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What's Wrong With the World - Eddy&Bells <3

What's Wrong With the World - Eddy&Bells <3



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Published by Sofie
Bella Swan & Edward Mason can't stand each other. What happens when the world tries to put them together? "...However I don’t have grown feelings towards him at all. At least I think so..."
This is not my story, i did not write it. But that doesn't mean it's not worth reading - go ahead! :)

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Bella Swan & Edward Mason can't stand each other. What happens when the world tries to put them together? "...However I don’t have grown feelings towards him at all. At least I think so..."
This is not my story, i did not write it. But that doesn't mean it's not worth reading - go ahead! :)

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Published by: Sofie on Nov 30, 2009
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What's Wrong With The World?
Chapter 1 : The Beginning, You, Me and all other people
You may wonder how I ended like this...How me, Isabella Marie Swan . Miss Independent ended up making out in secret with EdwardAnthony Mason . Forks High’s Player of the Year, to be rather exact somebody I swear to hate allmy life since I first arrive to this little town in the 5th grade. Don't get me wrong we're gatheringONLY for making out purposes, NOTHING more... do you wonder how I ended like this? Whatcould turn "Miss Independent" in a person that could do what I'm doing right now? Don't worry I'mstill Miss Independent; I still control my own life and this situation...Maybe I should start from the beginning...
 Flashback The last day of school before winter break... A chilly December morning, but not just a regular morning, it's the last morning I have to come tothis purgatory called High School during 2007, that's right, when I returnto this place it would be 2008... In fact I am not coming back to Forks until 2008 either. I am going to L.A. for winter break; Charlie didn't mind that I pass the holiday with my mother, her husband Phil and my two step-siblings Samantha & Allison.
(A/N: In this story, Phil is older thanRenée and a widower he has two twin daughters that are the same age as Bella).
I like to govisit them. It allows me to show the other side of me.You see, here at Forks, specifically Forks High School, Bella Swan is an 16-year-old sophomore,that is ONLY known for being shy and quiet…In fact here at school I only have a few friends, okay4. No I don’t mean 4 best friends, though they are my best friends… I ONLY have 4 friends…and they’re the only ones at Forks who have seen the other side of me, the wild side of Bella Swan.That’s the Bella Swan that comes out every time I go to L.A. I finally arrive to school… I saw Alice and Angela (two of my previous mentioned amount of  friends) waving me so I started walking towards her. Alice Cullen was my first friend here at Forks. Since the first day we’ve been the best of best  friends. Alice’s father is the best surgeon in Forks. There is no one who hadn’t heard of CarlisleCullen’s “miracle” surgeries. Alice’s mom is the best home decorator I have ever known in my short life. Alice was a sophomore like me, while her older brother, Emmett was a junior. Alice and  Emmett have the most funny brother-sister relationship ever. I have grown and turn out to be friend 
 Emmett as well as Emmett’s best friend Jasper Hale. Alice have befriend Jasper in a different way,they were dating. Jasper however had a twin sister, Rosalie. She was very pretty with light blue eyes, blonde hair and a super-model body, any boy in Forks wanted to date her. She, being a junior, was currently dating a sophomore, Edward Mason. A junior dating a sophomore would be news if they weren’t Edward Mason and Rosalie Hale. Edward is the Forks High’s Player of the Year. He has dated almost all the school including theolder girls. Because of the existence of boys like him is the reason I don’t date. In my case dating isa lost cause. I’m totally plain, though my friends try to contradict me. After meeting Alice at the entrance, I went to my classes. The day turned out uneventful. Then thelast class of the day: Government. One word to describe this class: Boring. Not to mention I was seeing something nauseating. I forgot to mention Edward Mason takes this class with me… ugh! I hate him! Right now in the middle of class he is making out with some girl, Jessica I think is her name… though I don’t really care. If you’re wondering, yes he is cheating on Rosalie, though sheknows this pretty well and don’t care about it. Perhaps it is because she’s cheating on him with someone in the football team cough-Emmett!-cough. I don’t know why Emmett is with her, he says she is really nice outside school. Probably that is why nobody outside me and my friends knowabout that relationship, Rosalie has to maintain her reign in Forks High. Emmett is really weird inthat aspect. He doesn’t mind that she treats him like crap at school; he says she makes it up for himafter. That’s creepy. I don’t see why they (Edward and Rosalie) didn’t break-up. Maybe it’s just a popular thing. I don’t really care about it.Mr. Banner, the teacher started giving us our last tests. I usually do pretty well at school. I am at the top of my class in all the subjects, this being the only exception. When I received my paper I wasvery disappointed, I have gotten an A-. Ugh!
 Don’t worry. I will make it up for you. I will do some charity for you and make out with you after class…” I turned around to see the egocentric smirk of Edward who was spying my work. I was going to say something but Mr. Banner appeared and handed him a grade. He got an A ! How inthe world did he get that grade! Oh right! Mr. Banner shows preferences, even though I payattention to every single class and complete every single assignment that is given, Edward that doesnothing and doesn’t even know the significance of the word Government gets all A’s. Why? Because he is the son of Edward Mason, the great lawyer, and he can’t get that grades in a subject like government. I quickly got out of the classroom, not without tripping in my way.
You’re such a klutz, it clearly shows that you’re retarded” He said. Gah! I can’t stand him! Did he just say I was a mental person?
You know what Mason, go to hell!” I said as I ran away from school.The next thing I knew I was in Port Angeles Airport taking flight 2824 to Los Angeles. The flight was relatively short.Then I arrived. Fun Bella had her way. I was having so much fun! Finally the last day of the 2007 arrived. My step-sisters had a surprise for me. We were going to a New Year’s Eve Party. And that 
wasn’t all it was a costume party. To my disgrace I went shopping. Finally I end up wearing abeige dress with a black ribbon at waist height and a mask.
(A/N: Picture of dress on profile)
We arrive at the party at 10pm, all was going normally. I was having a lot of fun. Dancing and talking with other people in masks. At 11:45pm the hostess made an announcement.
My guests, its an honor to have you all here and to tell you that it’s fifteen minutes till midnight and the year 2008! Enjoy the last few minutes of the 2007!” She was about to go when she suddenly said “Oh! I almost forgot! It’s a tradition on New Years Eve to ring in the year with a kiss, soeverybody grab your special someone and ring the 2008!”What did she just say? I have to ‘ring’ the New Year with a kiss but with whom?
Come on Bells, you are going to miss this experience.” Allison said to me. I just realize my two step-siblings were standing next to me.
 I don’t have anyone to ‘ring’ the New Year with.” I was clearly telling the truth, not to mention I’m a terrible liar.
That’s easy to solve, I will find you someone” Allison always trying to help. She suddenlydisappeared in the mass of people.
 No, it’s okay. I don’t need to do that.” Do I?
Of course you do. What kind of L.A. party would it be if you don’t kiss a random guy at midnight” I swear sometimes Sam can be so weird. I raised an eyebrow. Suddenly Allison appeared of nowhere with a completely random guy. She started walking in my direction looking all bossy like.Oh crap! This is going to be bad.
 Listen Bells and listen carefully. I found this guy and he was alone. So you will be with him. Whoknows, perhaps you will like him.” She talked so sure of herself.
 I’m guessing I don’t have a choice here, right?” I said in defeated. Allison just nodded.
Oh and please Bells, don’t screw it up this time. You know what, don’t talk to him until after thekiss” What did she just said?
 Do I have to kiss him? No way, I’m so not doing it!” I replied 
Okay if BORING OLD Bella doesn’t want to show her fun side…” ugh! I hate when they do that.Why in the world did I tell them about the Forks’ Bella, oh yes, because they’re my sisters (kinda).
Okay, fine I would do it” my voice sounded defeated.
Okay then bye. Come on Sam let’s give them some privacy” I started to walk indirection to the stranger in the black tux. He greeted me without speaking.

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