overhangs a creek. "The Same Boy You’veAlways Known" by The White Stripes plays.JERRY WRIGHT (18), sits by the bank. He’s an utter mess inhis busted up tux. He sobs and wipes his eyes. Next to himis a WHITE JEWELRY BOX.SUPER: Bellehome, Pennsylvania. Prom Night.His hand shakes as he pulls out a SILVER NECKLACE from thebox, screams, and heaves it.It lands with a SPLASH.FADE IN:INT. AUDREY’S HOUSE - BASEMENT - EVENINGThe song plays through speakers. Jerry sits dazed on acouch, lost in the music.His best friend, AUDREY GREEN (18) sits beside him. She’sgorgeous in that understated girl-next-door kinda way.Jerry’s in his work clothes, white button-down shirt andblack slacks. She tries to get his attention.AUDREY(muted at fist)Jerry? Jerry? Ground control toMajor Tom?(louder)Jerry!He snaps back to reality.AUDREY (CONT’D)You with us?SUPER: The Previous Saturday.Still dazed, Jerry glances to his scrawny, nerdy, co-workerHAYDEN WAY (17) who sits in a chair beside them. Jerry’sgaze falls on Audrey.JERRYUh, yeah, I just was thinking.AUDREYOh. I missed you at the creektoday. Thought you had the day off.Jerry shakes his head.
2.JERRYI wish.AUDREYThat’s too bad, Leon was there.(beat)Seemed kinda restless. You’re notstill buying from him, are you?JERRYNah, May’s really been on me aboutthat. He just wanted me to lay somebass tracks on some samples.AUDREYHe’s still trying to DJ?JERRYProgrammer, but whatever. Thank Godhe gave up trying to rap.AUDREY(teasing)I thought you were the rapper.Jerry blushes.JERRYI don’t get that stoned anymore.(beat)Anyhow, sorry about earlier, Itotally spaced that Lilith neededthe car... calling you outta theblue felt like such a dick move.AUDREYYou’re fine. So, two weeks,parent-free, huh? Lucky.Jerry shrugs. Hayden chimes in.HAYDENWe could always hang out.Jerry sighs.AUDREY(re: Jerry)Why are you down? Empty house and agirlfriend on call... Seems like apretty sweet deal to me.

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