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Published by dignified

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Published by: dignified on Mar 22, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In our day, people seriously lack a purpose in life. Almost everyone adopts astandard way of living. To feed one's self, to find a house in which to reside, toset up a family, and to have a job are the praised values to which one mostlyaspires. In this standard way of living, the most important goal in life is tofind ways to make a better living and to raise children.For a better understanding of the purposelessness and meaninglessness permeatingthe lives of our society, it will be useful to look at other areas of interestapart from the aforementioned. The majority of people have a rather limitedoutlook. Often, not missing a TV series or watching a popular movie is what givestheir daily life a meaning. For such people, a better goal in life, if any, mightbe to belong to a social club.Another group of people's minds are totally preoccupied with business. All throughtheir lives, they commute between office and home. A person starting his career inhis early 20s does the same job for almost 40 years. Meanwhile, he often findshimself waiting for Fridays. His main ambitions amount to closing the tax monthwithout problems, managing to find the rent every month, and to securing hischildren's future. Hardly any national or world events excite him. Only that whichaffects his business makes any sense to him. Never pondering over events, hereadily accepts the status quo. He feels concerned only when issues challenge hisbusiness. To voice his concerns, he participates in discussion programmes on TV ortalks until the early hours of the morning, arriving at no substantial solution orconclusion.The next day, he starts a new day the same as the previous one.Young people, too, suffer from the same purposelessness, and lack the essentialfactors that give life meaning. The vast majority of teenagers do not even knowthe leaders of their country, the political decisions they make, the impact ofthese decisions on national defence, the economy, or the educational and judiciarysystems. Utterly oblivious of major events and developments in the world, theyconstantly fret over trivial and futile issues. That leaves them deprived of theskills to conceive the significance of many events of world history. Theirconversations are often limited to computer games, Internet chats, dating, trivialevents happening at school, cheating in exams, plans for the weekend, clothes orfootball games. In magazine surveys which ask teenagers to rank "the greatestgoals worth pursuing in life", looking like a famous model or playing the guitarlike the guitarist of a famous band come first.Having no purpose in life and being oblivious of other realms of existence is athreat to humanity. However, over and above this, that among people who assume aparticular stance in life, the majority advocate views which lack real values andare detrimental towards humanity, poses the real threat. That is because theleaders and advocates of dangerous ideas find masses to hand who are utterlybereft of faculties with which to discern danger, and who thus accept anypresupposition without subjecting it to independent scrutiny.In a verse Allah refers to the purposelessness of people thus:Leave them to eat and enjoy themselves. Let false hope divert them. They will soonknow. (Surat al-Hijr: 3)There are surely ways for mankind to avoid such a situation: ensuring that they donot become persons who are only interested in leading their own lives and livingto meet their needs. To this end, these people should be encouraged to becomeindividuals whose target is to serve other people and deal, not merely with theirown problems or of their individual countries but also, with the problems of theworld. The religion Allah has chosen for people and revealed in the Qur'an showsthis ultimate aim:So, set your face firmly towards the Deen, as a pure natural believer, Allah's

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