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Bill Hudson Resume

Bill Hudson Resume

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Hudson is a candidate for executive director of the Town of Hilton Head Island Economic Development Corporation.
Hudson is a candidate for executive director of the Town of Hilton Head Island Economic Development Corporation.

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Published by: Island Packet and Beaufort Gazette on Jul 14, 2014
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WILLIAM (BILL) MICHAEL HUDSON 11834 Norh 55t Place Scosdale, Arizona 85254 480-951-1497 Cell: 6025278105 Hghly movaed execuie leel manager wih experiences calling on op leel manager's and CEOs of major corporaons o relocae or expand heir company o ohr marks uiling ndependen research, professional markeing skills, and he abliy o "ge in he door o sell hose advanages or relocaon Ecepional level of versaliy and experience gained from wide array of managrial and echnical skills in sales, leasing, markeing, sraegic planning, finance, and eam bulding. Srong desre o work independenly, excellen skills n cusomer service, muliple ask anageen and abilies o negoiae for a wnwin aiude for all Possess a passion o do a job well done, honesly and wih inegry
ASSOCIATE REALIY, INC._ Scosdale, AZ> Sep2011 Presen Real Esae Advisor Specializng n Land Developmen, Comercal Reail and Mul-Housng mainly n Scosdale Area. Sere as Advisor o oher Agens in he office ROSS PROPRY ADVISORS-Scosdale, AZ Feb2008Augus31, 011 Real sa Advisor Workng only wh uyers
nans o develop real sae needs and serve as ousource for corporae real esae developmen, ajor focus on supply chain and warehousing Sales, lease and deelopmen of projecs were man focus SONORA VISA RALYScosdale, AZ May 2003-Jan.008 Sales Agen/ommercial Sell, leas and deeop commercial propey n Greaer Phoenx area by workng wih developers, cy planning and zoning, and he brokerage communy o denify commercal projecs >Cliens nclude: Wescor, Dversifed Parners, RD Developen, Glmcher, Woodbn Souhwes and Johnny Rockes franchisee Developed Wes Poin n Peora DSRT ROS DVLOPMN CORPORAION Scosdale, AZ April1994-Jan001 Presidn (Prvae Company formed o develop he Permeer Cener) Serve as a consulan o Scosdale Land rus L P o marke and develop 260 acre Corporae Park in norh Scosdale (he Perimeer Cener) Deelop markeing plans, enleens, and sales, enforce CC&Rs and oal developmen for he corporae park ork wih ownr/users, archiecs, Cy of Scosdale, planning revew board and he Real sae Brokerage comuniy Scosdale Land Trus LP has pad back he Invesors and dissolved bu was anaged by Mr Mor Flescher, Managing General Parner FRANCISE FINANCE CORPORATION OF AMERICAScosdale, AZ Oc 1993April 1994 xecuve DirecorFranchise Leadership Developmen Assocaion/Sales Managr-he Permeer Cener/Scosdale Creae a serce and communicaon organizaion o promoe efficency and cossavngs for franchsed resauran ndusry Desgned o harness e remendous economic buying power of his broadbased indusry and o inerface as a sales and/or consulan ool for five Finance Drecors Naonal conracs negoiaed for Rsk Managemen, overnigh delivery, equipen leasing, credi cards, long dsance service, ec for affiniy program conceps o financally suppo he associaion cess funds donaed o Childhep USA and o Make A
Wis nain 10% f ime spen makeing and selling e Peimee Cene/Scsale an eping iecly  e anaging Geneal Pane GEAE UCSON ECONOIC COUNCILcsn, AZ Sep92Jne93 Vice esien Opene Wesen eginal Office in Ls Angeles, Califnia fll ime  make Geae csn  e Wes Cas espnsible f makeing eseac, pspec calls, makeing saegy, clse gps idenifie in saegic plan an cinain wi e Aizna Depamen f Cmmece Lcae: Hges issiles, Sagens Cnls AIZONA ECONOIC COUNCILPenix, AZ Nv89Ag92 S Vice esiden Helped develp an esablis Aizna Ecnmic Cncil, a saewide, pivaely fne ecnmic evelpmen ganizain cnsising f 130 CEOs fm acss e Aizna espnsible f nainal makeing pgam, age makeing, eseac an special sies  pme clien inees, wking iecly wi cnslans an esablising a clse newk wi e eal esae bkeage cmmniy Oe ies incle bsiness eenin, aising fns($18 millin) an cmmniy develpmen esls ave been
Develpe eammakeing ips wi maj ciies an Aizna Depamen f Cmmece
Lcain f maj cmpanies ya, Ameican Ailines, Bank f Ameica, Case Bank, Cigna, Hiba Insmens, Nsa Seel, e Vale Hadwae Disibin Cene, Waa Disibin Cene, ec
Bsiness eenin as ceae exising expansins POS/VISA, Hneywell, Inel, bbemaid, W, Canain, cDnnell Dglas, SI, ec
Insie a panesip elain wi e Aizna Depamen f Cmmece  jinly wk wi pspecs f e sae DALLAS PANESHIPDallas, exas Vice esien Dec 1987 Nv89 Bsiness eenin was e main fcs Called n maj emplyes f e Geae Dallas egin  access expansin pgams and lend assisance in expansin Wked in cpeain wi e ecnmic evelpmenagencies  make jin calls in ei eiies  idenify expanding insy Develped eam akeing ips  Califnia and New k aised $12 millin g pivae fning f peains >ae ve 290 calls ne yea >Ceae ve 15,000 jbs >Headqaes elcae: J C ennys Exxn G elecmmnicains el 6  ng esiens Oganizain (O) GOVENOS OICE, COONWEALH O VIGINIA DEAEN O ECONOIC DEVELOPEN Janay 1984Dec 1987 akeing anageWesen eiy akee e Cmmnweal f Viginia  14 wesen saes wi maj empasis n Califnia llwe p n inqiies and mae makeing calls n maj cmpanies feaing e benefis f a Viginia lcain Aange visiain f CEOs wi Gvens (Cales bb and Geal Baliles) Answee and evelpe ppsals  aac cmpanies an makeed available bildings esls incle:
Cs Canning, kegging and bling plan
Canain Pasa and Ceese Divisin
Lisiana Pacific plyba plan
Hills Brs Cffee Cmpany 300,000 square f failiy
Oher mpanies wih exising relainships: MDnnell Duglas, General Dynamis, Hughes Airraf, Being, Greyhund, Amdahl, Hewle Pakard, Chevrn, andum Cmpuers and Mirsf
Eas Carlina Universiy, Greenville, NC Bahelr f Siene Graduae Fellwship Reading Maser f Ars in Eduain, Adminisrain Mihigan Sae Universiy, Eas Lansing, M Kellgg ellwshipLeadership Develpmen Universiy f Oklahma, Edmnds, OK Graduae Enmi Develpmen nsiue
Exellen healh, 62, 215 lbs, high energy level and mivaed Abiliy  wrk independenly and reaively as shwn in pas experienes neres inludes glf, Amerian ndian ulure and ras, majr sprs Happily married  Linda: daugher and sn in aw, w grandsns Pas member f Rary Club, Phenix Mens Ars Cunil, and By Sus f Ameria wih hnrs as Silver Beaver Award, Curse Direr f five Wd Badge Curses in Leadership raining, Vigil Hnr in he Order f he Arrw, pas member f Suheas Reginal Cmmiee and Nainal Advanemen Cmmiee, served as Assisan Su Maser n Saff f Nainal ambree Cmpuer skills inlude: Oulk Express, Mirs Offie, A, Pwer Pin, and Mzilla hunderbird

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