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HIS135 Week 7 Assignment Interview

HIS135 Week 7 Assignment Interview

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Published by studentofphoenix
HIS135 Week 7 Assignment Interview
HIS135 Week 7 Assignment Interview

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: studentofphoenix on Jul 13, 2014
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The American Experience Since 1945
A+ Study Guide
Coure Sy!!a"u
Co!!e#e o$ Humanitie HIS/135 %erion 4
HIS135 All Weeks Assignments A+ Study GuidePrice: $29.99
HIS135 Week 1 Assignment: Cold War and CommunismHIS135 Week 1 Assignment: Korean War HIS135 Week 2 Assignment: The Fabulous Fities !atri"HIS135 Week 3 Assignment: Kenned# and $ohnson %residen&iesHIS135 Week ' Assignment: 1()*+s ,iar# -ntriesHIS135 Week 5 Assignment: So&ial !o.ementsHIS135 Week 5 Assignment: The -n.ironmental !o.ement !atri"HIS135 Week ) Assignment: /i"on and WatergateHIS135 Week 0 Assignment: Inter.ieHIS135 Week  Assignment: -nd o the Tentieth Centur#HIS135 Week ( Assignment: Terrorism
HIS135 All Weeks !s "nd #"rtici#"tins %1& di''erent res#nses A+ Guide(Price: $1).99
HIS135 &ee' 1 () 1 *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,&ere the #o-ernment. action durin# the econd ed Scare 0uti$ied &hy or 2hy notHIS135 &ee' 1 ()  *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,e-ie2 ri#in o$ the Co!d &ar6 in Ch7 8 o$ American Hitory and ummarie the re-iionit and pot:re-iionit interpretation o$ the Co!d &ar7 (oe our interpretation o$ hitory e-er chan#eHIS135 &ee'  () 1 *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,The tereotypica! ima#e o$ the American 2oman perpetuated "y 195 media 2a that o$ a homema'er 2ho 2ore a dre e-ery day and a!2ay made dinner $or her chi!dren and hu"and7 &hich $actor do youthin' 2a more intrumenta! in rein$orcin# thi tereotype; conumerim or the educationa! ytem
&hy do you thin' oHIS135 &ee'  ()  *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,(urin# the 195< the economica!!y mo"i!e part o$ ociety mo-ed $rom city center *ur"an area, toarea near"y "ut outide o$ citie *u"ur"an area,7 Gi-en the ad-anta#e and diad-anta#e o$ !i-in#in the u"ur"< do you thin' thi hi$t 2a a #ood idea at the time &hy< or 2hy notHIS135 &ee' 3 () 1 *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,&hat do you ee a =ennedy. #reatet internationa! achie-ement and hi 2ort internationa! $ai!ure(id =ennedy. action deepen the Co!d &ar or !een it Gi-e examp!e7HIS135 &ee' 3 ()  *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,>in# examp!e $rom ?ohnon. Great Society pro#ram< an2er the $o!!o2in# @uetion; Ho2 can thehitorica! record he!p u ma'e in$ormed deciion a"out modern de"ate< uch a thoe o-eimmi#ration and 2e!$areHIS135 &ee' 4 () 1 *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,&hat do you thin' 2ere the t2o mot important accomp!ihment o$ the Ci-i! i#ht o-ement $romthe mid:195 throu#h the mid:19B &hy Ho2 in$!uentia! ha-e they "een on modern ocietyHIS135 &ee' 4 ()  *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,any peop!e 2ou!d ar#ue that hitory i important to tudy "ecaue< a a ociety< 2e can !earn !eon$rom the pat7 I$ o< are there !eon $rom the %ietnam &ar that ha-e "een i#nored ince the 19BHa-e there "een !eon that ha-e "een imp!ementedHIS135 &ee' 5 () 1 *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,In your opinion< ha-e 2omen< inc!udin# thoe 2ho are uneducated or $rom minority #roup< achie-ede@ua! ri#ht &hy< or 2hy notHIS135 &ee' 5 ()  *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,In pot &&II America mot peop!e in the midd!e c!a tended to ee theme!-e a properou7 A$ter the oi! em"ar#o o$ 198384< ome o$ the American midd!e c!a "e#an to -ie2 theme!-e a oppreedor "urdened "y tax !a27 (o you thin' that the chan#e in perception 2a an accurate -ie2 o$ rea!ity&hyHIS135 &ee' B () 1 *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,Ho2 did Dixon mana#e to achie-e dip!omatic "rea'throu#h2ith China and uia 2here other preident had $ai!ed &hat condition made ucce !i'e!y (oe Dixon. ucce counter"a!ance thee-ent o$ &ater#ate Ho2 i Dixon re#arded todayHIS135 &ee' B ()  *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,ran'!in ooe-e!t< 2ho i conidered one o$ the #reatet preident o$ the th century< i o$tencompared $a-ora"!y 2ith ord and Carter7 Gi-en the di$$erence "et2een them< 2hat do you thin'ma'e a #reat preident di$$erent $rom an a-era#e preidentHIS135 &ee' 8 () 1 *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,ona!d ea#an !e$t the >nited State 2ith a !ar#e nationa! de"t and a cripp!in# de$icit7 The de"t tota!edF7B tri!!ion "y 197 &a the e$$ect o$ ea#an. economic po!icie on the 199 poiti-e or ne#ati-eHIS135 &ee' 8 ()  *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,(ecri"e the poition o$ the De2 i#ht7 Ha there a!2ay "een a #enera! ditrut o$ a centra!ied#o-ernment in our country &hat 2ere ome o$ the 2ay that ea#an 2a a"!e to #arner upport $romthe De2 i#ht and other #roup uch a corporati-e coner-ati-e and neo:coner-ati-eHIS135 &ee'  () 1 *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,The Internet ha had an undiputed e$$ect on the ditri"ution o$ in$ormation7 (o you thin' the po!itica!
reu!t o$ thi "road ditri"ution o$ in$ormation ha-e "een poiti-e &hy< or 2hy notHIS135 &ee'  ()  *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,&hat 2ou!d you conider C!inton. mot important achie-ement durin# hi preidency &hat 2a hi"i##et $ai!ure At the end o$ hi preidency< hi popu!arity 2a hi#her than it 2a 2hen he too' o$$ice7Ho2 do you thin' $uture #eneration 2i!! -ie2 C!inton
 preidencyHIS135 &ee' 9 () 1 *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,(icu the pro and con o$ #!o"a!iation and it in$!uence on the >nited State7 Ha-e you $e!t that#!o"a!iation a$$ect you perona!!y in your community or at your 2or'p!ace I$ o< ho2 I$ not< 2hynotHIS135 &ee' 9 ()  *1 di$$erent repone A+ Guide,(ecri"e the de"ate o-er ci-i! !i"ertie and nationa! ecurity ince 9/117 &hich ide mot c!oe!y a!i#n2ith your poition In 2hat 2ay
*e HIS135 ,ntire -urse %All Weeks Assignments "nd !s #"rtici#"tins( A+Study GuidePrice: $39.99HIS135 Week 1 Assignment: -ld W"r "nd -mmunismPrice: $/.99
Cold War and CommunismThe Library of Congress lists
Duck and Cover 
 as one of the most significant films of all time. Produced by Archer Films, the 9-minute movie as designed to teach children hat to do in case of a nuclear attac!.
a &''- to &%'-ord (a(er in hich you consider hat it ould have been li!e to live under the threat of nuclear ar. Com(are and contrast it to living under the threat of terrorism.
your (a(er according to APA guidelines.
HIS135 Week 1 Assignment: 0re"n W"r

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