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Design Final 1

Design Final 1



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Published by Alex

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Published by: Alex on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Section 12 Lesson 1(Answer all questions in this section)1. A table must have at leastone candidate key, as well as its primary key. True or False?True
2. Foreign keys must be null. True or False?True
3. The text below is an example of what constraint type: If the number of BOOKS lentto a BORROWER in the LIBRARY exceeds 5, then we must send him/her a letter requesting thereturn of the BOOKS, which will require extra programming to enforce.
Entity integrity
defined integrity
Column integrity
Referential integrity
4. The explanation below is a User Defined integrity rule and must therefore bemanually coded, the Database cannot enforce this rule automatically: A primary key must beunique, and no part of the primary key can be null. True or False?True
Section 12 Lesson 2(Answer all questions in this section)5.
 become tables in a database. True or False?True
6. Why would this table name NOT work in an Oracle database?This_year_end+next_year Table names must begin with an alphabetic character 
Too long
The Plus sign + is not allowed in object names
 None of the above
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7. In a physical data model, a relationship is represented as a combination of: (Choose
Two)(Choose all
correct answers)Column
Primary Key or Unique Key
Check Constraint or Unique Key
Foreign Key
Section 12 Lesson 3(Answer all questions in this section)8.
The Oracle
Database can implement a many to many relationship. You simple create two foreign keys between the two tables. True or False?True
9. What do you create when you transform a many to many relationship from your ER diagram into a physical de
Unique key constraints
Intersection entity
Intersection table
Two tables with a Foreign key constraints between them
Section 12 Lesson 4(Answer all questions in this section)10.
translating an arc relationship to a physical design, you must turn the arc relationships intoforeign keys. Assuming you are implementing an Exclusive Design, you must also create twoUnique Key Constraints to ensure the Arc is implemented correctly. True or False?
Section 12 Lesson 4(Answer all questions in this section)11. When mapping supertypes,relationships at the supertype level transform as usual. Relationships at subtyp
e level are
implemented as foreign keys, but the foreign key columns all become mandatory. True or False?True
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Section 13 Lesson 1(Answer all questions in this section)12.
command will return data from the database to you?
13. The _______ clause can be added to a select statement to return a subset of the
Section 16 Lesson 1
nswer all questions in this section)14.
You want
to create a list of all albums that have been produced by the company. The list should include thetitle of the album, the artist's name, and the date the album was released. The ALBUMS table
es the following columns:ALB_TITLE VARCHAR2(150) NOT NULLALB_ARTIST VARCHAR2(150) NOT NULLALB_DATE DATE NOT NULLWhich statement can you use to retrieve the necessary information?
SELECT *FROM albums;SELECT alb_title, alb_artist, alb_datesFROM album;SELECT *FROM album;SELECT alb_title; alb_artist; alb_dateFROM albums;
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