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Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs

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Published by api-19856023

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Published by: api-19856023 on Dec 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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\u4e00\u3001\u52d5\u8a5ebe \u69cb\u6210\u7684\u77ed\u8a9e\u52d5\u8a5e:
1\uff0ebe known as\uff0fbe famous as
\u540dbe known for\u2026\u2026
be known to\u2026\u2026
be known by\u2026\u2026

The hill is known for the temple\uff0e
LuXun is known to us as a writer\uff0e
One can be known by his words and deeds\uff0e
2\uff0ebe married to\u2026\u2026

She is married to a musician \uff0e \uff0e\uff0e
3\uff0ebe tired of\uff0fwith\u2026\u2026
He is tired of\uff0fwith this kind of life\uff0e
=He is bored with this kind of life\uff0e
4\uff0ebe terrified at\u2026\u2026
He is terrified at the snake\uff0e
5\uff0ebe burdened with\u8ca0\u91cd
He is burdened with a heavy load\uff0e
6\uff0ebe crowded with\u64e0\u6eff
The shop is crowded with people\uff0e
7\uff0ebe dressed in\u7a7f\u8457
She is dressed in red\uff0e
8\uff0ebe experienced in\u2026\u2026
He is experienced in mending bikes\uff0e
9\uff0ebe equipped with\u88dd\u5099
They are equipped with guns and food\uff0e
10\uff0ebe furnished with\u63d0\u4f9b\uff0c\u4f48\u7f6e
They are furnished with enough food\uff0e
11\uff0ebe engaged in sth\u5f9e\u4e8b\uff0c\u5fd9\u65bc(=be busy
with sth)
He has been engaged in writing novels\uff0e
12\uff0ebe engaged to\u2026\u2026
My daughter is engaged to a nice doctor\uff0e
13\uff0ebe about to do sth
1 was just about to go swimming when our
guide saw me and stopped me\uff0e
14\uff0ebe fit to do\uff0fbe fit for\u52dd\u4efb\uff1b\u9069\u5408\u65bc
He is fit to do the work\uff0e
These books are not fit for children\uff0e
15\uff0ebe worth doing
The film is worth seeing again\uff0e
16\uff0ebe proud of\u2026\u2026
I am proud of being a Chinese\uff0e
17\uff0ebe used to sth\uff0e\uff0fdoing sth
\u2026My grandpa is not used to living in the noisy
18\uff0ebe content to do sth\uff0e\uff0fwith\u2026\u7518 \u9858 \u65bc \u5e79
I am content with your work this time\uff0e
19\uff0ebe content with\u2026\u2026
You should be content with what you have
20\uff0ebe up to
It's up to her to answer the question\uff0e
21\uff0ebe meant\uff0fintended for\u6253\u7b97\u7d66\uff0c\u6253\u7b97\u7528
\u4f5cIs this valuable painting meant for me?
22\uff0ebe connected with\u2026\u2026
He was also connected with the government\uff0e
23\uff0ebe crazy about\u2026\u2026
Many young people are crazy about Hip-
\u4e8c\u3001\u52d5\u8a5ebreak \u69cb\u6210\u7684\u77ed\u8a9e\u52d5\u8a5e:
1\uff0ebreak out\u7206\u767c
The Anti\u2014Japanese War broke out in
2\uff0ebreak in\u6253\u65b7\uff1b\u95d6\u5165
Two robbers broke in and robbed the bank
of a lot of money\uff0e
3.break into\u95d6\u5165\uff1b\u7834\u9580\u800c\u5165
They broke into the uncle\u2019s bedroom and
found the man lying on the floor\u3002dead\uff0e
4\uff0ebreak away from\u812b\u96e2
Lincoln said it was not fight for the south to
break away from the union\uff0e
5\uff0ebreak down(\u6a5f\u5668\uff0c\u8eca\u8f1b)\u58de\u4e86\uff1b\u5931\u6557\u4e86\uff1b
We are sorry to arrive late\uff0ebut the car broke
6\uff0ebreak through\u7a81\u7834
The marchers broke through the line of the
7\uff0ebreak off\u6298\u65b7\uff1b\u4e2d\u65b7\uff1b\u65b7\u7d55
Let\u2019s break off for half an hour and have some

8\uff0ebreak up\u9a45\u6563\uff0c\u62c6\u6563
The police broke up the crowd\uff0e

\u4e09\u3001\u52d5\u8a5ecarry \u69cb\u6210\u7684\u77ed\u8a9e\u52d5\u8a5e:
1\uff0ecarry on\u9032\u884c
He had learned enough English to carry on a
2\uff0ecarry out\u57f7\u884c\uff1b\u9032\u884c
They were carrying out an important

3\uff0ecarry away\u62ff\u8d70
Please carry these desks away\uff0e
4\uff0ecarry off\u596a\u8d70\uff0c\u6436\u8d70
Some unknown man carried off the prize

\u56db\u3001\u52d5\u8a5ecall \u69cb\u6210\u7684\u77ed\u8a9e\u52d5\u8a5e:

1\uff0ecall on\u62dc\u8a2a\u67d0\u4eba\uff0c\u865f\u53ec
We will call on Mr\uff0eLi tomorrow\uff0e
We are called on to help those in trouble\uff0e
2\uff0ecall at\u62dc\u8a2a\u67d0\u5730

I called at your office yesterday, but you were

not in
3\uff0ecall for\u9700\u8981\uff1b\u8981\u6c42\uff1b\u9080\u7d04(\u4eba)\uff1b\u53d6(\u7269)
Success called for hard work\uff0e
call for a doctor\u53bb\u8acb\u91ab\u751f
4.call in\u8acb\u4f86;\u6536\u56de

Mother is badly i11\uff0e so call in a doctor at

5\uff0ecall up\u6253\u96fb\u8a71\uff1b\u5fb5\u53ec\uff1b\u56de\u60f3\u8d77
I called Tom up and told him the news\uff0e
In most countries men are called up at the age

of 18\uff0e

As I grew up in a small town at the foot of a mountain, the visit to the village called up scenes of my childhood\uff0e

\u4e94\u3001\u52d5\u8a5ecatch\uff0chold \u69cb\u6210\u7684\u77ed\u8a9e\u52d5\u8a5e:
1\uff0ecatch\uff0ftake\uff0fget hold of sth\uff0e\u6293\u4f4f\u67d0\u7269
Catch\uff0fGet\uff0fTake hold of the rope\uff0eand I'll
pull you up\uff0e
2\uff0ecatch up with\u8d95\u4e0a

Work hard and I gin sure you are able to catch
up with others in class\uff0e
3\uff0ecatch fire\u8457\u706b\uff1b\u71d2\u8457

Last night a big building caught fire\uff0e
4\uff0ecatch sight of\u767c\u73fe\uff1b\u770b\u5230
When the mice caught sight of the cat\uff0c the
mice run away as quickly as possible\uff0e
5\uff0ehold up\u8209\u8d77\uff1b\u963b\u6eef(\u4ea4\u901a\u7b49)\uff1b\u803d\u64f1
He held up one of his fingers and showed it to
the class\uff0e
In the rush hour the traffic is hold up\uff0e\uff0c\uff0e
6\uff0ehold back\u963b\u6b62\uff1b\u63a7\u5236
We must hold them back from fighting\uff0e
7\uff0ehold one\u2019s breath\u618b\u4f4f\u6c23\uff0c\u5c4f\u606f
How long can you hold your breath under
8 hold out\u5805\u6301\uff1b\u62ff\u51fa
We must hold out until help comes\uff0e
\u516d\u3001\u52d5\u8a5ecome \u69cb\u6210\u7684\u77ed\u8a9e\u52d5\u8a5e:
1\uff0ecome into\u2026
come into being(\u4e8b\u7269\u3001\u5c40\u9762\u7b49)\u7522\u751f\uff1b\u5f62\u6210
The custom came into being long long ago\uff0e
2\uff0ecome along\u904e\u4f86\uff1b\u5feb\u9ede
Come along! It\u2019s nearly eight o'clock\uff0e
3\uff0ecome out\u51fa\u4f86\uff1b\u51fa\u7248
How did the printing come out?
4\uff0ecome true\u5be6\u73fe
I am sure your dream will come true one
5\uff0ecome back to life\u8607\u9192\u904e\u4f86
When the wounded soldier came back to
life\uff0che found himself in hospital\uff0e
6\uff0ecome to the point\u8aaa\u5230\u8981\u9ede\uff0c\u89f8\u53ca\u554f\u984c\u5be6
\u8cea7\uff0ecome about\u767c\u751f\uff0c\u9020\u6210
The event came about as he had predicted
8\uff0ecome across\u78b0\u898b
You\u2019re the most beautiful woman I've ever
come across\uff0e
\u540c\u7fa9\u8a5e\u7d44\uff1arun across
I came across an old friend in the street\uff0e
9\uff0ecome to all end\u7d50\u675f
Your duties here have come to an end\uff0e
10\uff0ecome to light\u70ba\u4eba\u6240\u77e5\uff0c\u986f\u9732
The robbery didn\u2019t come to light until the next

11\uff0ecome up with\u63d0\u51fa\uff0c\u60f3\u51fa
He came up with a new suggestion

\u4e03\u3001\u52d5\u8a5edo \u69cb\u6210\u7684\u77ed\u8a9e\u52d5\u8a5e:
1\uff0edo well in\u5728\u67d0\u65b9\u9762\u505a\u5f97\u597d
My cousin is a sailor and he is doing very well
in the navy
2\uff0edo good to\u2026\u2026
Doing morning exercises will do good to your
3\uff0edo harm to\u2026\u2026

Too much noise does harm to our health\uff0e
4\uff0edo with\u8655\u7406
What did you do with our goods?
5\uff0edo sb\uff0ea favour\u5e6b\u67d0\u4eba\u7684\u5fd9
Will you do me a favour to carry it upstairs?
6\uff0edo up\u7cfb\u7d10\u6263\uff1b\u68b3\u7406

Look\uff0cyour bottom isn\u2019t done up\uff0e
do up one\u2019s hair\u68b3\u7406\u982d\u9aee
\u516b\u3001\u52d5\u8a5eget \u69cb\u6210\u7684\u77ed\u8a9e\u52d5\u8a5e:
1\uff0eget in touch with\u2026\u2026

2\uff0eget up\u8d77\u5e8a
He gets up very early every day\uff0e
3\uff0eget back\u56de\u4f86\uff1b\u53d6\u56de
1 will get back next weekend\uff0e
4\uff0eget on\u4e0a\u8eca

You shouldn\u2019t get on the bus until it has

stopped completely
5\uff0eget over\u514b\u670d\uff1b\u5ea6\u904e
You\u2019ll soon get over these difficulties\uff0e
6\uff0eget off\u4e0b\u8eca
The bus stopped and the passengers got off\uff0e
7\uff0eGet together\u76f8\u805a
We should go to a restaurant to get together\uff0e
8\uff0eget on\uff0falong well with\u2026\u2026


I am getting on well with my classmates\uff0e
9\uff0eget into\u9032\u4eba\uff1b\u9677\u5165
Don\u2019t get into the habit of smoking\uff0e
10\uff0eget into trouble\u9677\u5165\u9ebb\u7169

11\uff0eget in a word\u63d2\u8a71

12\uff0eget rid of\u9664\u6389
We aye doing our best to get rid of pollution\uff0e
13\uff0eget through\u901a\u904e\uff1b\u63a5\u901a\uff1b\u5b8c\u6210\uff1b\u7d93\u6b77

I tried to telephone you but I couldn\u2019t get
1 will be with you as soon as I get through this
14\uff0eget to\u5230\u9054
He had to get to the other side of street to
attend a meeting
15\uff0eget about\uff0faround\uff0fround\u50b3\u958b\uff0c\u50b3\u51fa
\u53bbThe news of the disaster soon get about\uff0e
16\uff0eget across\u4f7f\u7406\u89e3

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