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Breaking Dawn Sequel!

Breaking Dawn Sequel!



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Published by Georgie
This is a sequel to breaking dawn! please read and enjoy! it will have a happy ending, i promise!! please comment so i will know if u want me to write more!! xoxo
This is a sequel to breaking dawn! please read and enjoy! it will have a happy ending, i promise!! please comment so i will know if u want me to write more!! xoxo

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Published by: Georgie on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sequel to Breaking Dawn YET TO BE TITLED!Chapter One – BeautifulRenesmee POV:
“Ha ha, I won!” I said as I stopped in front of our cottage.“I guess you did, you’ve become so fast”.I looked up at my father’s face and he was grinning at me as we walkedout of the pouring rain and into our small, cosy cottage.“Mom, we`re home” I shouted as I walked into the living room, she alwayswaited for us to come home after our daily races through the forest buttoday she wasn’t here.I looked up at Edward “Where is she?”“Jake, stop it, that’s
not funny” Bellas voice was loud and slightlymuffled by her laughter. We followed the sound to find them stoodoutside, Bella her covering her face and Jacob stood in front of her flickingwater at her from the pond.“Hey mom, hey Jake. Why are you guys outside? Its freezing, im freezing”as I said this I wrapped my arms around my torso and a shiver rippleddown my spine.“I can fix that Ness” Jake said as he walked over to me and wrapped hisarms around my shivering body. I rested my head against his chest as hisoverwhelming body warmth heated me up. When I was born, I had atemperature that was hotter than Jacobs, but over the years Ive cooleddown. Now ive stopped growing and reached the physical appearance of afifteen year old, my body temperature is the same as normal humans. This is not good as I live with freezing cold vampires in Forks.“So Ness, what have you done today?” Jacob asked me as we walked tothe living room, he had spent the day in La Push with Seth and Leah. Imissed him when he was gone, he was my best friend. He and Bella werebest friends too, but we had such a tight bond, and we spent most of ourfree time together.“Went hunting with Emmett, and then I went shopping with Alice to getsome more clothes. What about you?”.“Nothing really, just hung out at Seth’s place for a while”.We reached the living room then and found Edward lighting the fire andBella curled up on the sofa reading.“Jeez Bells, you’re not really reading
Wuthering heights
again, are you?”“I love this book, shut up”.
Please Read First!!This story isn’t short, and I hope youdon’t think it takes too long to get into,but it does get better and moreinteresting at the end, so please read allof it! And comment if you want me to
Edward laughed at her annoyed tone and sat down next to her on thesofa, picking up the T.V remote and putting on a baseball game. Jacob pulled me to the sofa and I sat down next to him, leaning against hisside; I hadn’t realised how tired I was.
 Jacob POV:
It was eleven o`clock, and Nessie was now asleep, her head resting on myshoulder.She looked so beautiful, her bronze curly hair falling to her waist, herchocolate brown eyes hidden behind her eyelids, her slim body coolagainst mine.I had always known that she was beautiful, but the feeling runningthrough me now was different, I hadn’t felt this way since...since Bella.I wanted her, I wanted to hold her close and kiss her, and I wanted... Crap!Edward, he was probably listening to every word I was thinking.“I was, and we wanted to tell you that were not angry. We knew the daywould come when you felt more than friendship; you imprinted on her.”“Umm, okay”Bella laughed and said “But be careful, okay? She’s still very young” hervoice took on a more maternal side now.“Of course. And you might want to carry her to bed, I don’t think she`sgonna wake up”.I left through the back door and ran back home, I needed some sleep.
Edward POV:
I picked Nessie up from the sofa, supporting her sleeping body in my armsas I carried her to her room. She was already in her pyjamas so she wouldbe comfortable and I laid her down, pulled her duvet over her and kissedher forehead.I turned around to find Bella stood in the doorway, watching me.I closed Nessies bedroom door and pulled Bella to my chest “Can I helpyou?” I asked her jokingly.“Nope” she replied simply as she wrapped her arms around my neck.I looked down into her golden-brown eyes “You are absurdly beautiful”.“I could say the same about you”.I reached down and pressed my lips against hers. She sighed in content
and I lifted her into my arms, carrying her to our bedroom. The sun was rising slowly through the clouds, declaring it morning.I kissed Bellas hair and she reached for me. I pulled her close to me andshe snuggled into my chest. We both were lead on our beautiful whitebed, underneath the sheets.“So I guess Renesmee has a boyfriend now” she whispered.“Hmm, I guess so. Although she only sees him as a friend at the moment.”“Oh, well, Il speak to her about it later, it’s time to get up.”
Chapter Two - PaintingRenesmee POV:
I yawned and stretched, turning over to see my clock. Eleven am.I got out of bed and walked into the kitchen -still in my pyjamas- to findBella writing on a pad and Edward waiting for me with a plate of waffles.“Morning sleepy head, we thought you were never going to wake up”.“I was really tired. Thanks for the waffles” I said as i sat down on thekitchen stool and ate my waffles.“Me and Bella are going out to Seattle today, do you want to come?” heasked me.“Umm, I think Il stay here, Rosalie and Alice want to do my hair” I repliedwith a small groan.Edward chuckled whilst Bella hopped down from her stool and held hishand. She said to him “Are you ready to go, I have the address here” shelooked at the pad in her hand.“Where are you guys going exactly?” I asked her.“To some old bookshops, and then to look for a new car for Jasper”.“Oh okay, well Il see you later” I hugged both of them as they walked outthe door and ran to the house.
Alice POV:
Nessie walked through the door of my bedroom and Rose immediatelypulled her onto my bed. “So Ness, we were thinking that we straightenyour hair, I mean, it’s been curly ever since you were born” Rosaliechatted.“Sounds good”. We knew she liked us playing around with her hair, it waswhen it came to clothes and make-up she threw a fit, she was just likeBella.

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