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1st Updated Project Plan

1st Updated Project Plan

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Published by pwincezz_x

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Published by: pwincezz_x on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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IDTask NameDuration1
Analysis 15.25 days
2Initial meeting with client 2 hrs3Project Proposal 1 day4Functional specification 1 day5Project proposal, scope and initi2 hrs6Project Propoal Meeting2 hrs7
Initial Design 8 days
8Initial Design4 days9Updated Designs4 days10
Prototyping and formative testing72 days
11Introduction2 days12Formative Testing1 day13Main Menu 2 days14Main menu Buttons1 day15Formative Testing 1 day16Brief Overview of the H10 Hotel3 days17Text Scroll Box1 day18Formative Testing 1 day19Location Of H10 Palmasol3 days20Text Scroll Box1 day21Formative Testing 1 day22Gallery 5 days23Scroll Over Picture Viewer1 day24Formative Testing 1 day25H10 Palmasol Hotel 3 days26Links 1 day27Formative Testing 1 day28Contingency- illness 4 days29Hotel Features 3 days30Links1 dayWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWTFSSM08 Sep '0815 Sep '0822 Sep '0829TaskSplitProgressMilestoneSummaryProject SummaryExternal TasksExternal MilestoneDeadlinePage 1Project: Initial Project Plan1Date: Tue 03/03/09
IDTask NameDuration31Formative testing 1 day32Hotel Services3 days33Text Boxes1 day34Formative Testing 1 day35Cost Of Rooms and Boards3 days36Table & text boxes1 day37Formative Testing 1 day38Review Of the Hotel3 days39Text Box1 day40Formative Testing 1 day41Video3 days42Inserting and editing video3 days43Formative Testing1 day44Inserting sound4 days45Formative Testing 1 day46Contingency- Computer Breakd7 days47
Summative Testing10 days
48Test Plan4 days49Feedback 2 days50Contingency- Illness 4 days51
Documentation9 days
52Getting started with instructions 4 days53User Guide2 days54Auto Run CD3 days55
Hand Over1.25 days
56Hand Over to client1 day57End of project review meeting2 hrsWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWTFSSM08 Sep '0815 Sep '0822 Sep '0829TaskSplitProgressMilestoneSummaryProject SummaryExternal TasksExternal MilestoneDeadlinePage 2Project: Initial Project Plan1Date: Tue 03/03/09
TWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWTFSSMTWTFSSep '0806 Oct '0813 Oct '0820 Oct '0827 Oct '0803 Nov '08
TaskSplitProgressMilestoneSummaryProject SummaryExternal TasksExternal MilestoneDeadlinePage 3Project: Initial Project Plan1Date: Tue 03/03/09

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