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Published by: api-26462544 on Nov 29, 2009
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01 September, 2006
Information System Design IT60105, Autumn 2006
Information System Design
Lecture 10
Statechart Diagrams
01 September, 2006
Information System Design IT60105, Autumn 2006
Lecture #10

\u2022What is a Statechart diagram?
\u2022Basic components in a state-chart diagram and their notations
\u2022Difference between a state-chart diagram and an activity

\u2022Example: Process Order in OLP system
\u2022Example: Course Registration in SEIIT system

01 September, 2006
Information System Design IT60105, Autumn 2006
What is a Statechart Diagram?
\u2022A state-chart diagram is used to model the dynamic aspects of the system.

The basic idea is same as the state machine in Finite Automata
\u2022We can draw state diagrams for each object involved in the system
\u2022An object may be in several states of its life time. When a message arrives to

an object (event) it undergoes certain operations (action) or changes its state
\u2022A state diagram shows how an object willrea ct to the arrival of aneve nt
\u2013Each reaction may be a sequence ofaction s, possibly accompanied by atran sitio n

from one named state to another
\u2013An event represents the receipt of a signal, or the effect of an operation call
\u2013An action represents the sending of a signal, or the call of an operation

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