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UPdate for you Heru Re:Fw: United Nations Permanent forum on Indigneous issues Agenda, we have been omitted again‏

UPdate for you Heru Re:Fw: United Nations Permanent forum on Indigneous issues Agenda, we have been omitted again‏

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UPdate for you Heru Re:Fw: United Nations Permanent forum on Indigneous issues Agenda, we have been omitted again‏
UPdate for you Heru Re:Fw: United Nations Permanent forum on Indigneous issues Agenda, we have been omitted again‏

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Categories:Types, Legal forms
Published by: :Nanya-Ahk:Heru:Eil(C)(R)TM on Jul 15, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Greetings, Herui would suggest you make this a pdf and upload as Moor prima facie evidence we ARE in fact Recognized by the nited !ations, however, someone"s# within the ! are obstructing" which is a violation of the nited !ations own charter, !$R%&, !%'(), ** , !*%+RA' and %nternational law# (ur !ations prescense at the nited !ations in !ew -ork. % attach the 'ink to our !ations &R report on the nited )tates of America /which is in fact / published by the nited !ations library itself at the library of the (0ce of the High *ommission on Human Rights"! (H*HR# in Geneva, )witzerland. 1or those at the ! that many not know / http22lib.ohchr.org2HR3odies2&R2$ocuments2session2)2-AMA))EE4!ationof-amasseeMoors.pdf . % am currently looking for the password to get back and get us registered for the !&1%% ne5t month. % have sent a re6uest for a password to get back in, however, the website is saying they have 7!o Record7 of our email in their data base, yet the link is up showing we are in fact on 8le with them. 9:;:<% will keep you and the Ambassador posted.*onstitution of the At/sik/hata !ation of -amassee/Moors. !$R%&. ** =/>?@ All Autochthonous Rights Reserved Eternally.*hief!anya/)haabuEil"R#"c#+M/// (n
Sat, 4/28/12, nunatives
 wrote1rom nunatives truenativeBCyahoo.comD)ubect nited !ations &ermanent forum on %ndigneous issues Agenda, we have been omitted again +o wbutlerelCyahoo.com*c wearegodsCgmail.com, atsikhataymCgmail.com, 7!anya Ahk Heru E' +EH+%7 feeni5roseChotmail.comD, atsikhatayamulChotmail.com, crownof4lightCyahoo.com$ate )aturday, April F@, F?=F, FF &M
3egin A'' things by 1irst sing +he A''.tcha, Ambassador !anya/3ar6El"R#"c#+M,Attached to this letter is a picture this day April F@, F?=F which shows that we have had  invitations issued to our !ation from the nited !ations *ivil )ociety" E*()(* / Economic, )ocial and *ultural )ociety# also I>rd nited !ations Annual $epartment of &ublic %nformation "$&%# 2 !on/Governmental (rganizations "!G(s# *onference to be held in Melbourne, Australia" Fnd Attachement#. (bviously, there is a problem2issue as to how we are not invited to the nited !ations &ermanent 1orum on %ndigenous %ssues and cannot get an %nvitation letter. % cannot overemphasize the importance of youstressing this fact to the !&1%% registration department on Monday May J F?=F. +his matter needs your utmost attention and zeal in ac6uiring an e5planationas to how we are omitted, not invited and virtually ignored at an event held less than =F miles oKshore of Rananch6ua9Manhatten, !ew-ork< yet our !ation, an %ndigenous &eoples (rganization"%&(#, is a )take/Holder of the
nited )tates Government internationally recognized via the &R Report % submitted on behalf of our !ation that is published http22lib.ohchr.org2HR3odies2&R2$ocuments2sessionB2)2-AMA))EE4!ationof-amasseeMoors.pdf and on 8le in Geneva, )witzerland. +his is an insult to our !ation and our Ancestors here on Atlan 2 +urtle/%sland. )ince the theme of this years nited !ations &ermanent 1orum on %ndigenous %ssues is 7$octrine of $iscovery7 , how can our !ation be ignored, again / while there is an %nternationally legally binding document, named the nited !ations $eclaration on the Rights of %ndigenous &eoples infull force:% will seek council with the Ancestors on this matter. As (ur Ambassador, % empower you now, to use all your eKorts and abilities to manifest a solution that is for the bes interests of our !ation and our &eoples, now. Any further assistance that you may need2 re6uire from me regarding this matter,you can call or email me at anytime F hours 2 J days per week.yakul pa neteru kawun kar antuk hassaL.Hotep.*onstitution for the At/sik/hata !ation of -amassee/Moors. !$R%&.Maku!anya/)haabuEl"R#"c#+M / At/sik/hata!ation of -amassee/Moorshttp22sites.google.com2site2atsikhatanationy J@?/FJ=/B=BB&.). below are the invitations our !ation has received in the &ast and the Agenda for the !&1%% ==th )ession.
My Invitations
On-Site Registration Hours:
We will be open for on-site registration over the weekend before the session begins for the convenience of participants. Please be sure that your representatives who will attend the session are aware of the important information below.In order to Register, you must have already pre-registered online and be approved.Registration will take place in the Lobby at the ! "isitors# $ntrance %&eneral 'ssembly (uilding). $ntrance is at *irst 'venueand +th treet. nce you pass through the white security tent please proceed to the ! Permanent *orum on Indigenous issues registration desk.
Sunday 6 May
12pm - 5pm
Monday 7 May
Tuesday 8 May
9am- 12:30pm2:00-3:45pm
Wednesday 9 Mayto Friday 18 May(remainder of session)
/he Registration 0esk will be closed every day from 12345 to 2355p.m. for lunch-break. 'ccordingly, no ground-pass will be issued during the lunch-break. $6ceptionally, registration may be conducted during lunch-break if a large number of people are still in line.7ake sure to bring the
confirmation letter 
 that you receive after pre-registering as well as
a photo identification document
 to get a ! ground-pass. It should be noted that for security reasons,

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