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20005595 Bruce Robert New Energy Ways

20005595 Bruce Robert New Energy Ways

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Published by qweqweqweqweqee

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Published by: qweqweqweqweqee on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NEW Energy Ways, By Robert Bruce
Energy Body Manipulation, Development & Self - Healing System
Copyright © 1999 Library of Congress, USA, by Robert BruceThis is a general copyright notice for all online articles and tutorials carryingthe name of 'Robert Bruce' as the author. All rights are most definitelyreserved. However, the author gives permission for people to freely copyany of his online articles and tutorials for their personal use, and for them toto store these on their personal computers, and for them to display these ontheir public websites, and for them to share these in electronic magazines,providing the author's name and website url are attached to every article, i.e.,(written by Robert Bruce, date written, www.astralpulse.com ) Further tothis, short excerpts from the author's online articles and tutorials may beused by authors in other works, following the rules of 'fair usage' as long asthese excerpts and quotes are properly referenced and attributed to theauthor. Please see full copyright notice.
Welcome to NEW Energy Ways, or "NEW" for short. NEW is the simplestyet most advanced bioenergetic development system in the world today. It isalso child's-play to learn and use, and requires no prior experience orknowledge. Anyone can learn the NEW system and have speedy results. It isalso more effective, I believe and intend to show, than any other energybody (bioenergetic) manipulation and/or development system available inthe world today. Results with the NEW system are quite rapid for mostpeople, with noticeable energy movement sensations being experienced thefirst time it is used.The NEW system has as much to offer advanced practitioners as it doesnovices. It can either be used as a stand- alone system, or its principalsapplied to enhance any other existing system, i.e., Tai Chi, Qi Gong (Chi-Kung), Yoga, Tantra and Reiki, to name just a few. It can also be used toenhance any form of spiritual or psychic healing, and to empower any typeof psychic ability. Any ability (natural or developed) requiring personalenergy usage can be enhanced by the NEW system. It can also be used toboost the immune system for self-healing, to enhance athletic performance,and to speed the healing of physical injuries.Using a radically new energy body manipulation technique based on thesense of touch, called "Tactile Imaging" (T.I. for short) the NEW systemconcentrates on the smaller secondary and tertiary energy centres of thehuman energy body. By working with these, the flow of energy into thephysical/energy body and its primary energy centres (Major Chakras) issignificantly increased. Energy pathways and conduits through the energybody's internal structure (often called meridians), and into its storage areas,are thereby cleared, redefined and enlarged. Progressively more and morelife enhancing vital energy is thereby made available to the physical andenergy bodies as these are developed with the NEW system.I have written this tutorial with the complete beginner in mind, but whilealso catering for needs of intermediate and advanced students, and thoseexperienced with other systems of bioenergetic development. Everythingyou need to learn the NEW system is carefully laid out within these pages.All information is presented in easy bite-sized pieces, written in plainEnglish. This is essential reading for anyone undertaking any kind of 
bioenergetic, psychic or spiritual development; and for anyone in need of healing. And on the matter of self-healing, my research shows that theenergy raised by an individual is uniquely in tune with his/her ownphysical/energy body. It is therefore far more powerful and effective whenused as a self-healing tool than any amount of energy raised and provided byanother person, i.e., a healing practitioner.The terminology and constructs (constructed words) used throughout theNEW tutorial are Western descriptive, which are largely self-explanatory.These avoid the problem of having to rely on traditional Eastern terms -which are largely meaningless and confusing to the average English-speaking layman. The Eastern terms commonly used today for humanenergy related work make comprehension and learning more difficult than itneeds to be. For example, if I were to ask you: "What is the lower Dantianand where is it?" I doubt most people would have any idea of what I amasking. But if I were to ask: "What is the Sub-Navel energy storage centreand where is it?" you immediately have a reasonable idea of what I amasking. I am obviously talking about an energy storage centre of some kindwhich is most likely situated near the lower navel area. The lower Dantian (aChi Kung term) and the Sub-Navel energy storage centre (my term) are oneand the same thing. And on the matter of Eastern versus Westernterminology, I rest my case.And lastly, before we begin, some other terms I frequently use are:
A construct describing energy that relates to both the physical body and itsenergy body.
A construct describing an energy function or process or aspect or sensationthat relates to both the physical body and its energy body.
A construct describing an energy function, aspect or process or sensationrelating more to the energy body than the physical body.

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