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07-10-14 edition

07-10-14 edition

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07-10-14 edition
07-10-14 edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Jul 10, 2014
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
 July 10,2014
Vol XIII,Edition 280
By Samantha Weigel
Financial mismanagement, pub-lic reproach and a lack of profes-sional decorum among elected offi-cials are the reasons the SanMateo County Civil Grand Juryrecommended in a report releasedWednesday the San Mateo CountyHarbor District be dissolved.The civil grand jury report“What is the price of dysfunc-tion?” alleges the special district,which operates on a $10 millionbudget and collects about half of its revenue from countywide prop-erty taxes, is mismanaged and itsduties would be better served bythe county and its Board of Supervisors.Some district officials adamant-ly disagree with the jury’s findingsthey said were more sensationalistthan factual and failed to mentionsome of the district’s significantresponsibilities and accomplish-ments. Reaction from members of the Board of Commissioners var-ied, with some steadfast the dis-trict is doing fine and another say-ing three current commissionersshould be voted out in theNovember election.The district has a checkered his-tory and has faced prior civil grand jury investigations and recom-mendations it be dissolved, saidDave Pine, president of the Boardof Supervisors. “I think it’s important to bringpublic attention to the fact thatthe Harbor District is dysfunction-al at this time and somethingneeds to change. I am certainlyintrigued with the idea of dissolv-ing the district,” Pine said. “Whilewe’re well aware that the HarborDistrict is very much strugglingtoday, it’s had a history of difficul-ties. … Which again, makes methink that it’ll be difficult for thedistrict to right itself. If this werethe first time we’d ever heard of these problems, I would have a dif-ferent reaction.”The district, established by theBoard of Supervisors in 1933,owns and operates Pillar PointHarbor north of Half Moon Bayand has a joint powers agreementwith the city of South SanFrancisco to run Oyster PointMarina. The district also collectsrevenue from commercial activi-ties such as slip fees, fish buyingfees and rent from its retail proper-ties at Pillar Point Harbor. The district came under scrutinyafter a stack of uncashed rentchecks surfaced, commissionersslinging insults in public forums,video recordings of meetings
Report slamsHarbor District
Civil Grand Jury says professionalism,fiscal oversight lacking • Dissolution recommended
President Barack Obama is greeted by Texas Gov.Rick Perry upon Obama’s arrival in Dallas,to discuss a surge of Latin American young people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border Wednesday.Congressional Republicans onWednesday cast a skeptical eye on a White House request for $3.7 billion to address an influx of child migrantsat the U.S.border while Obama met with top critic Perry.
WASHINGTON — Tens of thou-sands of children streaming fromchaotic Central American nationsto the U.S. border have over-whelmed the government’s abilityto respond, senior administrationofficials said Wednesday asPresident Barack Obama urgedCongress to move swiftly toapprove emergency spendingrequest for the crisis.Emerging from a highly antici-pated meeting with Texas Gov.Rick Perry, Obama said he wasopen to suggestions from Perryand others that he dispatchNational Guard troops to the bor-der, but warned such a solutionwould only work temporarily. Hesaid Republicans appealing forhim to embrace their ideas foraddressing the crisis should granthis request so the government willhave the resources to put thoseideas into action.“The problem here is not majordisagreement,” Obama said inDallas. “If they’re interested insolving the problem, then thiscan be solved. If the preference isfor politics, then it won’t besolved.”But on Capitol Hill, Republicanopposition hardened to his $3.7billion request, leaving any solu-tion unclear. At the same time, thepolitical pressures on the presi-dent appeared to grow from allsides, as Republicans denouncedhim on the Senate floor, and evensome Democrats began to join
Border crisis looms large
Obama presses Congress for emergency money in Texas trip
By Angela Swartz
Tensions between the city of Burlingame and its local highschool district over maintenanceof Burlingame High School’s poolhave come to a head, with eachside alleging the other isn’t doingits part.The San Mateo Union HighSchool District said in a statementthat several of the councilmem-bers used inappropriate and highlyinflammatory language withouthaving all the facts at a Mondaynight council meeting in accusingthe district of poor maintenance of the pool, which the district owns. The city pays for some of thepool costs in exchange for use of the pool for its recreation pro-grams. According to the state-ment, the city blamed the districtfor the decrease in revenue fromthe city’s community lap swim-ming program and described thedistrict as “nickel-and-diming” thecity for charging it for its share of electrical usage at the pool and allof sudden charging for a trivialexpense without any explanation.“This type of rhetoric does nothelp resolve issues between twogovernmental entities and is dis-appointing,” said the statementsigned by Superintendent ScottLaurence and Liz McManus, deputysuperintendent of business servic-es. “Asimple call to the district forinformation would have avoidedthis.”
War of words overBurlingame pool
Maintenance costs at issue,high school districtcalls recent city officials’statements inappropriate
By Angela Swartz
Lucky Supermarket in Millbraehas gone dry following a 2013sale of alcohol to a minor.The store, located at 45Murchison Drive, had itsAlcoholic Beverage License sus-pended for 45 days for sellingalcohol to an underage person. Thesuspension period began Monday,July 7, according to John Carr,public information officer for theDepartment of Alcoholic BeverageControl, or ABC. This is the thirdtime since 2012 that the store hassold alcohol to a minor. The storepaid a $3,000 fine for the first saleto minor violation in October2012 and a $20,000 fine for thesecond violation in June 2012,Carr added.“The penalty this time around is
Millbrae Lucky liquor licensesuspended for sales to minors
Artist:Santa Fe police pulled rifle for dog poop
SANTAFE, N.M. — Awell-knownAmerican Indian artist said police inNew Mexico pulled a rifle on him afterhis dog pooped in his SUVand a womanmistook his cleanup efforts for a burgla-ry. Pueblo painter Mateo Romero toldthe Associated Press that a Santa Fe offi-cer pointed a weapon at him during thebizarre misunderstanding Monday thatlanded him in handcuffs and in the backof a patrol car.According to a police report, the offi-cer pulled out a rifle and detainedRomero after Maria Markus reported aburglary in progress at her Santa Fehome. Romero said he parked into the pri-vate driveway after Han Solo, his ShihTzu, relieved himself inside the SUVduring a drive to his studio. Romero saidhe only wanted to clean the mess.However, Romero said when Markusspotted him in her driveway, she boxedhim in with her vehicle and called 911.“I tried to talk to her to explain that Iwas cleaning up dog” poop, he said.“But she got all hysterical and I justbacked away. I couldn’t leave. It wascrazy.” Police said they searched Romero andreleased him after officers did not findany of the woman’s property on him. Mateo is an award-winning painterwhose work has been exhibited inCanada and throughout the U.S.
Maine police get Facebook boost with stuffed duck
PORTLAND, Maine — Police herebelieve they have quacked the code forfinding followers on social media.The 80-officer Bangor PoliceDepartment, which serves a city of about 33,000, has attracted more than20,000 likes on its Facebook page afterhumorous pictures of a stuffed duck wereadded. The duck, dubbed “Duck of Justice” or “DOJ,” appears in pictures of police cars, department members and K-9 cops, often accompanied with somepithy text about law enforcement.“I happen to believe that police offi-cers are a pretty humorous bunch,” saidthe man behind the duck, Sgt. TimCotton, a 17-year veteran Bangor officerwith a fondness for the humor of GeorgeCarlin and Jim Gaffigan. “I want to readsomething that at least has some humor-ous undertones. I wouldn’t connect to apage that I didn’t want to read.”Bangor is just one of many policedepartments nationwide discoveringthat using comedy on social media canhelp them interact with the public. Onedepartment, in 10,000-residentBrimfield Township, Ohio, has earnedmore than 155,000 Facebook likes forits chief’s in-your-face humor abouteverything from methamphetaminebusts to lost dogs.Nancy Marshall, a Maine-based socialmedia strategist who runs a public rela-tions firm in the Maine capital of Augusta, said Bangor’s site helps resi-dents humanize the police.
 Justin Bieber pleads no contest in vandalism case
VAN NUYS — Justin Bieber must pay$80,900 in damages and serve two yearson probation after pleading no contestWednesday to a misdemeanor vandalismcharge for throwing eggs at a neighbor’shome.Bieber also was ordered to completefive days of community labor and a 12-week anger-management program, andstay away from the victim and his fami-ly for two years. The 20-year-old Grammy-nominatedsinger was not present for the arraign-ment at Superior Court in Van Nuys.Bieber’s lawyer, Shawn Holley, enteredthe plea on his behalf. Aspokeswoman for Bieber said he’sglad to have the matter resolved andbehind him. She added that he will moveforward and focus on his career andmusic.Ahearing to check on Bieber’sprogress toward completing his sen-tence was scheduled for Aug. 12.Prosecutors spent months decidingwhether to file charges after the Januaryincident. They considered felonycharges because the damage was said tobe more than $400, the threshold for afelony.
 July 10,2014
The San Mateo Daily Journal
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Folk singer ArloGuthrie is 67.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
The United States women’s soccerteam won the World Cup, beatingChina 5-4 on penalty kicks after 120minutes of scoreless play at the RoseBowl in Pasadena, California.
“One can pay back the loan of gold,but onedies forever in debt to those who are kind.” 
— Malayan proverb
Singer Mavis Staples is 75.Entertainer JessicaSimpson is 34.
Club 90 performs last Thursday in San Mateo’s Central Park as part of the city’s Central Park Music Series.The series continues tonight with the California Cowboys and ends Aug.14 with David Martin’s House Party.July 17 is Stompy Jones,July 24 is Tempest,July 31 is Solsa and Aug.7 is Aja Vu with Stealin’Chicago.
Mostly cloudy in the morn-ing then becoming sunny. Patchy fog inthe morning. Highs in the mid 60s toupper 70s. West winds 5 to 15 mph.Thursday night...Partly cloudy in theevening then becoming mostly cloudy.Patchy fog after midnight. Lows in theupper 50s. West winds 10 to 20mph...Becoming southwest 5 to 10 mph after midnight.
Mostly cloudy in the morning then becomingsunny. Patchy fog in the morning. Highs in the mid 60s toupper 70s. West winds 5 to 10 mph. Friday night...Mostlyclear in the evening then becoming mostly cloudy. Patchyfog after midnight. Lows in the mid 50s. West winds 10 to20 mph...Becoming 5 to 10 mph after midnight.
Mostly cloudy in the morning then becomingsunny. Patchy fog. Highs in the 60s to upper 70s.
Local Weather Forecast
In 1509, 
theologian John Calvin, a key figure of theProtestant Reformation, was born in Noyon, Picardy,France.
In 1890, 
Wyoming became the 44th state.
In 1919, 
President Woodrow Wilson personally deliveredthe Treaty of Versailles (vehr-SY’) to the Senate and urged itsratification. (However, the Senate rejected it.)
In 1929, 
American paper currency was reduced in size asthe government began issuing bills that were approximate-ly 25 percent smaller.
In 1940, 
during World War II, the Battle of Britain beganas Nazi forces began attacking southern England by air.(The Royal Air Force was ultimately victorious.)
In 1951, 
armistice talks aimed at ending the Korean Warbegan at Kaesong.
In 1962, 
AT&T’s Telstar 1 communications satellite, capa-ble of relaying television signals and telephone calls, waslaunched by NASAfrom Cape Canaveral.
In 1973, 
the Bahamas became fully independent after threecenturies of British colonial rule. John Paul Getty III, theteenage grandson of the oil tycoon, was abducted in Romeby kidnappers who cut off his ear when his family was slowto meet their ranson demands; young Getty was released inDecember 1973 for nearly $3 million.
In 1985, 
the Greenpeace protest ship Rainbow Warrior wassunk with explosives in Auckland, New Zealand, by Frenchintelligence agents; one activist was killed. Bowing topressure from irate customers, the Coca-Cola Co. said itwould resume selling old-formula Coke, while continuing tosell New Coke.
In 1989, 
Mel Blanc, the “man of a thousand voices,”including such cartoon characters as Bugs Bunny, DaffyDuck and Porky Pig, died in Los Angeles at age 81.Former boxer Jake LaMotta is 93. Writer-producer EarlHamner Jr. is 91. Former New York City Mayor David N.Dinkins is 87. Actor William Smithers is 87. Broadway com-poser Jerry Herman is 83. Director Ivan Passer is 81. ActorLawrence Pressman is 75. Actor Mills Watson is 74. ActorRobert Pine is 73. Rock musician Jerry Miller (Moby Grape)is 71. International Tennis Hall of Famer Virginia Wade is 69.Actor Ron Glass is 69. Actress Sue Lyon is 68. Folk singerRock musician Dave Smalley is 65. Country-folk singer-songwriter Cheryl Wheeler is 63. Rock singer Neil Tennant(Pet Shop Boys) is 60. Banjo player Bela Fleck is 56. Country
In other news ...
(Answers tomorrow)WINDYDRIFTSLEEPYVIABLEYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:The hawk saw the whole incident, thanks toher — BIRD’S-EYE VIEWNow arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
 ©2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLCAll Rights Reserved.
   C   h  e  c   k  o  u   t   t   h  e  n  e  w ,   f  r  e  e   J   U   S   T   J   U   M   B   L   E  a  p  p
Print youranswer here:
 The Daily Derby race winners are LuckyStar,No.2,in first place;MoneyBags,No.11,in secondplace;and Big Ben,No.4,in third place.The racetime was clocked at 1:42.17.
3 4 914 25 27 48 49 9
 July 8 Me
ga Milli
9 25 42 55 57 14
 July 9 Pow
2 8 9 10 18
y Five
y 3 mi
69 1 9
y Fo
7 4 6
y 3 ev
7 20 30 34 45 15
y 9 Su
r Lot
to Plu
 July 10, 2014
Awoman suspected a group of  juveniles of stealing her dog on GilbertCourt before 7:45 p.m. Friday, June 20.
Aman contacted police afterbeing attacked by a transient who gave hima busted lip and facial injuries on AirportBoulevard before 3:46 p.m. Friday, June 20.
AUPS driver reported acoworker who knocked his hat off andthreatened him at the United Parcel Serviceon Forbes Boulevard before 9:14 a.m.Friday, June 20.
Disturbance of others.
Aman in posses-sion of marijuana, a meth pipe and pills wasuncooperative and refused to leave the porchat Safe Harbor on North Access Road before2:23 p.m. Thursday, June 19.
Awoman reported that her sister wasnot giving her any money from her SocialSecurity checks on Locust Avenue before3:13 p.m. Thursday, June 19.
Welfare check.
Awoman walking her dogwas reported for yelling “I’m a prisoner inmy own body” on Sunnyslope Avenuebefore 5:09 p.m. Friday, July 4.
Citizen assist.
Aman reported beingthreatened after posting on YouTube onHiller Street before 5:06 p.m. Friday, July4.
Two credit cards and cash were stolenfrom a woman’s purse while she was runninga summer camp on Middle Road before10:59 a.m. Friday, July 4.
Assist agency.
An elderly woman wasreported for punching a bus driver in theshoulder at Davey Glen Road and El CaminoReal before 6:14 p.m. Thursday, July 3.
Animal call.
Aman reported that his doghad led him to a fresh deer leg at the play-ground area on Twin Pines Lane before11:01 a.m. Thursday, July 3.
Possession of concealed weapon.
Aperson was found to be in possession of aknife on the 400 block of El Camino Realbefore 1:21 a.m. Monday, July 7.
Resisting arrest.
Aperson was arrestedfor resisting officers on the 1300 block of Magnolia Avenue before 6:10 a.m. Monday,July 7.
Public intoxication.
Aperson was citedfor being intoxicated in public on the 400block of Richmond Drive before 9:07 p.m.Monday, July 7.
Aman robbed a business on the600 block of Broadway before 11:58 a.m.Saturday, July 5
Aman robbed a business on the500 block of El Camino Real before 7:30p.m. Friday, July 4.
Possession of controlled substance.
Aman was found with controlled substancesat the Millbrae train station before 1:09a.m. Thursday, July 3.
Acar was burglarized on the 300block of Adrian Road before 9 a.m.Thursday, July 3.
Police reports
Face punch
Aman was seen punching himself in theface for no reason on Olive Avenue inSouth SanFrancisco before 12:53 a.m.Friday, June 20.
By Michelle Durand
For the second time, a mistrial wasdeclared after jurors became hopelesslydeadlocked in the attempted rape case of amotel clerk accused of assaulting a house-keeper.Jurors in the trial of Navjit Singh deliber-ated five days but found itself unable tobudge beyond an 8-4 split in favor of acquit-tal. The jury first alertedthe court late last week of its stalemate but JudgeJack Grandsaert sentthem back into delibera-tions to continue tryingto reach consensus.The question now is if prosecutors will try yetagain to convict Singh,36, of allegedly gropingand attempting to rape a maid at the RamadaInn in South San Francisco on Sept. 9,2011. In November 2012, a jury in his first trialdeliberated three days before convictingSingh of attempted rape, assault with theintent to rape, sexual battery and falseimprisonment. The following April, JudgeJonathan Karesh heard the defense argumentfor a new trial on several grounds. Kareshdidn’t find any prosecutorial misconduct ordefense incompetence but felt that the raceissue had deprived Singh of due process andset aside the verdicts. Prosecutors opted to retry the case earlierthis year but, during jury selection inMarch, the defense successfully sought amistrial due to newly uncovered video sur-veillance of public areas like the hallwaythat needed reviewing. The video had alwaysbeen in the prosecution’s custody but wasnever opened previously. Unlike in the first trial, Singh did not takethe stand to testify on his own behalf.According to prosecutors, front desk clerkSingh entered a room where the Spanish-speaking maid was cleaning a bathtub. Aftera verbal exchange, he is accused of grabbedher, putting his hands down her shirt andforcing her onto a bed to pull off her cloth-ing. After a few minutes of the victimscreaming, Singh reportedly got up andapologized with his hands in a praying posebefore returning to the front desk. Thewoman told another maid but asked her notto tell the manager and police because shewas afraid of losing her job and beingdeported back to El Salvador.Defense attorney John Halley declined tocomment on the case pending the prosecu-tion’s retrial decision which is due July 22. Singh remains free from custody on$100,000 bail.
michelle@smdailyjournal.com(650) 344-5200 ext. 102
Second mistrial declared inattempted motel rape case
Navjit Singh

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