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Friday Report June 28, 2014

Friday Report June 28, 2014

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Published by Rodman Reynolds
Supt. Gary Cohn's Friday Report to the Everett School Board from June 28, 2014.
Supt. Gary Cohn's Friday Report to the Everett School Board from June 28, 2014.

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Rodman Reynolds on Jul 10, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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General Library ItemContentAdministrative Content
NameFriday Report 2014-06-27Release DateJune 28, 2014Expire dateAccessPrivate
Board Meetings & Minutes Drafts
Draft minutes for the June 24 regular meeting, and the June 24 and June 26 special meetings are attached. Please providenecessary changes to Debbie Vanderwilt by
4:00 p.m.
, June 30. The June 30 special meeting minutes will becompleted immediately after the special meeting, and then posted to this edition of the
Friday Report 
. Please providenecessary changes to Debbie Vanderwilt by
Tuesday, July 1
. Please note that
Friday Report 
 will be on vacation duringJuly and the first two weeks of August, resuming August 15 unless an edition is needed prior to that date.
(This item wasupdated subsequent to initial release.)
Attachment: Board Meeting Minutes 20140624 Special.pdf (15 KB)Attachment: Board Meeting Minutes 20140624 Regular.pdf (43 KB)Attachment: Board Meeting Minutes 20140626 Special.pdf (14 KB)Attachment: Board Meeting Minutes 20140630 Special.pdf (17 KB)
Board Meeting Follow-Up
Middle School Counselors: During the June 24, 2014 regular meeting, a spokesperson for middle school counselors whoaddressed the board requested that a packet of information be presented to the directors. The package was scanned and isattached here. Directors are reminded that the board is obligated to bargain with the elected and recognized representatives of the Everett Education Association, and not individual groups of employees within that unit. To do so may be determined by thePublic Employee Relations Commission to be an unfair labor practice. Bargaining with the EEA on the current contract was concluded two years ago, and the contract has been opened twice in accordance with its terms. (The most recent agreementsto amend are included in the consent agenda for the July 1, 2014 regular meeting.) The district has adhered carefully to thecontract provisions related to agreed-upon counselor staff allocations.Attachment: Middle School Counselors packet 20140624.pdf (2,718 KB)
Summer Learning Opportunities: Everett Public Schools offers a wide range of summer learning opportunities for students. Inreviewing the attached matrix, directors will note some programs are designed to provide credit recovery or extended learningopportunities for identified students, and in other cases to provide a jump-start for the upcoming school year. The wide arrayof offerings originates from district level coordination, as well as school-based leadership. Despite the close of 180-day portionof the 2013-14 school year, students will have access to summer learning opportunities throughout the district.Attachment: 2014 Summer Learning Opportunities.pdf (58 KB)
Board-Superintendent Communication
Three items of correspondence are provided for director background with this edition of the
Friday Report 
. The
iscontinuation of an exchange between an out-of-district home school student's parent and the board president regardingfinancial support for home school programs (related to cash allocations to families). The
are brief exchangesbetween a patron and Director Mason and Director LeSesne as a result of a recent conversation scheduled in response to theboard president's call for community members to contact her to provide opinions regarding the recent capital bond elections.(An Internet website poll is also attached. See below a
Daily Herald 
 editorial criticizing a city council for relying on unscientificInternet polls for policy making decisions that are responsibility of elected officials.) The
is a question and responsebetween Director Mitchell and Mike Gunn regarding background on the Jackson High School weatherization projectdocumentation prepared for board approval on an upcoming consent agenda. This item was placed in a prior
Friday Report 
 inorder to stimulate questions and answers in this fashion. The
 is a compliment from a patron on the Community Resource
BoardDocs® Prohttps://www.boarddocs.com/wa/waesd/Board.nsf/Private?open&login1 of 67/10/2014 7:51 AM
Center dedication and open house.
(This item was updated subsequent to initial release.)
Attachment: Attinelli-LeSesne Emails (Home school concerns) 20140622.pdf (91 KB)Attachment: Guymon-Mason Emails (Bond measure insight) 20140624.pdf (37 KB) | Everett School Board Project Bond Fail Poll 201404.pdf (3,068 KB)Attachment: Guymon-LeSesne Emails (Bond measure insight) 20140629.pdf (77 KB)Attachment: Mitchell-Gunn Emails (Jackson High weatherization) 20140623.pdf (114 KB)Attachment: Lightburne-LeSesne Emails (CRC dedication) 20140629.pdf (76 KB)
Summer Office Hours
Beginning June 23 and ending August 8, summer administrative office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. District offices will beclosed Friday, July 4, for the Independence Day holiday. During July the superintendent and members of the superintendent'scabinet will be away from the office for vacations. During the superintendent's absence, responsibility for oversight of districtoperations will transfer to cabinet members in accordance with Procedure 5200P, Administrative Organization.
Legislative Update
OSPI Waiver Requests: Kelly Marquardt, from Congresswoman Suzan DelBene's office, notified the district on Friday thatmembers of the Washintton congressional delegation sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Education to support the requestfrom OSPI to waive the 14-day notification requirement of NCLB. Please find the letter attached, as well as the OSPIcorrespondence announcing the request. In a related item, The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction was notified onJune 11, 2014 that the state was granted the waiver to allow all districts and schools within the state to apply to be aSupplemental Educational Services (SES) provider. Everett Public Schools did not apply to provide services under this waiverfollowing analysis that indicates district resources are more flexibly used to support students' learning needs without thedesignation as an SES provider. Attachment: Congressional USED Letter Supporting OSPI 14-Day Waiver Request 20140627.pdf (85 KB)Attachment: OSPI Letter (USED 14-Day Waiver Request) 20140619.pdf (477 KB)
State Board Proposed Rules Comment: On June 24, 2014 the board approved a letter requesting changes in the proposed rulespublished by the State Board of Education to implement SB6552, which requires a 24-credit diploma. The board's letter isattached below for reference or future use. Also attached are similar letters from a large number of members of the House of Representatives, and from the School Alliance (of which Everett is a member).
(This item was updated subsequent to initial release.)
Attachment: Everett School Board Letter (6552 Proposed Rules Comment) 20140624.pdf (2,037 KB)Attachment: House Members' Letter (6552 Proposed Rules Comment) 20140630.pdf (325 KB)Attachment: School Alliance Letter (6552 Proposed Rules Comment) 20140701.pdf (278 KB)
State Score Release of Preliminary High School Proficiency Exam (HSPE) Results
 (Strategic Target: 1.1.a)
This year, along with the reading and writing preliminary HSPE results, the state released the percent of students statewidewho have met standard on both reading and writing. According to the preliminary data, the district outperformed the state ingrade 10 reading by 2.9 percent, and grade 10 writing by 2.2 percent. Additionally, at each grade level the students of EverettPublic Schools exceed the state percentages of students who have met the reading and writing assessment graduationrequirements. The top two sections on the attached report indicate the percentage of Everett students enrolled as of June 24,who have met standard in reading or writing. The bottom section indicates the number of currently enrolled students who havemet standard on both reading and writing assessments compared to the state scores released on June 24.Attachment: Preliminary HSPE Spring 2014 Summary 20140627.pdf (24 KB)
McKinney-Vento Student Support Grant Revisions
(Strategic Targets: 1.1.a, 1.5.a, 4.1.a)
Everett Public Schools was awarded a grant through Building Changes, a Seattle-based non-profit that works to endhomelessness. The $34,000, two-year grant will allow staff to support homeless students enrolled at Everett and Cascade HighSchools, and North and Evergreen Middle Schools. A navigator at each school will support student academic success, and referfamilies to prevention, rapid re-housing, and services to prevent or end homelessness through the Investing in FamiliesCoordinated Entry network. The board approved this grant during its May 13, 2014 meeting. The grant has since been revisedbased on subsequent district counsel recommendations: Signature page formatting changes Requests for information refined to "reasonable requests" "Employee and client" changed to "employee and student" Clarification about insurance responsibilities Indemnification section revised to reflect the limited scope of work provided by the district Grant term changed from April 1, 2014–March 31, 2016 to September 1, 2014–August 31, 2016
College Bound Scholarship and FAFSA Completion Enrollment
 (Strategic Target: 1.1.b)
The Cascade High School career specialist was recently interviewed by College Success Foundation for her efforts to sign-upmiddle school students for the College Bound scholarship, and high school seniors to complete the Free Application for Financial
BoardDocs® Prohttps://www.boarddocs.com/wa/waesd/Board.nsf/Private?open&login2 of 67/10/2014 7:51 AM
Aid (FAFSA). She will be featured in an upcoming article on the College Success Foundation website. The College BoundScholarship is an early commitment of state financial aid to eligible students who sign-up in middle school and fulfill thefollowing requirements:Student family meets the income requirements;Graduate from a Washington State high school or home school with a cumulative 2.0 GPA or higher.Be a good citizen in school and the community and stay crime free.Apply to an eligible college and submit the FAFSA.
Preparing for 2014-15 WaKIDS
(Strategic Targets: 1.2.a, 5.3.a)
The district added district-funded full-day kindergarten classes for 2014-15 at Monroe, Silver Lake, Whittier, and WoodsideElementary Schools. All kindergarten children in these schools will have access to a full instructional day to develop their skillsin all areas. These kindergarten classes will participate in Washington Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills (WaKIDS),increasing the number of district WaKIDS classrooms from 31 to 46. District early learning staff is providing support toprincipals and kindergarten teams as they prepare for the three days of family connections meetings on September 3, 4, and5. These meetings help to develop the relationships between children, families, and teachers and to create smoothertransitions into the K-12 system. New WaKIDS teachers will participate in summer WaKIDS trainings, including training on theuse of technology to help document children's level of development as they enter kindergarten.
Grades 7-8 Compacted Math Course Implementation
(Strategic Target: 1.2.b)
Over 350 students completed the first year of the Compacted Middle School Math Pathway during 2013-14, which covered allof the grade six Common Core math standards as well as one-third of the seventh grade standards. A team of six middleschool math teachers have worked with the district math curriculum specialists to develop the curriculum for the secondcourse, which will be implemented in fall 2014. This course will cover the rest of seventh grade as well as two-thirds of theeighth grade standards. The curriculum is carefully designed around the key topics of proportional thinking and linear algebra,with a particular emphasis on key 'pinnacle' standards that are focused on the application of middle school mathematics inproblem solving. Teachers will be supported throughout the school year with after-school support meetings held bi-weekly eachmonth as they implement this new course.
Literacy Summer Institute on Writing
(Strategic Target: 1.2.b)
Eighty-one teachers participated in our literacy summer institute on June 19, and 83 teachers attended the institute on June20. K-2 teachers engaged in professional development, in their grade level teams, facilitated by district reading specialists andwriting teachers. Teachers learned about writing for the Common Core State Standards, observed a modeled writing lesson,developed criteria for teaching opinion writing, and acquired strategies for integrating writing across the curriculum. Teacherswere appreciative of the new learning with a focus on writing. Some librarians, resource teachers, and other content specialists joined the sessions as well. The literacy Common Core summer institute will continue for two additional days to prepare grades3-5 teachers.
Advance Placement Enrollment and Exam Participation Increase
(Strategic Target: 1.2.b)
Increased rigor is developed throughout the curriculum and rigorous course offerings are provided equitably across schools.From 2005 to 2014, the district has produced a dramatic increase in the number of students taking Advanced Placementcourses,
 in the number of students taking the exams. Correspondingly, schools are offering more Advanced Placementclasses for students as a part of the strategic goal to increase rigor and prepare students for college and beyond.Number of students taking AP exams in 2005 was 330. In 2014, 778 took AP exams; a 135 percent increase.Number of exams taken by students in 2005 was 395. (Some students take more than one exam). In 2014 studentstook a total of 989 exams; a 150 percent increase.In 2005, district high schools offered 571 AP "seats" for students. In 2014 that number had multiplied almost threetimes to 1,595; a 179 percent increase. (Some students take more than one AP class, so the "seat" count is greaterthan the student count.)In 2007, the number of students who enrolled in one or more AP classes was 685, and only 48 percent of them took anAP exam. In 2014, the number of students who enrolled in one or more AP class had jumped to 1,185, and 66 percentof them took an exam; a 138 percent increase in students taking exams.In late July, the district will receive the results of this year’s AP tests and data on how many of the 778 students who took APexams earned qualifying scores of 3 or higher.
Biology Collection of Evidence
(Strategic Targets: 1.2.b, 1.2.c)
Biology Collection of Evidence (COE) teachers met this week for the first of three days of instructional mapping this summer.The Biology COE provides an alternative opportunity for students to demonstrate proficiency on the concepts tested on theBiology End of Course (EOC) exam. This EOC is required for graduation by the 2015 graduation class, next year’s seniors. Theyearlong COE class provides an opportunity for students to relearn the essential biology standards in a lab based class. TheCOE is composed of scenarios that require students to write extended responses on each biology strand. In addition to
BoardDocs® Prohttps://www.boarddocs.com/wa/waesd/Board.nsf/Private?open&login3 of 67/10/2014 7:51 AM

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