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Nhiep Anh So A den Z

Nhiep Anh So A den Z

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Published by api-3714762

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Published by: api-3714762 on Nov 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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NHI\u1ebeP \u1ea2NH S\u1ed0
M\u1ee5c l\u1ee5c

M\u00e1y \u1ea3nh s\u1ed1 v\u00e0 nhi\u1ebfp \u1ea3nh s\u1ed1
Ch\u1ecdn m\u00e1y \u1ea3nh
C\u00f3 nh\u1eefng g\u00ec trong m\u1ed9t dCam?
Th\u1ebb nh\u1edb: kh\u00f4ng c\u00f2n b\u00ed \u1ea9n
S\u1ef1 kh\u00e1c bi\u1ec7t gi\u1eefa m\u00e1y \u1ea3nh s\u1ed1 v\u00e0 m\u00e1y \u1ea3nh c\u01a1
Xsync, Hsync, Exposure time, Flash photography
K\u00ednh l\u1ecdc

K\u1ef9 thu\u1eadt ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh
K\u1ef9 thu\u1eadt c\u0103n b\u1ea3n
Nguy\u00ean t\u1eafc ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh
\u0110\u1ed9 n\u00e9t s\u00e2u c\u1ee7a tr\u01b0\u1eddng \u1ea3nh
T\u1ed1c \u0111\u1ed9 ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh
C\u00e1c ch\u1ebf \u0111\u1ed9 \u0111o s\u00e1ng
C\u00e1c hi\u1ec7u ch\u1ec9nh kh\u00e1c

Ng\u00f4n ng\u1eef nhi\u1ebfp \u1ea3nh
Less is more
T\u01b0\u01a1ng ph\u1ea3n trong Nhi\u1ebfp \u1ea3nh
Quy t\u1eafc b\u1ed1 c\u1ee5c tranh phong c\u1ea3nh
B\u1ed1 c\u1ee5c \u1ea3nh
Y\u1ebfu t\u1ed1 ph\u1ee5 trong b\u1ed1 c\u1ee5c
\u0110\u01b0\u1eddng n\u00e9t trong b\u1ed1 c\u1ee5c
B\u1ed1 c\u1ee5c v\u00e0 s\u00e1ng t\u1ea1o
C\u00e1c y\u1ebfu t\u1ed1 h\u00ecnh h\u1ecda c\u1ee7a h\u00ecnh \u1ea3nh
Nh\u1eefng quy t\u1eafc, \u0111\u1ecbnh lu\u1eadt Nhi\u1ebfp \u1ea3nh
Ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh ch\u00e2n dung
\u00c1nh s\u00e1ng trong \u1ea3nh ch\u00e2n dung
Ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh phong c\u1ea3nh
Ch\u1ee5p close up v\u00e0 \u1ea3nh hoa
Ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh b\u00e1o ch\u00ed

X\u1eed l\u00fd \u1ea3nh
Hi\u1ec3u th\u00eam v\u1ec1 c\u00e1c th\u00f4ng s\u1ed1 c\u1ee7a \u1ea3nh
K\u1ef9 thu\u1eadt chuy\u1ec3n \u1ea3nh m\u1ea7u sang \u0111en tr\u1eafng
K\u1ef9 thu\u1eadt x\u1eed l\u00fd \u1ea3nh \u0110en Tr\u1eafng trong bu\u1ed3ng t\u1ed1i

T\u1ed1i \u01b0u \u1ea3nh tr\u01b0\u1edbc khi up l\u00ean site
L\u00e0m border \u1ea3nh b\u1eb1ng Photoshop v\u00e0 v\u1ea5n \u0111\u1ec1 gi\u1eef exif
Kh\u1eafc ph\u1ee5c Out n\u00e9t
C\u1ee9u \u1ea3nh b\u1ecb x\u00f3a tr\u00ean th\u1ebb nh\u1edb
In \u1ea3nh t\u1ea1i Labs

M\u1eb9o v\u1eb7t v\u00e0 h\u1ecfi \u0111\u00e1p
Kinh nghi\u1ec7m ch\u1ee5p cho ng\u01b0\u1eddi m\u1edbi b\u1eaft \u0111\u1ea7u
T\u1ea1o hi\u1ec7u \u1ee9ng sao cho \u0111\u00e8n \u0111\u00eam m\u00e0 kh\u00f4ng c\u1ea7n k\u00ednh l\u1ecdc
Hi\u1ec7u \u1ee9ng zoom
M\u1eb9o \u0111o s\u00e1ng thay th\u1ebf
B\u1ed3i \u0111\u00e8n trong ch\u1ee5p t\u1ed1c \u0111\u1ed9 ch\u1eadm
K\u00ednh l\u1ecdc m\u00e0u cho \u0111\u00e8n v\u00e0 \u1ed1ng k\u00ednh:
Ngh\u1ec7 thu\u1eadt xem \u1ea3nh
T\u0103ng gi\u1ea3m b\u00f9 tr\u1eeb s\u00e1ng (EV+/-)
B\u00f9 tr\u1eeb s\u00e1ng (EV)
Kinh nghi\u1ec7m \u0111o s\u00e1ng
\u0110\u1eb7t t\u00ean cho \u1ea3nh
B\u00f3ng \u0111\u1ed5 - b\u00f3ng ng\u1ea3 - b\u00f3ng \u0111\u1ed1i x\u1ee9ng - b\u00f3ng kh\u1ed1i
Tone m\u00e0u?
Ch\u1ebf \u0111\u1ed9 ch\u1ee5p
L\u1ea5y n\u00e9t - ch\u1ebf \u0111\u1ed9 m\u00e0u
Ch\u1ee5p c\u1ea3nh ho\u00e0ng h\u00f4n
C\u1ee1 \u1ea3nh, k\u1ef9 thu\u1eadt ch\u1ee5p \u0111\u00eam
Ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh l\u01b0u ni\u1ec7m
Ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh khi tr\u1eddi m\u01b0a
Ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh khi tr\u1eddi gi\u00f3
M\u01b0a \u0111\u00eam v\u00e0 nh\u1eefng tia ch\u1edbp
Ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh trong s\u01b0\u01a1ng m\u00f9
Ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh khi tuy\u1ebft r\u01a1i
Ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh bi\u1ec3n
Ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh ch\u00e2n dung
Ch\u1ee5p ph\u00e1o hoa
7 l\u1eddi khuy\u00ean cho ch\u1ee5p \u1ea3nh n\u1ed9i th\u1ea5t
C\u0103n ch\u1ec9nh m\u00e0n h\u00ecnh m\u00e1y t\u00ednh c\u1ee7a b\u1ea1n
So s\u00e1nh Canon v\u00e0 Nikon
Noise \u2013 v\u1ee1 h\u1ea1t \u1ea3nh
X\u1eed l\u00fd b\u1ee5i b\u00e1m tr\u00ean sensor
Kh\u1ea9u \u0111\u1ed9 s\u00e1ng
Ngh\u1ec7 thu\u1eadt v\u00e0 s\u1ef1 dung t\u1ee5c

H\u1ec7 s\u1ed1 nh\u00e2n ti\u00eau c\u1ef1
\u1ea2nh \u0111en tr\u1eafng trong th\u1eddi \u0111\u1ea1i s\u1ed1
B\u1ed1 c\u1ee5c - h\u1ed9i h\u1ecda v\u00e0 nhi\u1ebfp \u1ea3nh?

Th\u00f4ng tin v\u1ec1 s\u00e1ch

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