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(1993) Gently & Quietly I'Ll Blow Your Mind

(1993) Gently & Quietly I'Ll Blow Your Mind

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Published by Dave Mendoza

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Published by: Dave Mendoza on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(1993)Gently & QuietlyI'll Blow Your Mind
1.) You Shed Light Into My Heart (Thanks to You)Could I forget, would it be fair to let it slip mymind,all the things that you & I have gone through?There's no regret, nor can I fail ever to mentionthank youfor the way that you have made my life trueThanks to you I love this lifeThanks to you I found my partThanks to you I found my wayYou shed light into my heartNow I walk, my head held high, ever facingtowards the SonShare with me the love of life, feel forever justbegun(Chorus)2.) Gently & Quietly I'll Bow Your MindCome, take my hand & I'll sure treat you kindLead you someplace no one will ever findlay beside me & close your eyesleave all Earthly thoughts far behindLet me touch you deep down inside& gently & quietly I'll blow your mindI'm not the kind who need pompous adosilently I'll convey my point to younot a word, barely making a soundI will achieve to turn your head aroundyou won't resist or cast my love asidewhen gently & quietly I'll blow your mindSo, let me come in the hour of the night& gently & quietly I'll blow your mind3.) Love, Come Into My LifeLove, come into my life, love, come into my heartLove, fill my soul with joy & light & never let itpart,Love, come into my life, come into my heartThere is a ray of hope for each lost soulThere is a glimpse of light for every manThere lies Salvation at the reach of every hand& by faith, it can be yours(Chorus)The greatest gift of all is yours todayIf you fulfill your part & ask, you'll find the wayOpen your heart, the light will comein all its might, in all its power4.) ShadowsWho will hold My torch in the middle of the night?Who'll whisper My truth in the void of any right?(Ch.:)Run from the shadows, you must be strongsoon the night will break into a new blue dawnHush, little darling, you've run too longsoon the light is gonna sing its victory songHerald the morning with its golden glowSoon the summer will melt the winter's snowFly on the wings of an eagle, like a doveHide in the lonesome wilderness, My Love(Chorus)
...leave the empty grave forever far below...leave the shadows far behind5.) The Year Love DisappearedThere are some weird things happening in theWorld todayIt seems they're slowly taking all our sense away& though you still can't see the writing on the wallI know that time keeps ticking & a hard rain'sgonna fallThere are some bad birds hanging underneath theskycontrolling wants & wishes while our feelings die& though we still can't see the end, it's gettingclearto see we're living in the year love disappearedThis is the year we learned to runI knew someday it had to comeThis is the year we always fearedThis is the year love disappearedAll those tv commercials have programmed ourkidsto thinking getting rich is really all there isthis is the decade when material things replacedour need for love& closed our minds to values from above6.) JudasFriend, tell Me, why, why did you betray Me?Come, seal My fate with a kissDid your pride not let you just obey Me?You took the lies of the witchBrother, you don't know what you've done, doyou?Not to Me, but to your own soulYou sought to save yourself, secure your owntomorrownow that it's done, what have you gained?For I, I will rise again , while you'll drown in yoursorrowleft with your everlasting shameGo & do that which you must do, quicklyName My price, what am I worth?Go & take your 30 pieces of silverand cast them into the dirtCome to Me now & ask Me the question,"What are these wounds in Your hands?"And in My tears & My pain I'll answer,"These are the wounds of a friend"What if a man should gain the World & lose hissoul, oh,Only what's given can be savedNow you have paid the price & thrown it all away,oh.Judas, the choices that you made7.) Tie Your Wagon (To This Rolling Stone)Some people like me, some people don'tSome folks just hate to see my guts, I hope youdon'tSome folks would rather I'd pack my bags & gohomeBut I know you, you'd pack yours, too, & comealongSo, c'mon, baby, tie, c'mon, baby, tieyour wagon to this rollin' stoneYeah, I'm a rolling stone headed on homeSometimes I'm sloppy, sometimes shaven cleanSometimes I'm sober, sometimes stoned, if youknow what I meanBut I gotta have a woman in whatever state I'm inI gotta have my guitar, so, baby, let the showbegin8.) Thief In The NightHe came, He came like a thief in the nightHe came like a thief in the nightWe were all like zombies, we were hypnotizedby that tv happiness & Hollywood liesOh, we were all too busy lovin' ourselves& we had turned this World into a piece of hellYeah, we had all been blinded by the Serpent'slightuntil He came, He came like a thief in the night(Chorus)Yeah, we had craved for power, our lust wasgreedWe were fanatical egotists, spilled the seedWe wore with pride the tattoo beneath our skinWe'd built a raging kingdom we were servants inWhere every right was wrong & every wrong wasrightuntil He came, He came like a thief in the night
9.) The Birds Fly SouthThe birds fly south in autumn, & they return inspringSo, when You will return, my Love, I will havelearned to singOne night while I lay listening to some symphonyor songI felt the fire glistening in my love's heartbeatstrongA vision clearly struck me of things that are to beOf sceneries, like fairy tales in books our childrenreadThe birds fly south in winter, & I will fly to YouAt the carcass the eagles gather, so, will You callme, too?10.) The Devil Hates Me For ThatHey, how's it goin'? You know, I'm badly attractedto youHow're you feelin'? Is my message comin'through?Open your ears, & I'll sing you a tune, &, Baby,maybe you'll hate me for that, butI've got an urge, I've just gotta keep singin', uh-huh,the Devil hates me for thatI'm like a river of music, rollin' right over your ears& fears& washin', washin' your tears awayCome with me, darlin', we'll float through theevening& hold on to each other's hands 'til the break ofday(The Devil hates me for that!)Said, hey, can you hear me, or do I have to turnup the P.A.?I've got a feeling your mind is tempted to driftawayBut I've got something to tell you & I mean itto kill your blues in nothing flatI'll give you some news to make you feel likeyou're dreamin'Uh-huh, I know the Devil hates me for thatI'm like a diamond of dust that's a-sparklin' insideof this small rayof light, just tryin' to drag you out of the darkHang on to me & we'll head for the sunlightfloatin' right out of the night for a happy day(The ole boy'll hate us for that!)Tell ya somethin', I think the angels will love usfor thatEvery Saint up in heaven's rejoicing, uh-huh,I think they're all tickled pink about thatYeah, the Man on the Top really digs what I'mdoin', uh-huh,I think He really likes me for thatI think He really loves me for that11.) Life's Not A FreewayI know what's on your mind, babeYou think I'm left way behind, babeBut one fine day you'll find out thatdespite the way it may seem, hey, life's not afreewayNo need for pushin' & shovin'It's time we started some lovin'You need to get through your mind thatdespite the way...It's a rough & rugged mountain trackthat once you have started you don't dare lookbackI know what's clouding your mind, man,pressure from every side, StanYou've gotta learn to say 'Stop!''cause,...I know you're tryin' to be first, boybut turning out just a jerk, RoyI think you better slow down, for...12.) PassionGimme some passion, gimme some wildfiregimme that crazy, crazy lovin', gimme some life,yeahGimme those wild hours of intense emotionGimme some heat, oh just a few moments of totaldevotionWhat makes you think that I don't deserve it?If love is our God, we might as well show it, mightas well serve HimLove is a power, much more than a sermonIt's something you live with every beat of yourheartstop acting so German!(Chorus)

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