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Renesmee's Story 5

Renesmee's Story 5

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Published by bellamasen
think it is a pic in there
think it is a pic in there

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Published by: bellamasen on Dec 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 I can’t believe this has happened I don’t love him anymore. I can’t love him no matter how hard I try I love someone else and he is something other than Jacob and us. I onlysee him. I can’t love Jacob anymore its like our imprint has been broken and it hurts. Butit hurts more than to be away from Stephen he is everything..... But he kills people andhe can’t stop because he can’t control it …it ………it isn’t his fault. But I can’t save him. Ihave to fight to be with him but I can’t hurt everyone. What can I choose? Him or Jacob?Family or enemy? 
Chapter 1: explanation
 I rolled over in bed. Ugg I so don’t want to go to school today. Why can’t we all stayhome all the time? Oh yeah cause daddy says we can’t oh wait I mean my brother Edward says we can’t!! God I’m goanna get so confused with calling mom Bella andcalling dad Edward. SO confusing!! I’m goanna slip and we’re goanna have to move
!Well better get on with my story. I’m Renesmee Carly Cullen. I’m sort a freak becauseI’m half vampire and half human. My mom in Isabella Marie Swan Cullen. My dad inEdward Anthony Mason Cullen. I know long names know this is going to sound weird butI’m only seven but I look “seventeen” well one of the perks being a half and half freakalso I’m super smart. I have the Best boyfriend ever or you could call him fiancé becausehe proposed a week ago!! But I think my dad is going to kill him and I mean really. Butanyway I guess its time for school….
Chapter 2: School
What to wear? What to wear? I asked myself for thebillionth time!! I finally settled on a pair of old ripped jeans, atank that showed like a 2 inches of my midriff, and a blackpair of converse. I left my hair down (it went past my hipsand Alice won’t let me cut it but I plan to very soon).I went downstairs but someone grabbed me from behind itwas Jake. “Hay sweetie” he said right before giving me areally deep kiss he tasted like honey and I wanted more butmy dad growled from behind me! I let go of Jacob and fallflat on my butt! “Shit” I muttered. “Renesmee” my dad yelled“Language”. Before I knew what I was saying I said “Shutup” to Edward/dad oh great now I’m in even deeper shit andoh yeah he can read my mind but I can kind of keep him outcause I got mom’s “shield ” really hard to work but I’mgetting better. Edward looks like he’s goanna kill me “sorry “I mutter. Before he could say anything Alice came in theroom looking like she was about to cry “Nessie I can’tbelieve you are doing this to me!!!” “What?” I ask,dumbfounded. Alice yells “. You’re just like your mother: NOSENCE OF STYLE!!!” I really don’t care what I look like so IJust walked away saying “I really don’t care Alice actually Icould care less!!” I got in the Volvo waiting for Bella,Edward, Emmet, and Rose. Well the story is goanna beEdward, Alice, Emmet, and I are goanna be the Cullens.Rose, Jazz, and Bella are going to be the Hales. Esme andCarlisle Cullen adopted us.By this time we are already at school and on our way toperiod one. I get to be in the same class as Edward, andAlice. And Edward/dad still looks pretty pissed just great I’mgoing to be in big trouble when we get home! And Jake isn’there he has to stay home so that just puts me in a bad
mood. I’m in my first period classroom that’s when I first sawhim….He is absolutely beautiful!! He has shoulder length darkbrown hair and beautiful ice blue eyes! Thank God I’mblocking my thoughts I can do it without thinking bout it now.He looks up and sees me we star deep into each otherseyes for what seems like eternity. That’s when it happened Ifell out of love with Jake and now I’m in love with him. I don’teven know his name yet. Without thinking about it I’mwalking towards him.He looks up when I reach his desk. He looks up at meand says “Hi” I swear to God can’t breathe, from my sidevision I see dad and Alice staring at me, shocked but I don’tcare. All I care about him. I think he can feel the attractiontoo.“Hi my Nessie Cullen” I say before I could loose mynerve. He says “hi my name is Stephen Royal” He is stillstaring at me with a shocked look. He looks like he’s under aspell. Before I can say anything else the teacher calls theclass to order and I go and take a seat by Edward. He givesme a very funny look but I look straight ahead.How could this happen??? I thought an imprint couldn’t bebroken!!! I think I’m in love with Stephen –Something (a paper airplane) comes at me and I catch itbefore Edward can catch it. I open it angling it so daEdwardcan’t see it. It says: 
Hay, NessieMeet me behind the school at lunch. U can get outreally easy there’s a back door in the cafeteria justgo out of it and meet me.Stephen
Oh my, He felt it to and he likes me to. I’m so going to meethim at lunch. 

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