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Published by: api-19803639 on Nov 29, 2009
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GMAT Flashcards
\u00a9 2008 Beat The GMAT |h ttp : //ww w.b eat th eg ma t .co m
Last Updated: November 18, 2008

During my GMAT preparation, I made close to 300 flashcards to help me stay fresh on the strategies and materials I had studied over the course of 5 months. This document contains the digitized version of my flashcards\u2014 please use them as a study aid. Best of luck!

These flashcards are a free resource for everyone. They are updated
frequently, so be sure to visithttp :// www.b e atth eg mat. co m/ g mat - fla sh -
cards.htmlto make sure you have the latest version.
Beat The GMAT |http :// www.b eatthe g mat. co m

On the top left corner of each flashcard, you will find a code. This code will
help you classify the information on each flashcard, telling you: which
section of the GMAT the information on the card pertains; the problem type;
and the question type. For example, if you were to encounter the following

V: SC: Idiom

You would know that the information on the given flashcard pertains to the verbal section of the GMAT, addresses a sentence correction problem type, and specifically relates to idiom questions.


V \u2013 Verbal Section
SC \u2013 Sentence Correction
CR \u2013 Critical Reasoning
RC \u2013 Reading Comprehension
Q \u2013 Quantitative Section
DS \u2013 Data Sufficiency

Sentence Correction Flashcards
\u00a9 2008 Beat The GMAT |http://www.b e atth e gm a t.com
These flashcards are free and updated frequently.
Be sure to visithttp :// www.b e atthe g mat.co m/g mat - fl as h - car d s.co m to download the latest version.
\u00a9 Beat The GMAT |h t t p :/ / www. b ea t th egma t. c om
\u00a9 Beat The GMAT |h t t p :/ / www. b ea t th egma t. c om
\u00a9 Beat The GMAT |h t t p :/ / www. b ea t th egma t. c om
\u00a9 Beat The GMAT |h t t p :/ / www. b ea t th egma t. c om
\u00a9 Beat The GMAT |h t t p :/ / www. b ea t th egma t. c om
\u00a9 Beat The GMAT |h t t p :/ / www. b ea t th egma t. c om
V: SC:A g ree
Agree with another person.
- \u201cI agree with you on this one.\u201d
Agree to something inanimate.
- \u201cI agree to your proposal.\u201d
V: SC: in that vs.b eca u se
in thatis usually better than because
V: SC: Pronoun Errors
Pronoun reference error

- \u201cSamantha and Jane went shopping, but
she couldn\u2019t find anything she liked.\u201d

Pronoun number error

- \u201cThe average moviegoer expects to see
at least one scene of violence per film,
and they are seldom disappointed.\u201d

V: SC: Misplaced Modifiers
\u201cComing out of the department store,
John\u2019s wallet was stolen.\u201d (Incorrect)

- 2 ways to fix this misplaced modifier:
- Change 2nd half of sentence.
- Change first half of sentence into

adverbial clause, which contains its own
V: SC: Parallel Construction
Series of actions set off by commas.

- Spot these problems by finding a series of actions, lists, or sentences divided into parts.

V: SC: Tense
A sentence that begins in one tense should
generally stay in that tense.
- Usually related to parallel construction
- EXCEPTION: Past perfect

- Action set in the past perfect must
have another action that comes after it set
in the simple past.

- \u201cHe had ridden his motorcycle for 2
hours when it ran out of gas.\u201d

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