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Chapter_06 Power Cable

Chapter_06 Power Cable

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Published by dewidar1234
Power Cable
Power Cable

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Published by: dewidar1234 on Jul 14, 2014
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Electric Submersible Pumps
 Mohamed Dewidar 2013 
Chapter 6
Electric Submersible Power Cable
Table of Content Section Content Page
General concept 3 2 Cable construction 3
2.1 Conductor 2.2 Insulation 2.3 Barrier 2.4 Jacket 2.5 Armor 3 Motor connection options 8 3.1 Potheads 4 General considerations in cable type and size selection 10 5 Conductors 10 5.1 Definition 5.2 General properties 5.3 Types 5.4 Mil 5.5 Circular mil 5.6 AWG 5.7 Conductivity 5.8 International Annealed Copper Standard (IACS) 5.9 Resistivity 5.10 Temperature Coefficient 5.11 Number of wire in stranded conductors 6 Voltage drop in ESP cable 19 6.1 Correction of voltage drop for temperature 6.2 Maximum carrying capacity of the cable 7 Method of selecting cable wire size and type 23 8 ESP cable pulling rates and decompression 24 8.1 Introduction 8.2 Decompression theory 8.3 Material hoop strength 9 Cable test 28 9.1 Types of tests 9.2 Resistance vs. length in ESP cables 9.3 Resistance vs. current 9.4 Resistance vs. wire size 9.5 Resistance vs. shielding 9.6 Industry methods 9.7 Recommended practice 9.8 Megohm correction 9.9 DC Hi-Pot voltage
Electric Submersible Pumps
 Mohamed Dewidar 2013 
Chapter 6
9.10 DC Hi-Pot leakage current 9.11 Time before test 10 Cable Nomenclature 40 11 Cable families and designation examples 41 Cable selection example 48
Electric Submersible Pumps
 Mohamed Dewidar 2013 
Chapter 6
Electric Submersible Power Cable
General Concept
Power is supplied to the electric motor by electric cable. As mentioned in the previous chapter that the downhole electric motor is a three phase, accordingly the power cable has three conductors one for each phase. The configuration of the electric cables is either flat or round. Each one of them has different sizes and each size has different types for different operating conditions.
Round Flat
As an option both Round and Flat include injection tube for injecting chemicals down hole.
Round and flat cables includes injection tube
Cable Construction
The cable construction is mainly consists of:
Three copper conductors
Injection tube (option) Conductors Insulation Barrier Injection tube Jacket Armor

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