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Israel cannot stand such humiliation

Israel cannot stand such humiliation

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Published by: api-3766229 on Nov 30, 2009
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Israel cannot stand such humiliation.
By Aboo Mohammad (Jamal Dookhy)

For over Sixty years of occupation Israel has been barbaric to its neighbours. It has more recently unleashed some unbelievable madness in terms of violence on the Palestinians. Either Israel considers itself or is considered by its supporters as the 4th most powerful and mighty army in the world. What yardstick is used to determine that?

Financed by American taxpayers\u2019 money, it has an arsenal of some of the most sophisticated weapons in the world. Let us for a minute minus the American aid of most deadly weapons and we find that as it stands by itself Israel is not a most powerful army. One cannot judge an army\u2019s might by the most civilians it has killed and the amount of buildings it has destroyed; no matter how much it may claim it does not target them. It is not an Issue of body count. One distinguishes the men from the boys, as far as a mighty army is concerned, when it comes to real confrontation, between two mighty armies, there were such battles in the past and the mighty army stood out like a sore thumb. They swept from battle to battle victorious and honorable. Not killing innocent women and children nor blasting buildings that cannot fight back. If we go back in history and look at some of the warriors we find some who were so brave and courageous some of them are well known even today. People like Khaleed bin al waleed, Salahuddin Ayubi, Izzedin Kutuz, Gengis Khan to name just a few. Israel the 4th mightiest, most powerful army in the world today, as it and its supporters claim has no unsung hero who the world can place among these notaries mentioned above. All it has in its forces are soldiers who kill innocent women and children and bomb buildings. For forty years no proper army has stood up to Israel and actually taken them on. They have not actually fought any country after the 6 day war against the Arabs in 1967. There have been de facto wars fought in the Middle East involving parties that were backed by Israel, there were skirmishes with the PLO and other resistance factions, but no actual war itself until new millennium where it was given a good kicking by a rag tag Hezbollah of south Lebanon in the year 2000. However, Hezbollah was not the army of a particular country that possessed a mighty arsenal, with tanks and aircraft power and ships and so on. This has tarnished the image of the so called 4th most powerful army in the Middle East ever since and it cannot stand the humiliation. It keeps coming back and attacking these same rag tag armies, Hezbollah in 2006 and Palestine in Jenin and just recently Gaza all to be defeated and run away humiliated. It is only good in committing massacres on unarmed or poorly armed people and then claim victory. So how can it still claim to be the 4th most powerful army in the world when it has not confronted anyone powerful enough to determine its might? Just because it has an arsenal of the most sophisticated that it unleashes on innocent civilians does not make it powerful. Look what happened to the red army who was a super power. Although there are claims that the US helped the Afghans with finances but the Afghans did not have tanks, planes and ships and so on. Yet they gave a massive blow to the Russians and drove them out of their lands humiliated never to come back again. The US was considered one of the most powerful and mightiest armies in the world, with all the arsenal one can think of yet that did not help them so that is not a yardstick to distinguish what is a powerful army. That battle, one can say distinguished the men from the boys, it was war on a large scale. Even America today in the US has resorted to the same tactic of killing innocent civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan that it kills soldiers. Yet claim to the world it is the mightiest army. The Taliban on one side and the Iraqi resistance on the other are far mightier than Hezbollah and Hamas or should we say \u201ckhamas\u201d as the Israelis put it. \u201cKhamas\u201d is equipped with very light to medium weapons in its arsenal. Equipped with a few RPGs, Kalashnikovs, Grenade and some flimsy homemade rockets that most of the time fall in the desert and hardly cause any injury to any soul, they put up a resistance of 23 days against and Army that has and uses Chemical weapons and causes, Hezbollah for 33 and both inflicted heavy punishment on the Israeli army contrary to what the Israeli government want the rest of the world to think. Hezbollah in 2006 blew up tank and amoured vehicles, attacked a ship, killed and maimed numerous IDF solders and captured some too. In December 2008 to January 2009 Israel tried its bully boy tactics on \u201cKhamas\u201d, thinking it can boost it image again after the 2006 humiliating defeat in 2006. What

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