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The Kingdom of God Cometh Not With Observation.

The Kingdom of God Cometh Not With Observation.

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"The kingdom of God cometli not with observation."— Luke xvii : 20.

"The kingdom of God cometli not with observation."— Luke xvii : 20.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jul 16, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE KIGDOM OF GOD COMETH OT WITH OBSERVATIO. BY RICHARD FULLER "The kingdom of God cometli not with observation."— Luke xvii : 20. T7 VERYWHEEE wefind this difference between little- -C-^ ness and greatness, that the former is loud and noisy, while the latter is calm and quiet; the most potent forces being ever deep and still — the silent rays of the sun, ac- cording to the fable, achieving what defied all the tumult and bluster of the storm. When we compare our works with the works of God, this contrast is most striking. — We can do nothing without a flourish of trumpets; with- out seeking to attract attention by pomp, pageantry, os- tentation ; but how silently God performs his glorious op- erations. The sun shines; the starry canopy glows with radiant urns of light; the seasons revolve — winter, spring, summer, autumn, with their beneficent ministries ; plan- ets, worlds, constellations burn along their orbits; and all how mutely, how unobtrusively. The passage I have read declares that, in the kingdom of God — the Gospel dispensation — there is the same ab- sence of all display and parade. I offer you one or two thoughts in illustration of this great truth. I. And, first, I remark, that the kingdom of God was not ushered in with pomp and splendor; so the Saviour's language may be and has been translated. In uttering the text, Jesus intended to correct the uni- versal error of the Jews as to the Messiah and his glory. 50 Richard Fuller's Sermons. o anticipations could have been more magnificent than
those they cherished as to this august deliverer and his illustrious victories; and a long train of venerable pro- phecies converged upon that period of the world's history, as "the fullness of the time" when he should appear. Hence the question of the Pharisees, and the Saviour's answer. "And when he was demanded of the Pharisees when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation. either shall they say, Lo here! or Lo there! for behold the kingdom of God is within you." — Very remarkable words these, whether we consider the persons addressed or the speaker himself. Expectation was now on tiptoe. Shiloh was about to appear, and with imperial sway to establish his empire, breaking the Koman yoke, and exalting his chosen people to sovereignty over the whole world. I need not tell yon how this cherished traditional pride of the nation would rise up in revolt against a Messiah invested with no earthly glory, and coming with no display nor demon- stration. And the speaker, what, who was he ? In any view of his character, the announcement he here makes is aston- ishing. For if he was the Messiah, all the dearest hopes of Israel were miserably disappointed. If hew r as only an obscure Hebrew youth, whence had he this knowledge, this conception of a kingdom wholly spiritual, and which, even at this day, most professed Christians are incapable of comprehending ? My brethren, how entirely the kingdom of Christ was founded without any of the parade, pomp and circum- stance expected by the Jews, you all know. The king himself made his entrance, not as the nation anticipated, nor as we would have predicted. o heralds announce his approach, no imposing retinue form his escort. While the Jews are looking for signs — for visible tokens and prognostications — lo, at midnight, in an obscure village,
a most unnoticeable every-day thing occurs, "a child is born." All heaven is in commotion at that birth ; and, in brilliant files, angels and archangels rush down to Bethlehem, shaking celestial radiance from their wings, The Kingdom of God cometh not with Observation. 51 shedding choral harmonies from their lyres; but there is no stir upon earth. K"ot in the day, when all was noise and tumult, but when the heart of the busy world was asleep, when nature was hushed in solemn repose, and only silent stars kept watch like sentinels; not in a time of war, when the souls of men were ready to hail a martial chieftain, but in a period of universal peace ; not in the capital, but in a sequestered hamlet, far away from the haunts and observation of men ; — then, there, he was manifested; and so manifested, so humbly and softly; with no awful presence, with no regal state and equipage ; but the incarnation of gentleness and meekness ; an infant nestling in the bosom of a lowly maiden. Only a few rustic shepherds knew that the King had come — just as now only a few simple wakeful souls feel his approach.. Pharisees with their sanctities, scribes with their learning, the very priests ministering at the altar, were ignorant of this amazing phenomenon. Xo crowds thronged to welcome the Eedeemer; no ac- clamations greeted the Prince of Peace. He came as "a root out of a dry ground, having no form nor comeliness;" with nothing to distinguish him from any other poor child, unless it were deeper abasement, poorer parentage, and meaner accommodation. And as was his advent, so were his life, death, resur- rection, and ascension. Compared with these eyents all the records of heroes and kings, all revolutions, the fall and rise of states and empires, are turned into contempt; yet, at the time, they attracted little notice from man- kind.

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