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(2007b) the Big Picture

(2007b) the Big Picture

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Published by Dave Mendoza
Lyrics for the free mp3 album "Big Picture" available from DaveMendoza.com
Lyrics for the free mp3 album "Big Picture" available from DaveMendoza.com

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Published by: Dave Mendoza on Dec 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(2007b) The Big Picture
1.) Big PictureLadies & Gentlemenwe most humbly presentthe latest co-productionof ALL and Heaven-SentYou may have heard the rumorsand, yes, it's really true:this work, named "The Big Picture"is coming to a station near you,for you to take part in, tooThe Big Picture is (E) movingThe Big Picture's a (C#/As2) liveThe Big Picture is (F#m) changing, growingand snowballing into (As2) one great Work of(Bs2) LifeThe Big Picture is (C#m) awesome,full of action and (As2) lightevery shade, every (F#m) contrast every spot in itbe (As2) longsand so do (Bs2) you, yeah, that's (E) right.(Ch.:) (C#m) Welcome to (A) the Big (B) Picturehere on the (B) stage of (A) lifeCome and meet (A) the Di(B)rector(A) He's the One Who (F#m) wrote yourpartHe's (C#m) gonna help you (B) play it(E) rightWe know you've all been wonderingabout what's going onWhat is the Big Boss up to?What's taking Him so longBut let us reassure you:it's really worth the waitWhen He'll get back on stageit won't be even one tiny moment too early or toolateThis Show's been in the makinga couple thousand of yearsAnd you all know there's been some laughterdrastic action and we know there've been sometearsBut when you deal with Perfectionand that's what we've got hereevery shade, every (F#m) contrast every spot in itbe (As2) longsand so do (Bs2) you, have no fear(Ch.2x)The Big Picture is (E) moving (A)The Big Picture's a (E) live (A)The Big Picture is (E) changing, growingand snowballing (A) into one great Work of (E)LifeWelcome to the Big Picture (3x) of Life2.) Aquiah(C) A(G)qui(Am)ah, (F)A(C)qui(G)ah,come (C) help me set my (B/G) weary mind at(Am) ease,help me find (G/Am7) oh sweet rest & (F) peace inJesus,(G) Aqui(C)ahYour spirit brings that peace & quietfar from all that noise & riotEase my mind & slow me downcalm my mood and heal my frownMove slowly like a feather in the windlet me bask in the calm you bring3.) To You(G) Please, Jesus, (Ds4) be the One that (Am) theywill hear with(C)in my (D) song(G) let it be (C) Your voice they can (D) hear (C-D)Please, Jesus, be the light that shines through meboth, day & nighthelp me to make Your signals clearLet there be nothing left in me of pride andselfishness
Let what they see in me be You, JesusCause I want nothing else but You in place of myold selfCome in and make everything newCause (Em) all I (C) want is (D) make sure Youknow (Am) I belongand (C) all that (Em) counts to (D) me is just to(Am) give it allto (C) You (Em-D-Am)To (G) YouLord, make it right don't let me lead no secretdouble-lifeMake me hot, not trying to be coolLord make it true that I see everything the wayYou doSettle for less? I'd be a fool.(Bridge:)Cause (Em) without You, nothing (D) turns out (G)rightex(C)cept for You, all My (D) truth is (G) liesthe (Em) only way I can (D) turn for (Am) light's to(C) You - to You(Chorus)... to (C) You (Em-D-Em)to (C) You (Em-D-Am) (2x)To (G) You (Ds4-Am-C-D-G)4.) Free As the WindI go wherever I want to gowhere I'm coming from you don't knownor can you tell where it is I'm venturingI'm free – free as the windfree, free, free, free, free as the windI blow wherever I want to blowyou hear my song but you still don't knowwhere it is my road ends or beginsI'm free – free as the windfree, free, free, free, free as the windI do whatever He bids me doyou notice me but you don't have a cluewhere it is my Lord is beckoningI'm free – free as the windfree, free, free, free, free as the wind(Bridge:)So is anyone born of spirit and windso is every son of the King of kings(First verse, chorus twice)5.)
 How well do you really know the heart of yourwife,the heart of your husband, the heart of yourchild?How well do we really know the heart of God?How much do you really take time to find outthe souls of your loved ones and what they'reabout?How well do you really hear the voice of God?How well can you really hear their innermost criestheir deep, secret longings & hidden desires?How much can we really say that we lovethe least of our brethren the way we'd love God(Ch.:) It takes (C) time to learn to (Fmaj7) loveand that's the one (Am) thing that we're allrunning (Fmaj7) out ofIt takes time to learn to careto really tune in, realize they are thereSo (C) why do (Dm7) we al(Em7)low ourene(Fmaj7)myto steal from us the one thing that we needto learn, to see, to hear & feel & really be'cause love is spelled t.i.m.e.(Give'em your time!)For what do I really care, immortal soulsor fragile possessions, and temporal goals?How much can I really say I'm putting first thingsfirst?How much do I really invest in the stocks thatwon't crash?Do I build on the Rock?How much do I really pour into the values that willlast?6.) Lost Without YouI'm lost without You & without You I just haven'tgot a clueNohope without You & without You I just don'tknow what to doLife's all about You, You're the Essence of mybeing, through & throughLord I allow You to use me whichever way seemsgood to YouI'm lost without You, You're the Essence ofeverything that I need
Before I found You life was filled with emptyselfishness & greedRevolve around You's what I want my life to do inevery deedI'm so astounded by You, You're the Wine I drink,the Bread I eatI'm lost without You, You're the Light that I was somuch longing forCan't live without You, Jesus, You're the stuff ofwhich I just need moreSheer gone without You, I'm so thankful Youcame knocking on my doorCan't breathe without You, without You lifeknocks me out, I hit the floor(Rep. all)7.) Hooked (Juicy Lie)
(Em-Ds2-C-Em 2x)
(Em) Please listen to me (Ds2) as I sing this(C) song of a (Em) girl who could have becomethe greatest ray of hope this worldcould ever need and want(Em) She had it all, but(D) she settled for less(Am) she didn't want no (C) great ad(Ds2)ventureJust blend in, that's alljust go to the malljust be like everybody else, sure:(Chorus:)(Em) All so busy working (As2) on their (Em)looksYeah, the (Em) world of shiny things has (Ds2) gotthem (Am) hookedand they (C) don't see that the Devil's (D) just a(Am) crookthey don't (C) see it (Ds2) one juicy lie was all it(Em) took(intro)Please listen to me as I tell this storyof a boy who could have becomeA savior of the world for he hadwhat they need and wantHe had it all, but he settled for lesshe didn't want no great adventureJust blend in...(2
Ch.:)All so busy working on their looksyeah, the world of "busy-busy" 's got themhookedand they don't see that the Devil's just a crookthey don't see it...(Bridge:)(C) Don't you think that I look (Em) cool?I don't want to be no foolfor any(D)one but my friends' golden rule 'cause(3
ch.:)We're all so busy working on our looksyeah the world of busy-busy's got me hookedand I don't care if the Devil's just a crookI don't (C) see it, don't want to (Ds2) see it, hey, Idon't (C) see it,don't make me (Ds2) see it, I don't (C) see it (Ds2)one juicy like was all it took(Intro 2x) one juicy lie, yeah8.) Sing About YouI shouldn’t sing about YouThough that’s just all I can doSo maybe I’ll just cover up& make this sound like soda popSome jingle from the TV slopCause I shouldn’t sing about YouI shouldn’t sing about YouThough You’re all I know that’s trueSo maybe I’ll just drop Your nameBefore I put myself to shame& I will be the one to blamecause I shouldn’t sing about YouI shouldn’t sing about YouThough there’s some folks who just doScream “Hallelujah,” sing & shoutTell all the world what they’re aboutI wonder how come they’re allowedWhen I shouldn’t sing about You(Br.:)(Am7) Maybe I can make You a big (G) myste(F)rySo no one has to know what it is I believeI don’t know if I’m bold enough to tell the worldabout Your loveAfter all, they’re smart enough to figure out whatYou’re aboutLet the others sing & shout, I’ll hide my talents inthe groundI shouldn’t sing about YouSome folks just shirk when I doCause You’re just so unpopularYou’re all else but a superstarThey all say it would go too farIf I kept on singin’ ‘bout You

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