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crown and bridge 5

crown and bridge 5

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Published by api-19840404

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Published by: api-19840404 on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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\u0645\u064a\u062d\u0631\u0644\u0627 \u0646\ue000\u062d\u0631\u0644\u0627 \ue001\u0627 \u0645\u0633\u0628
\ue002\ue003\u0642\u062a\ue004 \ue002\ue000\u0639\u0648 \ue005\ue003\u064a\u0637 \ue005\ue006\u0632\ue007\u0648 \ue005\ue008\u0641\ue005\ue009 \ue005\ue000\ue00a\u0639 \u0643\u0644\ue005\ue00b\u0627 \ue00c\ue009\u0625 \u0645\u0647\ue00a\u0644\u0627)

First of all, I will like to say that I put in slide no (15) in the
last lecture (inversely) please change it to proportional.

Back to last lecture, the last few slides I did not talk about
them, last lecture we talk about preservation
Of tooth structure, resistance and retention and structural

{Please refer to lecture slides}

Today, we will talk about marginal integrity and there will
be separate lecture for the last principle (preservation of


Finish line: is the line where the restoration meets the
preparation. I told you about cavosurface line angle,
when you prepare class1 or 2 there will be cavosurface
line where the restoration meets with the tooth
structure and this is called finish line.

The restoration must closely adapt to the cavosurface
finish line of the preparation.
The configuration of the finish line will affect the bulk
of material, adaptation, seating, and aesthetic.

Back to physics and maths, when you prepare your
preparation ,your tooth and you want to seat your
crown ,the crown wont seat perfectly 100%(\ue00d\ue00e\ue00f\ue010 \ue011\ue007 \u0634\ue004
\u0649\ue00a\u0639 \ue005\ue004\ue005\ue000\ue012 preparation), the reason is when you prepare the
tooth , you make an impression ,send it to the lab , pour
it in stone , fabricate the restoration . All these steps have1

its own inaccuracies (\ue005\ue013\u062f\ue00f\u0639 \u0629\u062f\u062d\u0648 \ue014\ue015 \ue00c\ue00f\ue008\ue010 inaccuracy \ue005\u0647\ue008\ue003\ue012)
eventually, your restoration won\u2019t seat perfectly in your
preparation. This imperfection in your work will express
itself as space between the restoration and the tooth
structure, which is called (D) and this (D) : is the vertical
discrepancy between the preparation seat and the
restoration margin , this D isn\u2019t the closest distance
between the preparation and nearest point of restoration
\u0646\u064a\u0628 \ue016\ue017\u0642\ue009 \ue018\u0631\ue006\u0627 \u0634\ue004 \ue019\ue005\ue013 \ue00c\ue00f\ue008\ue010 ) tooth structure and restoration )

There is closer point which is (d) {\ue01a\ue005\u064a\u0636\ue005\ue010\u0631\u0644\u0627 \u0627\u0648\u0631\ue015\u0630\ue012 } if
you have restoration with a sharp angle , this sharp angle
let says (m) , if you draw a line downward from the
sharp angle of restoration down to the finish line at point
\ue01a\ue005\u064a\u0636\ue005\ue010\u0631\u0644\ue005\u0628 \u0631\u0638\ue005\ue00f\ue012 \ue005\u0647\u0644\u0627 \ue016\ue010\u0648\u0627\ue00e\u0644\u0627 \ue019\ue005\ue013 then m= m (down)
Then the sharper the restoration margin, it will be the
less the angle. )\ue01b\ue009\ue005\ue015 \ue005\ue004 \ue014\ue015 \ue00c\ue00f\ue008\ue010 restoration margin(\ue01c\ue01d\ue009\u0627
\ue016\ue010\u0648\u0627\ue00e\u0644\u0627 \ue014\u0642\u062a\u0628

Then less the angle, the less sin \ue016\ue010\u0648\u0627\ue00e\u0644\u0627 \ue01e\u064a\u062c \ue014\u0642\u0628 ))
Sin (m) = d/D (\u0631\ue012\ue01f\u0644\u0627).

If you want to calculate (d) then d = D * Sin (m), so the
sharper the restoration, the less d.
In this scenario, the sharper margin , you have better fitting
of your restoration , theoretically , because (d) is less than
D(distance ) , every time you prepare sharp margin , you
have (d) smaller .

Then, if you go to your margin, less flat your margin you
prepare, it will be less fitting.) \ue020\u062f\ue00f\u0639 \ue021\ue005\ue015 \ue005\ue004 \ue014\ue015 Margin closer
to zero like in picture (b) then D = d because m=0 so Sin
(0) = 1

All this talk about the configuration of your finish line:-
The sharper the finish line, the better seating of your
restoration. If you go back to shillingburg, there is another
problem it isn\u2019t only the geometry of the finish line which
determines the final seating of your restoration, there is
another factor, what we place inside restoration before you
place it? Cement, the hydrostatic pressure of your cement,
do you know what is hydrostatic pressure?

\ue01b\ue01d\u062a\u0644 \ue00c\ue022\u0627 \ue023\u063a\ue024\ue012 \ue020\u062f\u0628 \ue01f\u0644 \ue00c\ue00f\ue008\ue010
)fluid it has resistance to push
it upward. (

and it is called hydrolytic pressure incase of water.
- The hydrostatic pressure will prevent the seating of your
restoratation, then to make it easy (cement \ue025\ue01f\u062c\ue01f\u0628 \ue00d\ue00e\ue00f\ue012 \ue005\u0647\ue009\u0627),
you need something called venting (vent means \ue016\ue010\ue01f\u0647\ue012 (, you
need something to let the cement to go down.
Why does hydrostatic pressure happen? Because you put
extra cement inside the restoration and when you seat it,
this extra cement, how it will express itself?

Hydrostatic pressure \u0646\ue004 \u0635\ue00a\u062e\ue012 \ue021\ue005\ue026\u0639
\ue027\u0631\ue003\u0644 \ue028\ue00a\ue017\ue010 cement \ue01f\ue00a\u062e\u0628 Vents \ue00c\ue00f\ue008\ue010 leakage area \ue020\u062f\u0628

Do you remember when you take removable
prosthodontics, you took vents in investment for wax up,
and when you make vents to let the air go out when you
make casting, the air will leak out.


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