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Basic Java Chapter 1

Basic Java Chapter 1

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Published by zyrus-mojica-6477

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Published by: zyrus-mojica-6477 on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Object-Oriented Programming Language
Object-oriented programming is an extension of procedural programming.
When writing object-oriented programs, it involves both creating objects andcreating applications that use those objects.
Object-oriented programming or approach is a new approach to developsoftware, which can be widely used in business application.
With this approach, data and the program (or procedure) can be packaged into asingle unit called an object. An object is an item that can contain both data, whichare known as attributes or variables, and procedures, which contains activities thatread or manipulate the data.
Object-Oriented Programming Principle
A program developed in an object-oriented approach is based on the three basicconcepts, which are encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.
is a mechanism that binds together attributes and methods into a singleobject, and keeps both safe from interference or misuse, that is, the details of theobject are encapsulated or hidden, from the user. The user knows that the methodcan be requested but does now know how the specifics of how the method isperformed. This can be called information hiding.
An object maybe part of a large category of objects called a class. Everyobject in a class shares similar methods and attributes as the original objects. Thehigher-level class is called “superclass” the lower level class is called “subclass”.This concept of low levels inheriting attributes and methods of a superclass iscalled inheritance.

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