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aviao de papel

aviao de papel



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Published by api-3779838

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Published by: api-3779838 on Dec 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[Easy to make | Medium difficulty | Hard to make ]
The rapier I love this plane (I did design it but I can brag can't I?) it flies like a glider but
has the elegant shape and great precision of a dart. This plane is the best of both worlds
and is so easy to make it must be the best plane on the site!
Paper Helicopter OK! So it isn't a plane but it is a good model and when simply dropped it
will stay aloft for ages and spiral down excellently.
Paper Rocket You're right this is not a paper airplane either but is supremely simple to
make and has some very interesting science behind it. This was shown to me by a
Cambridge (UK) Physics lecturer so must be a great paper airplane (kinda).
Flying Fish One difficult fold inthe whole of this plane. It is a unique design (I think) a bit
weird but really flies well in a straight line as a glider. It will stomach a bit of poor folding
too so a good one to try if some of the other designs don't fly well for you.
Paper Frisbee This is great fun and best made out of small squares of paper maybe 15cm by
15cm (6" by 6") and thrown like a normal frisbee it will fly quite well especially indoors.
Nicks' Paper airplane This paper airplane is a superb glider it is very well balanced indeed

even when made by the most inexperienced child. It can be quickly made from a sheet of
A4 paper and I really like it. I drew this page up and placed it on the internet within a
day of learning to make this paper airplane.

Origami Paper Airplane 3 This is a really easy to make paper airplane that you will love

flying again and again. The blunt nose makes it really easy to reuse as it does not easily
get damaged. It is another classic design that has been around for many years and I
really like it.

Blimp/Zeppelin This isn't really a plane but is a great little paper airship it looks good and
it works great!
Worst ever paper airplane This plane is truly terrible. Nothing can be done to overcome

the fact that is about as adept at flying as the Titanic if a little more attractively plane
shaped. I do not like this plane but you might want to try it out for yourself once I have
shown you how to make it.

Second origami plane To my knowledge this plane is Japanese in origin and it is a
fantastic flier you will love it. Play around with it add stabilisers and flaps, it can be a
good stunt plane too.
The classic dart This paper airplane is designed for bored people in offices, lectures and

classrooms the world over. 7 folds and throw, there isn't a difficult part in making this
plane. I must dedicate it to Peter Batey who received my email for a few weeks and sent
me this design.

Dmitri's Paper Airplane A simple paper airplane design and indeed a real classic. This

plane is slightly more complex than the classic dart above but flies further and is more
accurate. This design was sent to me by Dmitri through email and so I dedicate it to him
on this site.

Floating Paper airplane This paper airplane is really very good. With its wide wing span
and the stabilising winglets at the end of wings it is very stable and flies very far.
An improvement on the Worst ever paper airplane OK ! I was a little harsh on the worst
paper airplane it is reasonable but I altered the design myself to create this plane, it
looks the same but it flies so much better.
Medium Difficulty Paper Airplanes
[Easy to make | Medium difficulty | Hard to make ]
Dragon Plane - This is my own design of paper airplane. If you make the wings
completely level and throw it hard overarm it will fly fast and level indoors for 30 meters
or more and it is quite good outside too. So try it out.
The Edmonton Shadow - I designed this plane about 3 hrs out of heathrow in an
airliner on the way to Calgary canada. It is a really fun plane and I am really pleased
with it I hope you like it too.
The Swallow This is a paper airplane my father was making when he was a small boy and
the design has stood the test of time it works very well.
Trapezium Paper airplane This paper airplane is all wing with a heavy nose. The structure of the

nose is quite unusual but very effective. Even if thrown as hard as possible at a wall it will be undamaged. The last time I saw the first one of these I made it was flying towards the Severn estuary from the top of a tall tower in Bristol.

Chris' Paper airplane This plane was sent to me in an email

by a visitor to my site and I thought it was so good that I
would post it for you all to have a go. It is a very good glider
and well worth a fly!

Nose Heavy Plane I think this plane is great and it flies equally as well as the floating
paper airplane. I think this is a great plane!
Napkin Paper Airplane This is a simple design to make but in order for it to fly properly

you must practise and that is why it is of medium difficulty. This unusual plane is one of
a family of designs and hopefully I will bring you more tubular paper airplanes in the

Hard to Make Paper Airplanes
[Easy to make | Medium difficulty | Hard to make ]
Cobra Paper airplane This is another of my designs. I am really proud of this one it will
fly straight and fast if thrown hard but it also glides fantastically. There are a few tough
folds but I am sure by this stage you will have mastered all the skills required!
Origami Paper airplane/Dart It is hard to decide if this is a airplane or dart. It is very
dense at the front and if thrown hard will fly far. This is a hard exercise in folding and
also for me in writing and drawing instructions. Hope you like it!
The Lightning This is my own design which appears identical to the original Sabertooth
paper airplane but is a totally different design. This paper airplane will fly superbly if
made well, try it out.
Sabertooth paper airplane The sabertooth paper airplane flies fantastically if thrown
straight up into the air or as a normal glider. It is great!

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