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Eng 110 - Language and Social Forces - Feminsm

Eng 110 - Language and Social Forces - Feminsm

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Published by deveousdevil
This is my essay on Feminism that I wrote for my English 110 class. tell me what you think.
This is my essay on Feminism that I wrote for my English 110 class. tell me what you think.

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Published by: deveousdevil on Dec 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Pekker, AryehEng 110Paper 1September 16, 2009The language of feminism cannot be discussed meaningfully outside the context of thosesocial forces which have made it both an issue demanding our attention and a problem calling for a resolution.Feminism is the belief that women are equal to men in society. For as long as history has been recorded it has always been men who have been in charge. Women have always beenconsidered the weaker sex or the servants of men, not competent or strong enough to lead or have any important role in society. The goal of feminism is to erase such a way of thought andacknowledge the truth, that although women may be physically different than men, they have infact as much if not more to offer to the world as men do and are entitled to the sameopportunities in order to present such offers. For example, the discrimination of women in thework force. There is no justifiable reason to say that women cannot be as good as men at beingdoctors, or lawyers, or teachers. Even here in America women have had to fight tooth and nail tohave their basic rights recognized by the state. Women’s suffrage was only recognized in theyear 1919, a hundred and forty three years after this nation was officially established.Today, feminism appears to have been corrupted both by the social forces that opposed itin the beginning and the ones we have today that exist under the guise that they are in support of feminism but are in fact subconsciously destroying it from the inside. The most obvious foes of feminism are powerful, insecure men. Men who are afraid that the power they achieved throughthe advantages given to them by society simply
they are men, whether it be financial, political or social power, will be taken away if women are extended the same rights to achievethe same forms of power or influence.
Such paranoia and fear has prompted many religious figures to condemn feminism byusing their beliefs as their backup. It is arguable as to the extent that religions discriminateagainst women, but irrefutable that every major religion that describes the roles of a man and awoman, in some way or the other attach a more subservient role to women. Such beliefs areunfortunately exploited by ultra-conservative men such as King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, whosupports laws restricting women from being allowed to drive and men like Pat Robertson here inthe United States, a famous televangelist who was quoted in 1992 saying that “
The feminist agenda is not about equal rights for women. It is about a socialist, anti-family political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practicewitchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.
” (“Equal Rights Initiative in IowaAttacked”, Washington Post, August 23, 1992). Now, neither one of these men uses logic in their arguments and beliefs against women,other than the fact that their religious beliefs dictate that women are not equal to men and that if they were to accept such logic they would both be forsaking their beliefs, their gods and makingit easier for women to achieve the same status they achieved, making women more secure andmaking them more insecure.The other social force that is destroying feminism is the popular media. Today there aredozens upon dozens of different television shows, magazines, tabloids, movies, songs etc. telling people what is good and what is bad, what is fashionable and what is ordinary, what is sexy andwhat is un-sexy. If you open up a magazine such as “Vogue” or “Bazaar” or turn on the MTVchannel some of the first things you’ll see are advertisements for a new skin cream, lipstick,mascara etc. all of which will supposedly bring out a woman’s “true natural beauty”, as if a
synthetic cream or lotion is somehow more natural than your actual skin and as if beauty is onlymeasured by a woman’s appearance.Although all of these medias may be making these false standards of beauty to make a profit, they are, perhaps unintentionally, degrading feminism by making women think that theyare not good enough just the way they are, and instead have to continuously improve themselves.Things that we know to be natural, such as acne, are now seen as
and have to be“fixed” even though there is nothing broken. It has gotten to the point where women must makethemselves attractive to men in order to appear “sexy” enough for a man to have pointless sexwith her. Worse off, women accept the fact that they are not equal to men until they havechanged enough of their physical appearance according to the standard, a standard that itself isalso continuously changing.I myself have had some experience with this when dating my ex-girlfriend. I found her very attractive and often complimented her on her appearance. Sometimes I would evendiscourage her from wearing makeup because she was already good looking. When I did this Imight get an expression of gratitude, but very often I was met with a stare or verbal expression of clear 
. I had suggested she simply go out showing her actual natural physical beauty,and was met with disapproval.These kinds of trends have to stop if there is any hope of preserving feminism and femaleequality in the modern world. Men have to stop being scared of women achieving the sameranks in society as they do and women have to start fighting back against negative socialconditioning brought on by the media and corporations. Women are equal to men just as menare equal to women. Denying this fact leads only to more paranoia in men, more crimes againstwomen, and more pain and inequality for all. Both sexes have demonstrated their unique

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