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(2002) Here, That's Me

(2002) Here, That's Me

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Published by Dave Mendoza
Lyrics for the free mp3 album "Here, That's Me!" available from DaveMendoza.com
Lyrics for the free mp3 album "Here, That's Me!" available from DaveMendoza.com

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Published by: Dave Mendoza on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(2002) Here, That's Me!
Another Golden Time
I’m sittin’ in this dark room & I’mThinkin` of the latest lies that I’veHeard on the t-box,boy, this time they knocked my socks off& I’m wonderin’
will this ever stop?,
oh,will You take us back to the top, oh Lordto the way it used to be in times ,in times so long gone by & I’mrememberin’ oh so clearly in my aging youthfulminddesiring so sincerely that one day we all may findanother golden timeA time that didn’t feel so hard,a time to open up our heartsA time when people wouldn’t live a lieor live for money, do or dieA time foretold so clearly in the book of ancientrhymes& if we read between the lines I know we`re gonnafindanother golden time.2.) Nur das LichtNur das Licht deiner Augen, deiner Augen will ichseh’nNur das Licht, denn du bist wunderschönNur das Licht, das Licht deiner Hände will ichfühl’nDas Licht, denn du bist wunderschönNur das Licht, das Licht deiner Stimme will ichhör’nDu bist Licht denn du bist wunderschönBleib’ mir niemals nur einen AugenblickverborgenNur einen Augenblick verborgen, mein Licht (2x)Fühlst du die Macht? Flieg’ durch die Nacht ...Nur das Licht ...Nur das Licht, das Licht deiner Wunden soll michheilenDein Gesicht aus Licht will ich berühr’n3.) Bubble Of LightThe cries of (As2) passion, the cries of changeThe cries of freedom from their sordid waysThe cries of revol(G/As2)ution, cries ofdev(G/F#)otionThe (F) cries of do or (E) die, (F) open up your (G)eyesI’ll (F) free you from those (E) lies(Dm7) Let the fire burn (Am7) deep in you & I’ll (F)lift you up in(E) One great bubble of (As2) lightFreedom from Lethargy, for he’s your enemyThe power of Pan, tossed in the canBacchus just (G/As2) backs off, My brides they(G/F#) won’t stopTheir (F) cries of do or (E) die to (F) conquer every(G) lieIf (Dm7) you will give your (Am7) all to Me I (F)promise you the (G) victoryI’ll (Dm7) give you such great (Am7) liberty in (F)one big (E) bubble of (As2) lightDefeat the darkness, soak in the lightRemove the madness, fight for what’s rightRing (F) cries of passion & (E) cries of changeStand (F) back and watch Me (G) rearrange(F) Keep ablaze the et(E)ernal flame& the (Dm7) world will watch you (Am7) beingraised in (F) one big (E) bubble...(fade:) naked and nothing – completely freeI stand bewildered, they’re healing meKeys of the Kingdom clase to the heartI`m activated for a new startI`m activated, I`m activatedIn (F) one great (G) bubble of (As2) light4.)
Dreams Of Heaven
Running through the fields in the summer rainRiding on a pegasus through outer spaceScating down a waterfall & no more painDancing through the sky with superhuman graceYou may say that I’m naïveBut that’s tough luck cause I believe myDreams of HeavenDreams of Heaven
 Living in a treehouse somewhere near the sunWatching on a screen how the world beganSinging with my friends, having loads of funMaking love to you in front of everyoneYou may say that I’m obsceneBut that’s alright, they’re just myDreams of HeavenDreams of Heaven5.) Just One DayYou came my way, bumped into my life on just anordinary cold November day& you came to stay `cause I think you mighty likethekind of silly games you & me would like to play& I’d think you & me we’ve gotYeah, I think that you and me, we’ve gotSome mighty damn good reason to stayDon’t blow away, your beauty’s like the summerwindThat once taught me to bow my head & prayNo calling for a taxi cab, there’s not a moment Iwon’t grab,a 1.000 years with you are just one dayJust one dayI’ll do as you say cause I found out by experienceThat for me there is just no other way(1 + 2) ... just one day (3x)6.) Why Me?
(March 02)
I'm (Cs2) so screwed (Am7/b) up, de(C...)finitelyway over the topI'm so (F/G) messed (Gs4) up, why (C) me?I'm so fucked up, 's this crazy brain ever gonnastop?I'm so messed up, why me?I bought a box of 20 ink pens, now they're all gonesomeone press 'stop'! Why me?When (Am7) life says 'go' I hesitateI (F) wake up, but always too lateI (Gs4) handle some, but not very (G) muchPolitically incorrect excuses, jokes no one's everyamused byI'm incontrollably out of touchI'm so rolled up, can't tell the bottom end from thetopI'm washed up on life's beachCan't get enough, but never have the sense toreach outI'm folded in half - Which piece...?(Ch./1st verse)7.)
Bad News
Bad news all over the place (2x)That’s the genetic code of the human raceBad news ... see it written all over my faceYou left this pretty planet a pure disgraceThanks for getting’ my kids stuck on tv
Life’s a sitcom, let’s play it yippee! Yeah! 
 Bad news ... that’s Earth`s transmission into outerspaceKill if you want to, just don’t leave a traceThanks for teaching ‘em to never take
 Now you teach ‘em how far they can`t goBad news ... since Cain & Abel the same dirtychaseIf we’re monkeys don’t have to save faceWave your pistol then have a cigarThe magic crystal says you’re gonna go farBad news ... (2x) that’s the genetic code ... (2x)Bad news ... (4x)8.)
Schieb’ Liebe in dein Herz
Raff´ dich mal auf & schieb` Liebe in dein HerzWach endlich auf und schieb Liebe (You gottashove the love)Das beste Input für den DurchblickDie love-mega-power-zip disc (Ch. Var.:)Mach dich mal auf ...Das Zeug ist nämlich echt nicht ohneDas Chappi für meine Kanone (Chorus x2) (rap:)Love, the power that does unite
The hearts of both, this, & the other sideIf you think that you can, like some do, do withoutTell you man, you are in for a mighty shoutLove alone is the thang that it`s all aboutLike milk with cookies `stead of brussel sproutsS` shove it in, turn it on, spread it all aroundOpen up, shove the love & then give it outC`mon, open up & shove love into your heartCome on, wake up you gotta shove the love `til allget enough(2x + Chorus x2, whistle)9.) Sacred GroundSt. Teresa, pray for me that I might make it backsome dayThat I might get my feet of clay back on sacredgroundHey, St. Martin, pray for me that one good day I,too, might seeThat in no other thing but love is real happinessfoundYou know I do believe but I don` t always put feetto it ,I need a little help from all you guys up there inHeaven,ginme sacred ground (Put my feet back onsacred ground!)Hey, St. Peter, pray for me just like Jesus oncedid for theeWhen the old serpent thought that he might siftyou like wheatYou know we all get weak but if we`ll ask we`llreceiveThat’s why I need a little help from all you guys upthere...(Chorus:) Put my feet back on sacred ground(Bridge:) Send someone down here to me to takeme by the handHelp this feeble mind of mine to finallyunderstand, hey, hey ...(1
verse + Bridge) (Chorus 4x)10.)
Roses Or DaggersTurn off this way I feel, your thoughts and wordsare realAre your words roses you pass on or knives &daggers made of steel?Will your cutting remarks just leave a host ofscarsOr will your words blind up & heal the brokenhearts along your path?(Chorus:) Choose now which way to walkBe mindful when you talk& careful with your choice words//: will they be blessing or a curse :\\ (2x)will they be blessings?Society today teaches us wicked waysYou turn your television on& your home’s flooded with decayChase out these evil birds that utter hateful wordsLest you be one more casually & yictim of theprince of dirt(Chorus 2x)11.) AgainAnd You'll be all I needed to be finally completedFlow through me, make me wholly Yours and thenjust use me for whatever I am worthGo on, undo me, and piece me back togetheragainAnd then take me to the water, fellow sons andfellow daughtersTake me way beyond any borders of what theycalllaw and orderMake me rise up to be slaughtered if that's whatYou willAnd then raise me to Your harborlet my ship sail ever fartherand embrace me like the father raced to kiss hislong missing prodigal sonand then let your greatest gift to me be not to letmepart from You again

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