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Stephen Richard Eng Fill Up a Glass Full of Memories

Stephen Richard Eng Fill Up a Glass Full of Memories

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Published by mary eng
compiled by anne kangas eng
compiled by anne kangas eng

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Published by: mary eng on Jul 13, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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New- Fill Up a Glass Full of Memories
A. E. H.
(1859-1939)Hausman pines in pain, Nevermore to gainFriends that once sat near Laughing over eer! Friends and "ove #or"orn$%etter not e orn&han comp"ain in verse,'ver-taut and terse!8-3-*
A Family Visit
+our prison is a tom,  vau"ted, mar"e roomhere .our /an spirit "ives,0enied the peace death gives!nd no/ .our spirit goesn shrouded co##in c"othescross the headstones #or +our rother2s porta" door!His ne/ /i#e sees .ou c"ear nd screams! He2s here, he2s here4+our #ormer /i#e /as her nd he, .our murderer!6-6-96*
A Flat in Paddington
&he cit. spreads its streets "i7e "ong&entac"es that stretch and t/ine,s "ooming vi" /eaves a /eed designround the ust"ing, London throng!%ut North o# ar"e rch is "ea7 :raed ;treet, /here the shado/s g"oom,nd ;o"ar :ons sits musing in his room'# crimina"s he2"" sut". see7!11-69-9*
A Plea
vanescent". "urred, ha"# e.ond reca"",Her voice do/n a midnight ha""< 'r her visage in oi"s once g"impsed on sa"e,=emote, and #eminine-pa"e!hoever /as she> Forget, #orgetHer c"assica" si"houette$Let her image di##use in a t/i"ight ha?e'# vapored "ues and gre.s@16-6-9*
A Refletion on Pride
&he va"ue o# Aanit.2s thisBt o##ers "issn #ront o# the "oo7ing-g"assCnti" .ears pass!1--9*
A !imple !ong
 simp"e song is eas. to rememer,t #"ic7ers "i7e a #"ame inside .our rain,&he me"od. is "i7e a urning emer, t even smo"ders through he rain! simp"e song is .esterda. returning, rion /rapping up .our dreams and #ears, #antas. o# ecstas. and .earning, s.mphon. o# smi"es and tears!;imp"e songs are a"/a.s seeming Nothing more than id"e dreamingLost in the air!;o "isten to the simp"e song 2m singing,nd "isten to .our chi"dhood /hen it ca""s,nd hear the #aint and distant ringing'# e""s a"ong the cast"e /a""s! simp"e song is good most an. season,n summertime or /inter or the spring,+ou sing it sad or happ. #or no reason,t doesn2t have to mean a thing!193*
A "oast# $n t%e &'
 (irt%day of t%e late )o%n Gawswort% *+,+-+,/0
hatever e"se he /as, reca""He /as a %oo7man a#ter a"",nd at his Duietest, a poet too!=edonda@/ine@the sordid rest
gnore #or no/<eEto" his est4For there /as good in a/s/orth, as in .ou!G-69-8*
A Vain Re1uest
:ain is much too persona" #or verse,0on2t curse&he reader /ith .our anger-anguished /ords!=h.me #"o/ers, sun and irds!1981*
A Volume of Villon
(French #i#teenth centur. poet)reen "eather inding, centuries o"d,overs are eve"ed! ;pine2s rued!&he #ore-edge is gi"t! F"eur-de-"is cannot /i"tn this garden emossed /ith go"d!%oo7s are enduring! :recious de"ights,'ut"asting their authors in "i#e!&his poet /as poor<a drun7ard, a oor,nd his grave paid no ro.a"t. rights!11-G-*
A 2al34At !i5teen 6ears of Age
&he earth /as smi"ing at the c"ear "ue s7.,orning de/ /as 7issing grass once dr.,. sou" and a"" the /or"d tried hard to sing,&hen a "ac7ird ma7ing "ight o# ever.thingas /hist"ing #rom a ush<s/eet me"od.,;ti""  didn2t care i# he made #un o# me!For  /as /atching someone ver. eauti#u" appear,:ic7ing #"o/ers . herse"#, so near! c"imed the s"ope and sat . her #eet,Loo7ing up /here hi""side and hori?on meet< ;he said %eho"d the .e""o/ s"ope, the deep ravine,ountainside, and there, the grass. green!%ut  sa/ nothing ut her #aer. #ace,&hri""ing as her voice #i""ed up the space!e /a"7ed home through the /oods and then /e #ound&imer #a""en, s"anted to the ground, arricade  raised out o# her /a.B;mi"ing, she passed under, #ace a"ive and ga.,%ut si"ent as /e "e#t the /oods once moreBe sat do/n c"ose upon the meado/ed #"oor,'ur hearts spo7e "ouder than our /ords /ou"d have,&a"7ing voice"ess". o# ;omething stirring@there!

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