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SOCOM History (87-07)

SOCOM History (87-07)

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Published by pkryan

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Published by: pkryan on Nov 30, 2009
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From the Commander From the Commander Our Past is PrologueOur Past is Prologue
The year 2007 marks not only the 20th anniversary of theestablishment of the United States Special OperationsCommand (USSOCOM), but also a time of unprecedent-ed challenges and responsibility for America’s SpecialOperations Forces (SOF). The terrorist attacks of 11September 2001 have resulted in a sea change for theUnited States, and USSOCOM has been assigned a leadrole in the the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).Since its creation in 1987, USSOCOM has supported con-ventional forces and conducted independent special oper-ations throughout the world, participating in all major combat operations. SOF has also carried out other mis-sions ranging from non-combat evacuations to bilateraltraining missions. In executing all of these assignments,USSOCOM personnel have demonstrated daring, skill,and versatility.SOF’s capabilities were broadly employedin Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQIFREEDOM.President George W. Bush designated USSOCOM as the lead for planning, synchronizing, and, as direct-ed, executing global operations against terrorist networks. USSOCOM’sstrategic approach is keyed by positioning the limited numbers of high demand SOF at the “right place, at the right time, facing the rightadversary.” Defeating an adaptive enemy requires dedication to the fights in Afghanistanand Iraq, as wellas long-term vigilance in places such as the Philippinesand Trans-Sahara Africa. USSOCOM alsoremains committed to force readiness and building SOF’s future. The formation of the Marine CorpsForces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) in 2006 has contributed unique capabilities to the U.S.SOF team. USSOCOM will continue to ensure the highest state of SOF readiness and make certain thatthe SOF Warrior remains the centerpiece of 21st century special operations.The Congress mandated the creation of USSOCOM 20 years ago, and over this time, our SOF Warriorshave compiled a record of success and achievement. Today’s environment demands the skills of SOFmore than ever.Our core tasks and adaptive personnel are uniquely suited to engage the irregular andambiguous enemy facing our nation. Today’s SOF Warriors remain on point, armed with the exception-al support of the U.S. government and American people, facing all present and future challenges.
1968 - The future home of U.S. Strike Command (1969 - 1971), U.S. ReadinessCommand (1971 - 1987), and U.S. Special Operations Command (1987 - present). Artist’s rendering of HQ USSOCOM 2006.

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