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The Second Coming of Christ 2nd Volume

The Second Coming of Christ 2nd Volume

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Published by kittenit
by Swami Paramahansa Yogananda
by Swami Paramahansa Yogananda

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: kittenit on Jul 14, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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BY PARAMHANSA YOGANANDAFrom the Original unchange !riting" o# Paramhan"a Yoganana$" inter%retation"O# the "a&ing" o# 'ES(S CHRIST)*O+) II
“I am the bread of life: he that cometh to meshall never hunger; and he that believeth onme shall never thirst.” (John 6:35)
 AMRITA FO(NDATION, INC)Pu-li"her" Dalla", Te.a"/012Co%&right, /012 -& Amrita Founation, Inc)Pu-li"he in ()S)A) All Right" Re"er3eInternational Co%&right"+i-rar& o# Congre"" Catalog Num-er4 5067897:ISBN4 86095/9268761Printe in (nite State" o# America All Bi-lical ;uotation" ha3e -een ta<en #rom the =ing 'ame" *er"ion
a! "aramhansa #ogananda$sinter%retations of the &ol! 'cri%turesreveal the niversal hrist to each *ruth+see,er.
P(B+ISHER$S NOTEParamhan"a Yoganana !a" -orn on 'anuar& 7, /109 in Gora<h%ur in northea"tern Inia near the Himala&a Mountain") From the earlie"t &ear" o# hi" li#e, he longe to <no! Go, to ta"te the thir"t6;uenching !ater" o# S%irit)Hi" "earch #or the In#inite lehim to Sri Yu<te"!ar, hi" Prece%tor) (ner the guiance o# thi" Go6reali>e teacher, he attaine Su%reme Reali>ation an !a" gi3en the re3ere title o# Paramhan"a
 -& hi" Prece%tor in /097) Paramhan"a Yoganana
 later -rought the "%ecial Techni;ue" o# Concentration an Meitation to the e"tern orl, incluing =ri&a Yoga !hich i" the "cienti#ic metho to accelerate the e3otee$" "%iritual un#olment)In aition to -ringing the Techni;ue" o# Concentration an Meitation to the e"t, Paramhan"ai$" great "%iritual mi""ion inclue im%arting hi" intuiti3el&6%ercei3einter%retation" o# the Chri"tian Bi-le) Throughout the te.t o#
*he 'econd oming of hrist 
, Paramhan"a Yoganana u"e" ca%itali>ation to %lace em%ha"i" on a "%eci#ic truth to ai the reaer) In the in"tance" !here there i" reunanc& o# material, he inclue" it -ecau"e it relate" an clari#ie" the ne! material introuce)
Paramhan"a  literall&, %aram, highe"t han"a, "!an) The han"a i" re%re"ente in "cri%tural lore a" the 3ehicle o# Brahma, Su%reme S%irit a" the "&m-ol o# i"crimination, the !hite han"a "!an i" thought o# a" a-le to "e%arate the true "oma nectar #rom a mi.ture o# mil< an !ater)
#ogananda means “-liss (ananda) through divine union (!oga)”.

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