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Operation Overlord: Invading the European Mainland

Operation Overlord: Invading the European Mainland

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Published by Mr. Graham Long

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Published by: Mr. Graham Long on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Operation Overlord:Invading the EuropeanMainland
The Soviets have been invading Germany fromthe east, and their leader, Josef Stalin, iswaiting (im)patiently for the United Statesand Britain to open up a second front ofoperations in the west, in order to putGermany in a vice. The question is: whereshould the combined British-American forcesland?American General Dwight Eisenhower has given you the task of determining thebest route of attack on the European mainland. Your objective is as follows:
Choose an invasion that will1) Give us the minimum amount of casualties, and 2) Provide easy access toliberate France and move into Germany quickly and efficiently.
There areseveral routes for you to consider: most go through France, while some of themore unorthodox take the Americans through Spain/Portugal, Italy, and evenHungary. Your task will be to comb through the data and figure out the bestway into Europe and make the final push into Germany. Good luck.Directions1.Read the data provided, considering what the intelligence says as well asyour objectives.2.Complete the chart below, listing the pros and cons of each approach.3.Using a pencil or pen, trace the invasion routes on the map provided.Your line should connect three points: the point of entry (where yourinvasion is landing), the city of Paris (you want to liberate France),and the city of Berlin (the capital of Germany). Use this to help youdetermine the most efficient invasion point.4.Complete the memo to General Eisenhower detailing your decision and why.
Invasion PointTwo ProsTwo ConsFinal Decision: Yes/No
Spain/Portugal [IberianPeninsula]Southern FranceCalais [NorthernFrance] Normandy/Caen[Northern France]ItalyEastern Europe [Turkey,Greece, Hungary]
Classified Memo Intended for the Desk of Supreme Allied CommanderGeneral Dwight Eisenhower
HAVE CHOSEN ROUTE FOR OPERATION OVERLORD STOP INVASION SHOULD GOTHROUGH _________________________ STOP REASONS FOR CHOOSING THISLOCATION LISTED BELOW STOP WEATHER PERMITTING OPERATION COMMENCES ONJUNE 5 1944 STOP METEOROLOGICAL CONDITIONS MAY REQUIRE POSTPONEMENTTO JUNE 6 STOP CONFIRM RECEIPT OF THIS MEMO USING CODE WHISKEY ALPHABRAVO STOPREASONS FOR CHOOSING INVASION POINT ______________________:1) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.2) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.3) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.MAJOR OBSTACLE/PROBLEM WITH SELECTED LOCATION:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.HOW WE CAN SOLVE THIS PROBLEM:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
SouthernFranceIberianPeninsulaCalais Normandy/CaenItalyEastern EuropeBerlinParis

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