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What is ABC of Good Teaching?

What is ABC of Good Teaching?

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Published by doctorrao
What is ABC of Good Teaching?
What is ABC of Good Teaching?

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Published by: doctorrao on Jul 13, 2014
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Dr.T.V.Rao MD
Can anyone be a great teacher? Quite simply, no. There are certain attributes a person must embody in order to be a great teacher. Next question
 Are great teachers born and not made? Though
some people definitely possess an innate “gift” for teaching, most great teachers were not born.
They were made! The teacher makes a difference to the students from the text books they read and what they see in the Internet, Teaching is age old tradition not know too well to many of us, everything in life of a teacher is a new experience, and I believe no one can be too confident with everything, I realized life is a matter of learning and constant up gradation of knowledge, and transfer the best of us to the Students, in the best of my experience only the art of making matters simple, is the only expectations in the world as every subject is getting, more and more complicated. My best loved teachers are most simple and humble people who never assumed as something great and they educated us with best of the traditions with human values. All teachers want to be better,
don’t they? And since no one has ever finished learning to teach, continued improvement is a
priority of any effective teacher. I always wishes to be teacher with many ideals, however all may not work however I always more when I used, Short words Short sentences Short paragraphs No  jargon's, Cut all clichés Prefer active to passive tense. Do not be too much imposing
, “Students won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” is as true today as it has always been.
The simple act of greeting with affection and sincerity makes the difference which made us to near to the heart. Appear happy and enthusiastic and interested. As teachers, as role models, we are often actors on a stage. Is everything we teach the most exciting and interesting thing we've ever
taught? No. But the students shouldn't know that. But the students can’t know that. If students don’t believe that you’re happy to be teaching them and enthusiastic about what you’re teaching, they won’t buy into your lessons. You can’t expect them to be any more enthusiastic than YOU are.
Unenthusiastic teachers have classrooms of students who are every bit as unenthusiastic. Many years of experience proves, As educators we must teach our young ones with PASSION. We all medical teachers should try our best of teaching practicable and improving the skills of our pupil.
Make lessons meaningful. Students don’t want to learn what they can’t relate to. Period! You don’t
have to change your content. Just change the way you teach your content. When teaching anything,
simply ask yourself, “Why is this skill important to the students?” Then teach that way. Do not sh
are your personal problems in life with students it will make a man of no privacy. Great teachers do not
allow their personal problems to bleed into their teaching. In simplest terms, they don’t impose their
moods on their students. Be a man of humor Great teachers have a sense of humor, and they share it daily with their students. Great teachers continually strive to make learning fun, relevant, interesting, challenging and engaging. In the classrooms of great teachers, students are encouraged to question, discuss, debate, experiment, invent and make lots of mistakes. When we make a mistake, do not try to hide the mistakes Great teachers are not perfect teachers. When they make mistakes, they act as good role models do, admitting their mistakes, learning from these mistakes and offering apologies if necessary. Not surprisingly, great teachers are also some of the most humble people you will ever meet. They are the real difference-makers in education. Many of them do not even realize just how exceptional they
really are. Or if they do, they’re just too eager and
humble to admit it. Never forget life is a matter of learning and teaching better skills to our students Bertrand Russell says that man has outdone animals because he has 'acquired' skills. It is so interesting to notice that the physical evolution has played such an important role. The man will be really evolved when this extends to his inner world. The truly great teacher is the one who will help the Students to know himself and accept whatever he knows and then motivates him to pursue his

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