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(2000) Homegrown Stuff

(2000) Homegrown Stuff

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Published by Dave Mendoza

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Published by: Dave Mendoza on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(2000) Homegrown Stuff
(tune 5 
& 6 
string to G)
(G) (D/G) (C/G) (D/G)...(G) A thousands (D/G)years of (C/G) peace& (D/G) freedom at (G) last (D/G) (C/G) (D/G)(G) Gone are all (D/G) the (C/G) shadows(D/G) of the (G) past (D/G) (C/G) (D/G)(G) All the (D/G) children of (C/G) lovenow (D/G) reign with (G) Him (D/G) (C/G) (D/G)(G) as princes (D/G) & prin(C/G)cesses(D/G) of the (G) King (D/G) (C/G) (D/G)(G...) Arms of war & weapons are all bannedonly peace & love reign the landThe Word of God is known by every manthe lion laying side by side with the lamb(Chorus:)& now (G) I'm sing(D)ing, (G) you're sing(D)ing,(G) we're sing(D/G)ing a (C/G) song of (D) freedom& now (G) I'm sing(D)ing, (G) you're sing(D)ing,(G) we're sing(D/G)ing a (C/G) song of (D) freedom& (G) love (D/G) (C/G) (D/G)there is no more sorrow, fear nor painfor those who love him only joy remainsThe beauty of creation has been restored& every tongue has come to praise the Lord(bridge:)(Am7)They will reign as kings & priests on (Bm7°)thrones beside the King(Am7) Who will have restored the Earth to (Bm7°)everlasting spring(Am7) Rivers flowing in the deserts, (Bm7°)flowers everywherethe (Am7) laughter & the song of children (Bm7°)fill the Earth & air(Chorus)2.) PassionGimme some passion, gimme some wildfiregimme that crazy, crazy lovin', gimme some life,yeahGimme those wild hours of intense emotionGimme some heat, oh just a few moments of totaldevotionWhat makes you think that I don't deserve it?If love is our God, we might as well show it, mightas well serve HimLove is a power, much more than a sermonIt's something you live with every beat of yourheartstop acting so German!(Chorus)Gimme some thunder, gimme some lightningGimme the one thing I just can't resist, let's makelife excitingThere's Someone waiting now, He wants to showyou howto turn your life from a desert into a crystal blueocean3.) Dancing In the Sun
 4.) Jealousy5.) Nothing at All
6.) The Race Goes On'All things remain the way they were' , the fool, hecried'Nothing will change' he thought, yeah well, &that same day he diedBe not deceived by tales of beautiful & strongDon’t fall asleep, for change will come, it won’t belong//: The race goes on ://'What’s that to you?' , you ask & call me 'holypreacher man'But I just give what I receive, that’s all I canI can’t believe in things like pure coincidenceToo many things I see were said, make too muchsense//: The race goes on :// (Bridge:)The race towards total confusionto bring the deaf & blind delusionI just can’t put my fingers on the hour, the daybut it will comeAs surely as the night is followed by the sun//:The race goes on :\\ It just goes on & on ...
7.) The Love Game 8.) How Couldn’t I (Love You Still)9.)
Come All You DriftersCome all you drifters, I dare you to dancein the light of the Morning StarI have been lifted above all the mire& dark shadows of the pastI have been cleansed from the guilt of my sins& I know you can been just the sameJust open your heart & reach out for the light& the love you will //: find in His Name ://Come all you losers, I’ll help you to win this gameby giving you a new start& though you may stumble, I` ll be here to catchyoufor I’ll always be in your heart

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