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Why Jesus? by C. Tinsley by C. Tinsley

Why Jesus? by C. Tinsley by C. Tinsley

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Published by divinspiration
Are you lost? This document explores the beliefs of Islam, Judiasm, and Christianity and recounts the author's experience in searching for God.
Are you lost? This document explores the beliefs of Islam, Judiasm, and Christianity and recounts the author's experience in searching for God.

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Published by: divinspiration on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why Jesus?By C. Tinsley
Are You Searching for Something? Are You Searching for Something? Are You Searching for Something? Are You Searching for Something? 
By C. Tinsley 
Have you seen the beautiful submission of Islamic men kneeling to the Allah theyrevere, and the faithful Muslim women enveloped in the
, their hair covered and theirskirts billowing around and trailing behind them? Have you seen the
, a movingspiritual journey where followers pilgrimage to Mecca and demonstrate their obedience?I have seen these images, and also witnessed the mystical ceremony of Jewishbelievers, their clean white linens and silver platters and white menorah candles casting awarm glow over the table. Their somber feasts celebrate the blessings of God, with blood-red wine and preservation of tradition in the Torah, read aloud in Hebrew.In fact, I have also visited tranquil monasteries with rolling verdant landscapes,fragrant Buddhist temples with offerings of oranges and flowers, and cathedrals withvaulted ceilings and flying buttresses. I have come to one conclusion through all of theseexperiences: my Jesus is the only Lord I would ever serve because I love Him and I knowthat He loves me as an individual created specially by Him. He cares for me by guiding anddirecting me in every aspect of my life.We have a relationship. He speaks to me and I speak to Him, and we have movingconversations full of depth and emotion. I hear His voice gently chasten me and I listen tohis soft admonishments from the inner recesses of my heart, courtesy of the Holy Spirit.People of other religions may argue that their beliefs are correct, give reasons and logicalexplanations, and threaten to persecute or even kill me. While I still can, please allow me totell you how the Lord Jesus Christ is different.Prior to seeking a belief system, I lived a life of immorality and drunkenness. Likemany Westerners, I subscribed to the ideals of liberal secular humanism. I picked andchose the best aspects of all religions I could find. I read the Bible sporadically if I wasgoing through a bad period in my life. I meditated with Buddhist chants and researchedHindu gods who might be able to help me in my tribulations. I finally looked up the beliefsof Islam and considered following the footsteps of a college friend of mine whose Americanmother converted to Islam and wore the
.Islam, in fact, was a great attraction to me. A parent of several of my students (shehad six boys) was Muslim and invited me to her home. She treated me to a spicy chickendish beneath a blanket of rice called
and served me baklava with dark, rich
Arabic coffee. Through my interactions with her, I became caught up in a world that seemed exotic and mysterious to me, with majestic domed mosques, luxurious woventapestries, and expressive calligraphy. I liked the idea of modesty and humility, andrespected those who served their Allah completely, without regard to human judgment.Yet, although I adored my friend and all six of her boys, I did not like the way her brother,who lived next door to her, treated her. I also did not think much of her husband, whobrought her out of a neighborhood of former Palestine to the United States, only to leaveher for another woman. He left her without an income or any way to make a living, andtook off to Chicago to live with his mistress. As a Westerner with an education, I simplycould not reconcile the way that women were treated in Islam with having a fulfilling life.Where some faiths deny the humanity of women, Jesus lifted up the status of womenin His time in ways that still exist today. Where some faiths restrict what women can do,Jesus offered women a chance to worship and learn about Him. Where some faiths disallowwomen from worship, Jesus gathers women into His arms and includes them as part of Hiscreation. Women take a prominent role in the Bible and Jesus allowed them as part of Hisministry. Any society that restricts women is restricted itself from becoming a productiveand modern society. Just as one can ascertain the state of human rights in a country byobserving how women are treated, one can identify how humane a religion is by how thereligion demands that women be treated.When a Muslim woman or man falls, there is no way to predict Allah’s response. Oneis at the mercy of his will, and there is no way a human can know how he will react. Onehopes that obedience to Allah will garner favor, but one can never be assured of paradise.When a Christian falls, the Lord Jesus is beside the person for comfort and strength. Thereis nothing a Christian can do to separate from the Lord God, as Jesus made the ultimatesacrifice to cleanse all sins away, as long as there is genuine repentance and sorrow. TheBible tells us that if we believe and trust Jesus, we are saved. There is no question about whether we are good enough to go to heaven – we all are sinners and do not deserve thisplace of honor next to our Creator. But since He loves us, He rescued us. No good works orreverent deeds will make us holier. He simply wants us to know Him.When I read the full Bible, I finally understood why “there is no other name underheaven given among men by which they may be saved” except Jesus. It took me forty daysto read the Bible from cover to cover. If you are a person of another faith and you think youknow what the Bible teaches, I encourage you to read the entire Bible in order to fullyunderstand the whole story of what the Lord has done for us. Indeed if you wish to debatea Christian, you should know these intricacies in order to make an educated case against him or her. I read the prophecies given in the Old Testament and saw them fulfilled in theNew Testament. I saw how Jesus perfectly fit the description of the Messiah, andunderstood how God truly works. What other written work has had one hundred percent of its fulfilled prophecies come to pass as accurately as predicted? What other writtenwork was authored by at least forty writers in vastly different areas of the world with theirown customs and languages, yet maintains consistency in style and message? What otherwritten work has so accurately described the human condition and offered a solution tosinful man to escape his depravity and selfishness?Followers of other world religions ask how the Bible can have
correct teachingand yet be wrong in other places?
It can’t 
– it must all be correct, or else
of it is suspect.

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