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Published by: Satvinder Deep Singh on Jul 17, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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19-E, Ganesh Nagar Extension, Shakarpur,
Delhi - 110092.
Phone# 011-22052233 / 92133755
To, _____________________________  _____________________________ Dear Sir/ Madam,With my warm greetings to you, and my interest, to working on a senior management position in your organization. Followings are the details of my eperien!ed/ "ualifi!ation and my a#ility. This is the first step ineploring my possi#ilities of employment in your !ompany.
 $s a Senior %erson of your organization, & wouldfo!us on 'uality ( dependa#ility of your #usiness/ ser)i!e system. Furthermore, & !an work ( !o*ordinate withothers as & am an eperien!ed person, in pro+e!t management/ ee!ution/ admin.
I am also capable of doingInstitutional sales/ Liaison.
& would appre!iate, for your keeping this in'uiry !onfidential till you are finalized. $nd & am looking forward to
fix an interview at a convenient Date & time for ou.
 Thank you for your !onsideration.
 ! "ualification#s
.& ha)e !ompleted su!!essfully, my workshop
on %!% under %!I #'()$ and the valued certificateissued for *%roject !anagement+ course as per international standard.
%assed diploma in me!hani!al engineering from te!hni!al #oard of aryana. &n an 01-, withspe!ifi! su#+e!t of operation and maintenan!e of utilities. 2.%assed higher se!ondary eam from eaminer #oard of Delhi. &n !ommer!e in $pr*034. With 345Marks.
(alar/ %er,s
& ha)e started my !areers with a !onsolidated salary 6f 7S. -8/9 plus #enefits :Total 248/9 %.M. and the lastsalary & ha)e drawn, from M/S
-am, nerg & nv. Ltd.
 $s ead of ;DM< %ro+e!t, 7S. 38,888 plus#enefits total <T< appro= 7S, 1>,888 and & am epe!ting 1>k if posting in ;<7
 $nd 7S. 6ne ?a! 6ther area,
 and for overseas appointment a minimum 010002 In hand.
Date and pla!e of #irth@ 83/80/0>2 at Delhi.
%assport3 45660780 valid up to 09/09/70:
.?anguages & do know )ery well are
;indi1 nglish and %unjabi
in speak, write and read.
I am also good and friendl user on computer to carr m all routine wor,.)ward.
I have been presented a
national award 
 by the union min. on 22/12/98 at New Delhi, in the field of proe!t, mana"ement on re!ommendation of #orld e!onomi! forums Indian subsidiary. I haverepresented $amky, in front of % 
&resident of India at &resident 'state in 2((8) 
(pecialized )rea of wor,ing
My ser)i!es has #een utilized for piping turn key pro+e!ts, at <ham#al Fertilizer Aota, ?%B Cottling %lant Sangli,Swai Madhopur, nnao, oshiarpur for %<?/&6<? and refinery Mathura, Caruni. $nd Fertilizer of Caruni, Tal!her.With pro!ess piping at Maruti dyog ?td, Burgaon. onda Siel <ar Breater ;oida.
<uer hemicals1 =. >oida.
During ?ct 700 to Aan. 7006 m services was retained b an '( >-I !> for monitor of their -eal estateproject in >-/ 'ttra,hand1 I>DI). In 70050: I was in <angladesh where1 I was monitored a project of *BC1 4) & %) sstems+ at %ort )uthorit hittagong. 4or a Delhi <ased consultanc & engineeringservices provider compan but due to political instabilit the project is not been ended up to the desiredlevel.I had been involved in mechanical euipments/ piping1 steel structure+s erection and commissioning. )swell as related civil construction wor,.
My responsi#ilities, in!lusi)e of preparing the T(%, manpower, times!heduling/ planning et!. With M/S Aeil $nagal#au. De. For their pro+e!t at M/S Cuyer <hemi!al ?td. plant B. ;oida.
'--I'L'! CIB)
 $ug*002/ May*-88E
!/( !ulti ngineering (ervices and their associates in Bhane / !umbai and Cadodara
oin as
!anager %rojects
and later promoted as
senior manager for 
 Delhi region. :During 000*8E with asso!iates.$ppointed to their M? B7B$6;, onda !ar B.;6&D$ site for monitor of turnkey pro+e!ts related to pipelines, utilities and appli!ation of paint shop ser)i!es pipelines. &n my dire!t !ontrol was whole site a!ti)ities, in!luding men power management, materials follow up, )endors/employee sele!tion appointments, pur!hasing of materiel and tools /plants.
Follow up with !lients/!onsultant and statuary authority et!. and Follow up of payment realization and fund management. <ontrol and implement of !o. poli!ies with around -> men power. From Deputy Manager to helper.
Gnhan!ed !o. turn o)er from 2>m in 002 to >88m in 004. During pro)iding a#o)e ser)i!es & ha)e worked with !onsultants like, TAS/SM&T6M6/ A$W$S$A& STGG?S.
My salary/ perks also in!reased 2>85 during my tenure of ser)i!es & ha)e #een transferred to Delhi regional offi!e for looking the institutional sales mainly in power/ %etroleum/gas authority, se!tor for !ross !ountry piping and utilities.
During 000*-88E Worked with this group of !ompanies and my +o# responsi#ilities in!lude fa#ri!ation, supply and installation of e'uipments ma!hines for !on)eying, s!reening and !rushing systems for sugar &ndustries. & was responsi#le for the o)erall a!ti)ities in ;orthern &ndia in!luding the !ustomer follow up in installation. Te!hno*!ommer!ial matters, dispat!h from suppliers et!. &n addition, & ha)e de)eloped the good &ndustrial relation with !lients/!onsultants and other authorities. Working with this !ompany as stated a#o)e, was H
?n retainer ship
 Fe#*044 to May*002.
!/( (pac, ngineers & consultants1 >ew Delhi.
oined as
(r. ngineer onstruction
and later promoted to $
sst. !gr / !anager and manager %roject.
 .& ha)e #een appointed for ee!ution of turn key pro+e!ts after designing to fa#ri!ation ere!tion testing and !ommissioning of pro+e!ts for total fire dete!tion ( fighting systems that in!ludes laying pipelines for )arious utilities.-.?ater in due !ourse of ser)i!e period my responsi#ilities in!reased to monitor series of pro+e!ts spread in length and #readth of the !ountry.2.& ha)e maintained good relation with workers/staff !lients and other !onsultants/authorities.E.The salary and perks in!reased three folds during tenure of my ser)i!es.
During wor,ing in executions of turn,e projects1
I have served the various big companies viz. I?L/ ;%L1I?L1 Bhermals1 -efineries and Irrigations dams. 'nder the strict supervision of renowned consultants li,e.IL1 B?E?1 D%L1 D>C1 B)1 B'C etc. 4or m emploers+ companies. !ar5F97/ Aul5F69. & in 70050:1 Carious co. in India/ (audi )rab/ >epal/ Eemen & <angla Desh
. 7an#ay* ;ew Delhi, -, yundai <onstru!tion ?td. Saudi $ra#, 2, SS7 em#assy ;epal and E, group of hotel of 6#eroi ;ew Delhi ( Sheraton :Iemen
For operation ( maintenan!e of utilities ser)i!es, in!luding Coilers, water* Sewage ser)i!e WT% et!, and E. $t <hittagong %ort Trust Cangla Desh, for F.$/ %.$ ( se!urity systems.
Gith regards1
 )D)-(; H'!)- A)I>1 #I am belong to !ittal+s <usiness communit$#)pplicant$1 x1 %roj5;ead >D!1 & )! )hmadabad1 for !/( -am, nerg Ltd1

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