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Table Of Contents

About this book
A Word to the Novice
Warning by the Author
How do you start the sport?
What kind of people take up paragliding?
What are the dangers?
What are the rewards for devoting time to the sport ?
The name
Is it a sport for women?
Inception and Growth
Associated ythology
Here are some useful terms describing a wing !
Here is a brief guide!
"leaning the Wing
Wing #epair
&peed &ystem
In ore 'etail!
(seful tips!
Airspeed Indicator
#adios *)ery and (ltra High +re,uencies-
G.& Global .ositioning &ystem by &atellite
Water %allast %ag
#eserve .arachute
What to Wear!
Why do we +eel "old and in Which Way do "lothes &hield us +rom it?
About +ibers!
&teady &tate &peed and &peed in 0,uilibrium
The .olar "urve
In .ractice!
Aerodynamics 1 "onclusion
Transitional .hases
In ore .ractical Terms!
#otation A2es
.reparing for $aunching
Here are a few rules concerning when not to attempt a launch!
$aunching .rocedure
Alpine $aunch
#everse $aunching
#everse $aunch 1 +irst ethod
#everse $aunch 1 &econd ethod
$aunching 'ifficulties
Additional .roblems on $aunching
When to Abort a $aunch!
How to Abort a $aunch!
+inal .hase of $anding
'ifficulties in $anding
$anding With Tail Wind
Top $anding
$anding Across a &lope
$anding on inclination
$andings 0mergencies
.ower $ines
.acking the "anopy
%asic eteorological "oncepts
&tability and Instability
Atmosphere3s temperature 1 Adiabatic gradient
All About Winds
%eaufort &cale
Geostrophic Wind
Gradient Wind
&urface Wind
Wind1Gradient *.haenomenon-
$ocal Winds
&ea %ree4e
$and %ree4e
%ree4e +ront
Anabatic and "atabatic Wind)alley %ree4es
)alley Wind
+oehn Wind
Atmospheric Waves
Wind &hadow
+rontal .assage
"ap "louds
ist or +og
)ertical "loud +ormation
"umulus *"u-
"umulonimbus *"b-
0l Nino 1 $a Nina
#idge &oaring
&ources of Thermals
Here are more thermal source keys!
How a Thermal is +ormed
0stimating a Thermal $ift
How to Work a Thermal
In &earch of 5our +irst Thermal
What &hould be 'one?
When to $aunch
Approaching "loud %ase
Thermals in &trong Wind
'ust 'evils
%lue Thermals
"loud &treets
Hands on Thermal +orecasting
"ross1"ountry +lying
"ross1"ountry Team 0vents
$eeside +lying and $anding
What to 'o
Tandem +lights
.owered .araglider
67 &tatic towing
87 #eel1in winch
/7 .ayout winch
Towing 0,uipment #e,uired!
.A#A .#9: '0&"#I.TI9N 9+ &TAG0 0$0 0NT&!
$9W +$IGHT& ; A$TIT('0 G$I'ING *9#ANG0-
.A#A .#9 &tage 8: <N9W$0'G0
.A#A .#9 &tage 8: .#A"TI"A$ &<I$$&
.A#A .#9 &tage /: .#A"TI"A$ &<I$$&
.A#A .#9 &tage /: 0=.0#I0N"0
.A#A .#9 &tage /: AI# AN&HI
A')AN"0' &9A#ING *%$(0-
.A#A .#9 &tage >: <N9W$0'G0
.A#A .#9 &tage >: .#A"TI"A$ &<I$$
.A#A .#9 &tage >: 0=.0#I0N"0
.A#A .#9 &tage >: AI# AN&HI
"#9&& "9(NT#5 *%#9WN-
.A#A .#9 &tage ?: <N9W$0'G0
.A#A .#9 &tage ?: .#A"TI"A$ &<I$$&
.A#A .#9 &tage ?: 0=.0#I0N"0
.A#A .#9 &tage ?: AI# AN&HI
#egulations concerning air traffic protocol!
aneuvers and Tests
Tip +old or %ig 0ars
How to do it
9ne1&ide "ollapse or Asymmetric +ront 'eflation
+ront "ollapse
How to do a reversal loop AHow the test pilots doB
'eploying a #eserve .arachute
9bCectives of "ompetition
ethod of $aunch
'ifferent Tasks
"ompetition Dargon
.ilot and .aragliding "lasses
Technical &pecifications Table
6>7 &pin e2it
6?7 02it from asymmetric stall
6F7 02it from collapse
6E7 02it from fast turns *spirals-
In more details
A+N9# vs7 '7H7)
New "lass 'escriptions by 'H) as of 6HHH
"lassification 'escription
%uying a New or (sed .araglider
+ear of +lying
'ifficult oments
What to 'o in the 0vent of an Accident
%ehavior at the &cene of the Accident
What to 'o to Aid an InCured .erson
02amining for InCuries
.reventing Infection
'ressing and "leansing the Wound
How to <eep a +ractured $imb otionless
&unstroke 1 Heat stroke
0stimate the thermal lift
Glossary 1 Terminology
Tips as a ,uick guide
Top 6I .aragliding .ilots #ankings on Nov7 8II8
"I)$ November 8II8
W9#$' #0"9#' "$AI & .0N'ING #ATI+I"ATI9N November 8II8
Associations on the Web
Author! .anayiotis <aniamos
Illustrator! )agellis T4annis
Illustrator! Tonia <ou4ou
Translator! Gregory "ooper
Wings of passion
High +light
A child
by Tom %radbury from &ailplane and Gliding AugustK&eptember 6HGE
0 of .
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Pocket Aviation

Pocket Aviation

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