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Pharmacy Daily for Wed 16 Jul 2014 - Diabetes ed could save $3.9b, TGA on bromocriptine, PSA journal awards, Health, Beauty and New Products and much more

Pharmacy Daily for Wed 16 Jul 2014 - Diabetes ed could save $3.9b, TGA on bromocriptine, PSA journal awards, Health, Beauty and New Products and much more

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Published by pharmacydaily

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Published by: pharmacydaily on Jul 15, 2014
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Wednesday 16 Jul 2014
Pharmacy Daily Wednesday 16th July 2014 t 1300 799 220 w www.pharmacydaily.com.au page 1
VTE risk with the pill
 uy, h I Ac Suc Suy f W Tk O Ccp, h c  u h   c c  h k f u  , cu u
thromboembolism (VTE).
 to access the abstract.
This week
giving ve readers the chance to win a
Caroline’s Skincare
pack, containing two tubes of the
New Caroline’s Cream
The New Caroline’s Cream has been reformulated, making it more effective in offering relief for skin conditions.The addition of Aloe Vera, Vitamin  A and Colloidal Oatmeal with the existing powerful natural ingredients makes it a formidable formulation. Australian-made, it’s an absolute must for every bathroom cabinet. Visit:
To win, be frst to send the answer to:
Is the New Caroline’s Cream suitable to use on babies?
Congratulations to yesterday’s winner,
Doug Padman
Blooms The Chemist.
TGA + bromocriptine
A (TGA)
spokesperson said the TGA was
w f h Phcc Rk A C (PRAC) c h bcp  b u uy f p  pp k puc (
 14 Jul).
I Au, h cu c w y   “p f  f c  h pupu f cy 
medical reasons. Therapy should
b cu f 14 y  p bu c”  “hu 
be used to suppress established
c”  PI cu  cu h    by PRAC, hy .
Price Disclosure table
Dp f Hh h
released a Price Disclosure cycle
b whch  h  cyc   .
Most drug/MoAs will join price disclosure in April, August and
Dcb f ch y,  f Ocb h y (
 20 Jun).
Th b   cc    uc f
each cycle were intended to be announced in mid to late December
f Ap uc y     Ju f Ocb uc
days.Updated Procedural and
Op u h
also been released, including an
w f pc cu. T w h b,
 w h u,
Priceline ARA gong
Australian Retailers
Ac h w Pc Phcy R f h Y.
The Priceline network beat out
  SupChp Au
and Pandora and was the only
phcy  b    .API c Sph Rch 
the award was testament to the
ucc f Pc’  y,   hp.R  k p h   wh f
11.5%, Roche said.
Diabetes ed could save $3.9b
h fu h $3.9b    Au hhc c cu b  h y f uc p w  b  h wh b.
Commissioned by the Australian
Db Euc Ac
(ADEA) and conducted by
D Acc Ecc, h ch k  h b f C Db Euc, wh qu   
disciplines, including pharmacy.
Th c f CDE w   $173 p p wh b p u, wh h b f b uc, h u b f b uc,   quy ju f y f $650  1% f GDP p cp, h
report said.
“If b uc w b f h  ppu f pp wh b (1,372,577 pp), h   bu cu b u $6.1b p u.” I , h uc hh y c u f b uc cu  f uc fqucy f hp , cy p, GP   cb, wh   f $2,827  u hh y c  p cp f CDE c, h
report said.
Th qu $3.9b f  Au wh b c c,   h $16  p
dollar spent, the report said.
T  h fu p,
PSA journal awards
b y c f
excellence with three awards in the
ww T, Ac  Bu Pubc I
B u  500     f c h
globe were Rebecca Jones, taking out the top Gold Award in the Front
C, Phph cy  w   Hub M f h F C, Iu cy.Phcuc Scy f Au pubc  c
Peter Waterman won an
Hub M f h fu c  -k k  h  ppu, ‘Bby B, Rky V’.
Wednesday 16 Jul 2014
Pharmacy Daily Wednesday 16th July 2014 t 1300 799 220 w www.pharmacydaily.com.au page 2
Wesley Research talk
 w’ puc hh w b h ubjc f h x f Hh Tk  h Wy Rch Iu.
It will be held at the Wesley
Rch Iu, Auchw, f 10.30   29 Ju.
Wesley Researcher Dr Elise
Pz   bc c wh ch   puc  w’ hh f p-ccp  bh.
To register,
ARTG cancels CM
 Cf Dy Supp f Nw
Enterprises has been cancelled
f h Au R f Thpuc G (ARTG) fw  cpc w.
 f .
EMA clinical data transparency delay
 h  f fuh cc  w  pcc  u h  f h Eup Mc Acy’ (EMA) w cc 
data policy (
 03 May), the
p f h w pcy w b y u Oc 2014.Th pcy fc  pcy by pc pubh f cc  .Pc, chc, p   cc--cc
issues needed to be balanced
 pc  cu
and would be worked through
bf Ocb, h EMA .
To read more,
PBS simplifcation
Phcuc B Sch h  ch  h Hhy Spc Du
Programme including changes related to the prescribing and
uppy f czp  HIV  hpy (
 08 Ju). Ec h h, cuy
pharmacies, not just hospital pharmacies, will be able to dispense these medicines as a
 uhy,  f
where they were prescribed. For clozapine this change will apply to maintenance therapy only.
Th Scy f Hp Phc f Au h
welcomed the change as a
“wkb  b pc.
More private claims
sector medical indemnity claims strongly
uub h ub f pubc c c  2012-13,
according to a report released by
h Au Iu f Hh  Wf.
Public sector claims were less
h  h f h u 3,300 c p y f 2010-11  2012-13. Th h b  h w  c cc wh p
medical clinics rather than public hospitals, the report said.
 f .
FIP mother’s policy
pcy  pcc hu c h U N’ Gb Sy f W’  Ch’ Hh  h Ey Nwb Ac P, h I Phcuc F (FIP), h .FIP’ c cu c f cc p
encouraging policies that allow pharmacists to work within their
fu cp f pcc,  cc  h b pcc  c  c phc’ ,  wh h  f p , wb 
child health.
ACPM member update
Ay C  Pcp Mc (ACPM) h
updated its membership list with
bf b  p   f h  f h y.
 f fu .
Boards update
Au Hh Pc Ru Acy (AHPRA)  
its boards, including the Pharmacy
B f Au, u wh h AHPRA c “fh uy pcp”  f 01 Ju.
It said the principles encouraged a
p, k-b ppch  u c  pf.
The Pharmacy Board will be
k fbck  h y
on the principles which will be
w  12 h  b  h fbck.
One such principle was that when
h b k c   pc, u uy fc   h k p by h pcc w k,  pc
the public.
“Ou c   
protect the public and not to
puh pc.”
For more,
Incruse Ellipta nod
Incruse Ellipta (umeclidinium) has been
pp  Au   c-
daily, maintenance bronchodilator
   yp  u wh chc buc
pulmonary disease.
DoseMe raises $500k
personalised medicine startup DoseMe has
 $500,000 f  f xp   uch.Th b  wb-b  p w c pc  fy pcb c b   p’ u by  bb, pc
and clear a drug, the company said.
Spoonful of error
published in
fu p wh u
teaspoon or tablespoon units had
wc h  f k  
with the intended and prescribed
 f c.Th  upp  -y   uc c , h pp
said, as teaspoon and tablespoon
u cu y 
nonstandard kitchen spoon use.
Th uy k  287 Eh  Sph-pk p wh
children were prescribed liquid
c  w cy
Mc  w c  wh 39.4% f p
making an error in measurement, the research said.
 to read the research.
Oxycontin drop
Syy Mcy Sup Ijc C (Syy MSIC) h
said preliminary data has shown
 h w  “y c uc”  Oxyc jc   ub w 
trending downwards.
Th w p-pf fu f Oxyc w
introduced in April (
 03 Jun) and
   pubh by
, Syy MSIC c c D M
Jauncey said where the centre used
 h u 800    p wk f Oxyc jc,  w h  h  f 50.Hw  w   c
in other drug use, including
ph, h  fy.A wky  f h jc  f 236  h
nine weeks to March to 324 in the
13 wk f Ap  Ju,  ph ub  f 48
to 146.
H  fy c hh  k h Oxyc,  h C h   f  c , h .
This data appeared consistent
wh   bu h w  y w  h qu f h b wy fw    h by  hw f
generic Oxycodone in Australia, she said.Only immediate data was
b  c   cu  b cc 
determine longer term impacts, and trends needed to stabilise
bf up cu b  bu   pc,h ,  h N Op Mc Abu Dc (NOMAD) uy cu hp.Muph c  c Ch Sh  h cpy upp h NOMAD
study which would show the
u  Au.US  pubh 
Pharmacoepidemiology and drug safety
 p f h by Oxyc b c by 82% fw fu.Th N Du  Ach
Research Centre said it was in the
pc f u h p pf f.T  h ,

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