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Journ Application Module

Journ Application Module

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Published by majunylda
A preparatory writing module for Journalism
A preparatory writing module for Journalism

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Published by: majunylda on Nov 29, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Campus Journalism-II
Student’ Name: _______________________________  Teacher’s Name: ______________________________ Date: ___________________- _____________________ 
By: T. Janet DigmanPREFACE
This module would deal on the application of Module I. This would entail lots of time ingathering ideas/opinions/facts. There are varied ways by which one can produce a newsitem it would depend on the pace of the clans. There are suggested steps in each activitywhich the class could follow.OBJECTIVETo produce an official Academy at the end of the term.
DescriptionWe just have basic steps in the writing activities.
Review of the subject matter 
Read instructions
Try to think about it with the suggested topics.
Write down the composition on a paper.
Rewrite if advisableThere are only 16 activities scheduled therein. Every end of the week requires a check-up. The fourth week is also the time for the finalization of the paper like making dummysheet. Proofreading and the like ready for production.
Plan of Daily Activities
To produce one news item thru writing. To write a draft leading to a news item.
Activity:In the activity, the student is asked to write a report on the curricular offerings andfacilities of the academy and be able to compare them with those of his own academy.He/she is asked to write abut PIA as the Model Academy in the Philippines.Steps:1.Let them enumerate the good things about the PIA.2.Let them answers address the 5 W’s3.Let them write in a paragraph.Day 2
Follow-up activity
To polish the first activity and follow the rules in writing a hard news.Activity: in this follow-up activity the student is asked to the things in order following theinverted pyramid order. This is a hard news so the lead paragraph must contain theimportant facts and it follows the succeeding paragraph.Steps:1.Let them read his/her work.2.Let them be facilitate how to sequence the items from the most important to theleast important.3.Let them be reminded on the good tips in writing a hard news.Guide questions:Day 3
Writing Features
To write something on which the student interest him or her most.In this activity the student is given the time to choose a topic or subject she/hewill write.Steps:1.Short review on the tips of feature writing.2.Ask the students to suggest topics3.Let them write about it.Suggested topics:a.A day in Mindoro – human interest story b.The importance of the English Education –personal experience.

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