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07-15-14 edition

07-15-14 edition

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07-15-14 edition
07-15-14 edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Jul 15, 2014
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
 July 15,2014
Vol XIII,Edition 284
By Michelle Durand
The line between what is andwhat could be on Middlefield Roadis Fifth Avenue. On one side, the sky is clearabove a shopkeeper hosing downthe sidewalk under bobbingpiñatas. On the other, the blue iscrisscrossed by a maze of utilitywires.With a vision of the future,hours of community input and a$12.5 million pledge by SanMateo County, the length of themain North Fair Oaks thorough-fare between Pacific and Fifthavenues is on the path to put its
Road to improvement
County planning $12.5M redesign of Middlefield Road
By Samantha Weigel
The Downtown San MateoAssociation is searching for a newleader after Executive DirectorJessica Evans, who helped over-see community events, promotelocal businesses and the arts,unexpectedly resigned Friday. Evans saidshe left theDSMAafter twoinfluential yearsto assist withbusiness devel-opment for astartup compa-ny and focus onher family. “There were so many goodthings that came together over thelast couple of years: winning theBest of the Road, having a CityCouncil that made downtown a pri-ority and having so many talentedpeople willing to just roll up theirsleeves and get involved. It was areally great experience,” Evanswrote in an email. Evans, who has a degree in cityplanning and previously ran theSan Bruno Chamber of Commerce,said she became a single momwhile working for the DSMA. “It’s an amazing job, but it’s ademanding job, especially interms of time. Lots of nights andweekends. I was recently present-ed with an opportunity ... that willallow me the quality of life I’mlooking for while my kids are stilllittle,” Evans wrote. Evans said her passion for vol-unteer engagement and public artprompted her to work for theDSMAand with an active board,office manager and dedicated vol-
Downtown business association chief resigns
Jessica Evans leaves position as liaison between downtownSan Mateo businesses,city officials
 Jessica Evans
CalPERS,CalSTRS reportinginvestment returns of morethan 18 percent for fiscal year
SACRAMENTO — Two of thenation’s largest public pensionfunds on Monday reported invest-ment returns of more than 18 per-cent for the fiscal year.The California PublicEmployees Retirement System hadearnings of 18.4 percent for thefiscal year that ended June 30,while the California State TeachersRetirement System had a return of nearly 18.7 percent.The funds, which pay the retire-ment and health care benefits of public employees, had both fore-cast investment returns of 7.5 per-cent for the fiscal year.Despite the soaring returns,both funds are still recoveringfrom multibillion-dollar losses at
Millbrae consideringelectronic billboards
Signs on Highway 101 could bringin revenue for city,promote events
By Angela Swartz
Cities along the Peninsula arelooking at adding electronic bill-boards in an effort to bolster cityrevenue and promote communityevents and Millbrae is the latest tobe added to this list.The city is in the biddingprocess of selecting companies toinstall media signs along Highway101 and the city hopes to get signsin by the end of the year. Two loca-tions identified as feasible for dig-ital signs include the location of 
Great returnsfor Californiapension funds
:The overhead utility wires on Middlefield Road are planned to be undergrounded as part of the makeover plan for the North Fair Oaks maincommercial thoroughfare.
p ri
County Supervisor Warren Slocum and Villa Latina owner Esperanza Vazquez talk about how a $12.5 millionmakeover of Middlefield Road will be good for business.
om ri
:Deputy County Manager Peggy Jensen discusses the results of communitymeetings and a survey of what North Fair Oaks residents and business owners want to see improved on Middlefield Road.
Upcoming meetings,all held at the Fair OaksCommunity Center,2600 Middlefield Road,Redwood City:• The Fair Oaks Council will hold a study sessionon the traffic analysis,7 p.m.Thursday,July 17;• A community meeting on road options andtraffic analysis,7 p.m.Thursday,July 24;• North Fair Oaks Community Council willmake a redesign recommendation,7 p.m. Thursday,Aug.28;Update on redesign and next steps,7 p.m. Tuesday,Sept.23;• Board of Supervisors receivesrecommendation,9 a.m.Tuesday,Oct.21 inBoard Chambers,400 Government Center,Redwood City.For more information visitwww.nfoforward.org.
Upcoming meetings
Man claims kingdom sodaughter can be princess
ABINGDON, Va. — AVirginia mansays he has claimed a kingdom inAfrica so his daughter can be aprincess.Jeremiah Heaton told the BristolHerald Courier that he recently trekkedto a small, mountainous regionbetween Egypt and Sudan called BirTawil. No country claims the land.Heaton says he planted a flagdesigned by his children there so thathe could become a king — and moreimportantly, so his 7-year-old daugh-ter Emily could be a princess. Theynamed the area the Kingdom of NorthSudan.Shelia Carapico, a professor of political science and internationalstudies at the University of Richmond,says Heaton would not have politicalcontrol over the land without legalrecognition from neighboring coun-tries, the United Nations or othergroups.Heaton says he hopes to get Sudanand Egypt to recognize the kingdom.
Store accepts a 25-year-old gift certificate
WORCESTER, Mass. — AMassachusetts pop culture store hashonored a 25-year-old gift certificate.Sierra Wales, assistant manager atThat’s Entertainment in Worcester,says a longtime customer recentlybrought in the $10 gift certificatebought in 1989.She tells The Republican newspaperthat the gift certificate had been sit-ting in a drawer for years. The cus-tomer had been meaning to bring it infor some time and finally rememberedover the Fourth of July weekend.She noted that the gift certificatewas older than most employees andhad actually been bought at the store’sold location.The customer used it to buy a graph-ic novel.The 34-year-old business sellscomic books, graphic novels, toys,sports memorabilia, music and otherpop culture items.Wales says, “When we say it neverexpires, we really mean it.”
Officials:Gasoline causedmystery odor in homes
SKIPPACK, Pa. — Gasoline-taintedgroundwater caused the mysterioussmell that led to a voluntary evacua-tion of more than 150 homes in subur-ban Philadelphia, authorities saidMonday.The noxious odor primarily affectedthree townhouses in Skippack aftercontaminated water got into the sumppumps, officials said. Firefighters wereflushing those pumps with fresh waterand airing out the homes with fans onMonday evening.“We’re relieved and hopeful thatwhat they’re doing will fix it,” saidresident Kourtnay Loughin, who called911 about the “very, very unpleasant”smell on Sunday evening.Officials don’t know how the gas gotinto the groundwater, but Fire Chief Haydn Marriott said residents’healthwas not in danger. He also noted thesubstance was found in a system withsealed pipes, creating little chance of contamination to the surroundingarea’s water supply.Firefighters and environmental offi-cials used sensors Sunday night to tryto identify the problem. Residents of more than 150 townhouses were askedto leave after chemical odors weredetected at several units. Metered equipment originally indi-cated the presence of hydrogencyanide, a poisonous gas, in thehomes, but officials later said thosereadings were false positives. Nosigns of illness were reported.By Monday morning, Marriott saidauthorities had determined sumppumps as the source of the smell, butcould not identify its composition. Aslabs began analyzing samples, offi-cials retested some houses and allowedowners to return after finding no dan-ger.Loughin’s unit and the two next doorregistered high levels of the chemicalodor.“It’s more of an annoyance thananything,” Marriott said.
 July 15,2014
The San Mateo Daily Journal
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Actor ForestWhitaker is 53.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
Sen. Barry M. Goldwater of Arizonawas nominated for president by theRepublican national convention inSan Francisco.
“Advice is a free gift that can becomeexpensive for the one who gets it.” 
— Armenian proverb
Singer Linda Ronstadt is 68.Actor-comedianEddie Griffin is 46.
Fireworks light the sky near the Eiffel Tower in a show called ‘Guerre et Paix’(War and Peace) as part of events to mark thecentenary of the First World War and to end the traditional Bastille Day celebrations in Paris,France.
: Mostly cloudy. Patchy fog inthe morning. Highs in the mid 60s tolower 70s. South winds 10 to 20 mph.
Tuesday night
: Mostly cloudy. Patchyfog after midnight. Lows in the upper50s. South winds 10 to 20 mph.
: Mostly cloudy in the morn-ing then becoming partly cloudy. Patchyfog in the morning. Highs in the mid to upper 60s. Southwinds 10 to 20 mph.
Wednesday night:
Partly cloudy in the evening thenbecoming cloudy. Patchy fog after midnight. Lows in themid 50s. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph.
: Cloudy in the morning then becoming partlycloudy. Patchy fog. Highs in the 60s.
Thursday night through Saturday:
Mostly cloudy.
Local Weather Forecast
In 1799, 
French soldiers in Egypt discovered the RosettaStone, which proved instrumental in deciphering ancientEgyptian hieroglyphs.
In 1870
, Georgia became the last Confederate state to bereadmitted to the Union. Manitoba entered confederation asthe fifth Canadian province.
In 1916, 
Boeing Co., originally known as Pacific AeroProducts Co., was founded in Seattle.
In 1932
, President Herbert Hoover announced he wasslashing his own salary by 20 percent, from $75,000 to$60,000 a year; he also cut Cabinet memberssalaries by 15percent, from $15,000 to $12,750 a year.
In 1948
, President Harry S. Truman was nominated foranother term of office by the Democratic national conven-tion in Philadelphia.
In 1954
, a prototype of the Boeing 707, the model 367-80, made its maiden flight from Renton Field south of Seattle.
In 1971
, President Richard Nixon delivered a televisedaddress in which he announced that he had accepted an invi-tation to visit the People’s Republic of China.
In 1976
, a 36-hour kidnap ordeal began for 26 school-children and their bus driver as they were abducted nearChowchilla, California, by three gunmen and imprisoned inan underground cell. (The captives escaped unharmed.)
In 1979
, President Jimmy Carter delivered his “malaise”speech in which he lamented what he called a “crisis of con-fidence” in America.
In 1983
, eight people were killed when a suitcase bombplanted by Armenian extremists exploded at the TurkishAirlines counter at Orly Airport in Paris.
In 1992, 
Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton was nominated forpresident at the Democratic national convention in NewYork.
In other news ...
(Answers tomorrow)LARVAGAUGE SEASON GUTTERYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:He bought the parking structure at the —GARAGE SALENow arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
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   C   h  e  c   k  o  u   t   t   h  e  n  e  w ,   f  r  e  e   J   U   S   T   J   U   M   B   L   E  a  p  p
Print youranswer here:
 The Daily Derby race winners are Winning Spirit,No.9,in first place;Big Ben,No.4,in second place;and Lucky Star,No.2,in third place.The race timewas clocked at 1:47.05.
1 6 79 13 30 35 69 10
uly 11 Me
ga Mill
2 3 7 23 51 26
uly 12 Pow
9 11 12 13 30
y Fi
y th
e m
96 9 5
y Fo
8 0 0
y th
e ev
11 15 18 23 28 12
y 12 Supe
r Lot
to Plus
Author Clive Cussler is 83. Actor Ken Kercheval is 79.Former Sen. George V. Voinovich, R-Ohio, is 78. ActorPatrick Wayne is 75. Actor Jan-Michael Vincent is 70.Rhythm-and-blues singer Millie Jackson is 70. Rock singer-musician Peter Lewis (Moby Grape) is 69. Rock musicianArtimus Pyle is 66. Actor Terry O’Quinn is 62. Rock musicianMarky Ramone is 58. Rock musician Joe Satriani is 58.Country singer-songwriter Mac McAnally is 57. Model KimAlexis is 54. Actor Willie Aames is 54. Actress LolitaDavidovich is 53. Actress Brigitte Nielsen is 51. Rock musi-cian Jason Bonham is 48. Actress Amanda Foreman is 48.
 July 15,2014
. Alaptop and a monitor werestolen from a home on the 600 block of South Bayshore Boulevard before 10:33p.m. Thursday, July 10.
. Aman was reported for spitting insomeone’s face during an altercation atPeninsula Avenue and North BayshoreBoulevard before 1:08 p.m. Thursday, July10.
. Awoman reported being locked inher own garage and suspected that her ex-husband might have stolen the remote onthe 200 block of 41st Avenue before 11:49a.m. Thursday, July 10.
. Ahome was ransacked and jewel-ry was stolen on the 1500 block of Parkwood Drive before 5:58 p.m.Wednesday, July 9.
. Police responded to a report of a broken potted plant valued at $50 on the300 block of San Pedro Road before 11 p.m.Saturday, July 5.
. Police cited a man who was tak-ing crab and mussels out of season atHighway 1 and Tunitas Creek Road before11:30 p.m. Thursday, July 3.
Police reports
Not so bright
Aman who flashed his high beamswhile driving was arrested when heappeared to be under the influence of acontrolled substance on Highway 1 inHalf Moon Bay before 12:40 a.m.Thursday, July 3.
Eugene J. Majeski, founding partner of the Redwood City firm Ropers MajeskiKohn & Bentley died peacefully July 4, sur-rounded by his family. He was 97.Born in Chicago on Christmas Eve,1917, he attended DePaul University, grad-uating with a B.S. degree in 1936 and hislaw degree in 1940. He was admitted to theIllinois Bar in 1940 and the California Barin 1946. After coming west, he began prac-ticing law with Bronson, Bronson andMcKinnon in San Francisco. In 1948,along with Harold Ropers, he moved downthe Peninsula and founded Ropers andMajeski in Redwood City. Seventy-sixyears later, the firm still bears his nameand, headquartered in Redwood City, nowhas offices in San Francisco, San Jose, LosAngeles, Boston and New York.He tried well over 200 jury trials in stateand federal courts. He wasa member of theAmerican Board of TrialAdvocates and was namedTrial Lawyer of the Yearin 1989. He was aDiplomate of theInternational Academy of Trial Lawyers and in1985 was elected to theTrial Lawyer Hall of Fame by the Litigation Section of the StateBar of California. He has been listedamong the Best Lawyers in America sincethe list was first formulated in 1984. Hewas long affiliated with the San MateoCounty Bar Association and theAssociation of Defense Counsel and servedas president of both organizations.Gene was a mentor to dozens upondozens of lawyers who started theirlegal careers at Ropers Majeski,including many who moved on to suc-cess at other law firms. “Gene was always willing to spend timehelping fellow partners and others withtheir problems. He was generous with histime and legal advice, always, on mattersbig and small,” said John Bentley,Majeski’s former partner of 50 years. Another former partner, Judge BartPhelps, who joined Ropers Majeski in1960, knew Gene for 67 years and went onto a distinguished career on the Santa ClaraCounty Bench.“Gene’s strength as a trial lawyer was hischarm — judges and juries loved him,” saidPhelps.Gene is survived by his wifeSusanHandelman Majeski, son John Majeski,daughter Ann Majeski and by his wife’schildren Kirsten Daru and KaitlynHandelman.In lieu of flowers, donations can be madeto the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo.Funeral services will remain private.
Three charged in disabled parking permit crackdown
SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco prose-cutors have charged three people with apply-ing for disabled placards permits they did notneed, and a spokeswoman for the CaliforniaDepartment of Motor Vehicles says morearrests are expected.District Attorney George Gascon saidMonday that a 50-year-old woman and her29-year-old son allegedly forged the signa-ture of a doctor who had never treated them ontheir applications for the permits that allowmotorists to use the blue parking spacesreserved for the disabled and to park at metersfor free.Gascon says a 35-year-old woman whoallegedly submitted seven applications overfour years also was arrested. All three were charged with filing false doc-uments, perjury and commercial burglary.DMVspokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez saysthe arrests are the first from an ongoinginvestigation that has identified at least 29suspected cases of placard fraud sinceFebruary.
Wind surfers rescued in Bay
SAN FRANCISCO — The Coast Guard saidits crews pulled more than two dozen windsurfers and kite boarders from the waters off Crissy Field in San Francisco after theybecame stranded.The rescues took place between 5:30 p.m.and 7:15 p.m. Sunday. Coast Guard Lt. SeanKelly said the 25 wind surfers and kite board-ers were not in any immediate danger, andnone of them was hurt.Still, the Coast Guard wanted to get themout of San Francisco Bay to avoid any possi-ble contact with the large commercial shipsthat travel through the area.Coast Guard Station Golden Gate launchedtwo boats. Other Coast Guard rescue crewsalso helped.
Man,81,struck by Amtrak train is identified
SANTACLARA— Aman struck and killedby an Amtrak train in Northern Californiahas been identified as an 81-year-old SantaClara resident. Coroner’s officials say Kae Ho Kim diedFriday after being hit by the Amtrak CapitolCorridor train just south of the Santa Clarastation.The northbound train was traveling fromSan Jose to Sacramento. None of the 19 pas-sengers on board were injured.
Ropers and Majeski founding partner dies at 97
Eugene Majeski
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