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Published by BernZZ_10
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Published by: BernZZ_10 on Mar 23, 2008
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How To Instantly Attract Any Woman You WantBrought to You by www.art-of-seduction-online.comThe source of free advice and dating tips for those who want to be a killer pickup artist. “The Unedited, Raw Chapter” Published by Simon Heong & David KwanCopyright © 2006, Simon Heong InstantAttractionProgram.comIt is recommended that you print this entire document out for more enjoyablereading and learning experience.Instant Attraction ProgramAnd Your Journey Begins…Guys, if you want to be able to approach, pick up, attract, seduce any of thesexiest hottest women of your choice, just follow the following techniques…Have A Game Plan…Let me be the first to say that most guys just wing it. They have absolutely nogame plan whatsoever. There are some basic things that you need to know inorder to be successful with women. There are situations that will arise thatyou need to know how to handle. There are also things you need to know inorder to prevent certain things from happening. Every man needs a startingpoint and a foundation from which to build upon. You have to ask yourself what kind of person you are trying to be in addition to the question of whattype of success are you trying to achieve with women. You have to decide thatyou’ll do whatever is necessary to get a handle on your dating life. You alsohave to be willing to rid yourself of any old ineffective habits and allowyourself the option of trying new things that will probably go against manybelief patterns that you now may currently possess. One question you have toask yourself is “Do you care what others think?” Remember you can’t do crazythings if you do. Another required skill will be learning to be indifferent andnot care about any particular outcome. Having a game plan gives you ablueprint to follow, a gauge to see when you’re off course and a map to findyour way back. It helps stabilize you as well as gives what you’re doingstructure, which the lack of can be as detrimental to the best laid plans assmoking crack and trying to go to sleep. It just won’t work. It gives you a planof attack as well as a defensive position. Have you ever noticed in “War, Loveand Politics”, things usually go to the aggressor who has a plan.Page 2 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramWhen you have a game plan, you have purpose. Women can tell a man with apurpose in life a mile away. They also find a man that is focused and knowswhat he wants very sexy.Stop Looking For The Perfect Pick-up Line…Just be a natural; it's the rare invisible ninja art. So many people are teachingessentially the art of 'tricking her' into bed. I always knew there wassomething amiss with this, so I never got into it too much. Instead, I've hadnatural success with women from over two dozen countries (and the U.S. of course!) to date by just being a natural. Yes, and that includes when I didn'teven know their language. The ability to attract and have success with womenis a natural function. Look, they want sex just as much as we men do but in adifferent way. They theoretically even have to want it as much, or the naturalbalance would be thrown off and we wouldn't be here today. It just is differentwhen it comes to women. They're more turned on by a guy's energy than hislooks alone. Plus they usually need to be 'warmed up' instead of having aninstant hog wild sex desire for you. It's about how you are and how youcommunicate with her that really turns her on and opens your pathway; it'sabout your level of respect for yourself AND your unspoken respect for her andher body. Learning pick up lines implies some quick fix or magic trick. In fact,the whole seduction community is operating out of what I call the currentsocial 'forced reality'. It's simply a by-product where men adapt themselves tothe current social reality instead of looking at the more powerful, timeless,unchanging natural process of attraction which still exists in her and in you.It's just been covered up.Page 3 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramWhen you can operate out of a natural understanding and embrace it, you cantalk baby talk to her or in another language and she'll be attracted to you, itdoesn't matter. When did we ever have to 'learn' how to be effective withwomen? What if nature's species of animals had to be 'taught' how to besuccessful with women? They'd move toward extinction. The truth is, theyKNOW how to mate and communicate with each other and humans do as well.Nothing has changed. It's just been covered up in the past few short decades.The truth has been hidden, yet throughout complex social behavior patterns of women and your own confusing past experiences, underneath lies the simpletruths of natural attraction which has nothing to do with pick up lines and evenworks more effectively today than ever before because of the massive amountof frustration created by the modern dating paradox (men are saying 'whydoes she treat me like this' and women are saying 'where are all the realmen'). If you're coming from the wrong energy, it doesn't matter what you sayto her because you'll 99% fail. The power to succeed is not just in changingyour inner game, it's in connecting yourself with a greater understanding andaligning your thoughts, beliefs and lifestyle around natural understanding andsuccess instead of a superficial social fix. Sure, those things can be nice spiceon top of a true natural mindset (so rare today) and can then accelerate thingsfaster, but when done on their own, the perfect 'line' can never be perfect orwork everytime and everything else becomes ‘technique based’ (… think “wellwhat do I say to her 'next'?”) which leads to failure, rejection and massiveinconsistency. That's all a byproduct of the forced reality which consequentlytakes a LOT of game time and preparation in order to see still limited resultsby becoming a PUA (Pick Up Artist). It's an unnatural path that I believe mostmen just don't feel is them nor something that they should have to do just inorder to meet women or get laid because it doesn't seem right or natural.Page 4 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramSo the answer? It's in becoming a rare natural and ultimately adding value towomen's lives but more importantly, living your life in harmony with universalprinciples (which gives you the massive leverage to make a big change andfast) and becoming who you really are as a man and not someone you aren't just to 'get something' from women.Become A More Social, Interdependent Person…The beauty of this is that it's aligned to being a natural man who women areattracted to without having any of the creepy vibe that comes with going outof your way to approach her or trying to 'get something' from her. It starts off nice and natural when you're being just a social person. Once you startcommunicating with her, you can take it from PG-13 to rated R if you feel sheis responsive to you. Being social and naturally communicative stems fromwanting to add value out into the world and never depends on seekingsomeone else's approval because you have your boundaries but you can sharea lot of things with people because that's what life is about. Ever notice howthe life of the party guy usually has women all around him? Well, why can'tthat be you? Maybe it already IS you on the inside but you just need to bringit outwards. You've made people laugh before right? You've had a great timewith buddies before right? Why not just break down all barriers and becomemore like that with all people... when you show who you are up front, it allowswomen to actually have something to go off of and be attracted to you...otherwise, how is she going to find out who you are unless you take a long,long time if you're really shy when you SHOULD be naturally talking withpeople. Not just women out of a scarcity mentality, but being sociallyabundant knowing that you're going to meet interesting and great people thatyou canPage 5 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction Programdevelop things further with. In social environments and with a 'social' state of mind, you can easily get women's phone numbers after a short conversation if you want. But I strongly recommend putting yourself in environments whereit's acceptable for something like that to happen. You can 'go out of your way'to get phone numbers on the streets of women but still it's creepy...they knowwhere you're coming from and your chance of scoring with them that way isvery little. It's a waste of time, really. I recommend practicing eye contact andsaying to women in public but you can't sleep with every hottie that walks byon the street... put yourself in environments where people want to connect orwhere it's more socially 'ok' for her conscience. Be in environments where youcan still 'naturally' meet her even if it's an organized event. This way, it's notas creepy to her, plus when you're a natural using the invisible art (and youreally couldn't care either way what she says) it will be easy to makeconnections and get information to follow up. Don't be the X-Rated guy andtell her you want to f*** her.... There's a time and place (like adult chatrooms) for that. She wants to meet healthy, social men who are leading theirown lives who she met 'naturally' and then 'things led from there' (of courseyou know where they'd lead). Have her guessing what's next when you do getinvolved and don't be predictable or boring. Becoming more of a social personin general is going to open doors up for you like you wouldn't believe. It's allabout making connections. The more connections you make, the more womenand options you're going to have. Once you know cool people that are like youthat you can add or exchange value to their lives with, they'll have otherpeople (and women) who they can introduce you to.Page 6 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramIt's just a roundabout circle that works in your favor, not to mention that it'shealthy and normal.Don't Smother The Girl...This means don’t be the pervert who follows her through the malls, shoppingcenters and school hallways or sits at her lunch table all period and doesn’tsay hardly a word but just hopes by being near her. The same one who callsthat night to talk on the phone for hours and get nowhere with her. Then sheturns around to her friends and says he’s a loser. Yes, you can guess what Idid, I smothered her the next day by coming by at around 10am to hang out.We went inside her house and just stayed there and I pretty much killed it.The moment I began to like her and wanted her more, the more she pulledaway and found better things to do. She moved on and we weren’t evenfriends. That night I had stopped by, we both wanted each other pretty bad,but through my desperateness for her attraction, it quickly died out. Thelesson here is too many guys are waiting on the woman hand and foot. If youreverse the roles and have her want you 24/7, it puts you in the positionwhere you are in control. My idea of control is not when you are in charge of what she does and says and you make the rules, etc… but it’s when you takecharge of the interaction and/or situation as it‘s happening…. Don’t allow herto get out of control. And don’t allow her to control you. What is thepunishment if she fails to follow your rules? Her punishment if she fails tocontrol herself, becomes a hassle or is no longer attractive to you, is she losesyour attention and attraction. This is a big punishment if you manage to beattractive to her and come across as charming and respectful. This will notreally be much of a punishment if you are unattractive (not physically) orbecome an asshole.Page 7 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramNow, don’t mistake this advice I’ve given so far as you have to be Mr. Machoman where you must control her and not allow her to get out of line or there’spunishment. That’s how an asshole thinks, not an attractive man. Bysmothering a girl, it’s where you spend all of your time on her and do theOPPOSITE of being in control, where she is given the power and you’re at herevery whim. Don’t jump into opportunities to meet her places, do things andhang out and don’t stay on the phone too long, which is another way tosmother her which I’ll talk about later. Of course every other time or once in awhile it’s fine to meet her places and do things, just not all the time. Bymaking yourself a challenge, it makes her want you to be around a lot moreand you can do that without jumping into opportunities to be with her. If sheasks for you to go to her house, tell her “You probably just want to bring meinto your bedroom and take advantage of me, in this case I‘m going to have toturn you down on your offer.” See where I’m going? This is just the opposite of saying “Yes, yes I’ll be right over.” and yet so much more productive. It getsher to want you to come over 2x as bad.Playful Teasing Through Words…This has to do back with what I said about my kindergarten story. It works,the idea is not to put them down or make them feel bad, but to just point outsomething or tease a girl about anything and everything (try and avoidphysical jokes unless you feel she‘ll be comfortable with it). Find anything, herpurse, shoes, glasses, what she’s doing, how she’s doing it, where she’s goingand make a smart or wise ass comment about it sure to make her laugh. Theintention of your playful teasing is not to tease; keep in mind your intention isto attract her and nothing else. Most guys get offset and decide to do thisteasing thing all night and it winds up pissing her off.Page 8 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramTease her when you have a funny or naughty little comment that comes tomind and don’t hold back. I had to re-learn this skill from kindergarten and I‘dsay it‘s the best one to have. All too often guys are afraid and hold back onteasing girls because it could “ruin their chances”. It seems men with only theintention to have fun and don’t really care much what she thinks of himhappen to get the best results. Don’t hold back when you have a funnycomment, and don’t worry what she’ll think. You’ll know it worked if shelaughs along or if she playfully smacks you on the arm (or even the ass, thenyou can be sure it’s working). It’s often good to approach girls and use theteasing technique. It’s one of my favorite approaches to use when you’rekinda lost. For instance I would say “Now that’s weird, I’ve never seen a pursewith handles like that before, it sure is… different.” (keep in mind, only saythis if her purse really is weird) and she could say “Well yea, actually a lot of girls have a purse like this.” and I’ll respond “Uh huh, well I’ve never seen onebefore, so I’m assuming that’s your cover up for not being like the other girls,it’s ok if you’re different I still accept you for who you are (with thisexaggerated smile on my face).” Conversations similar to this one usually getgirls laughing and willing to flirt and tease back which is always fun. Now whenyou’re teasing a girl and it hasn’t gone over too well, usually there’s one of three possible reasons for this from my experience which are usually the onlycases that ever come up. 1) You’re joke wasn’t funny, or funny enough 2) Thetopic you decided to point out wasn’t very interesting (possibly offensive) 3)She can’t take a joke Now situation #1, I really can’t help you out with, if the joke didn’t work out too well it’s okay, there’s plenty of fish in the sea andplenty more jokes as well. You’ll just have to find something funnier next time.Situation #2 can be avoided, but not with all women. Once again, I can’t helpyou if the topic you tried wasn’t funny, I still get that problem a lot. If youused an offensive line, it’s fine, just apologize, learn and move on. In situation#3 it’s best to move on.Page 9 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramI really haven’t found a great way to get around a girls mood when she’s notin the mood for joking around. If she can’t take a joke or seems to be in a bitof a bitchy mood, I’ll leave her alone. Not worth your time. The best thing toremember about teasing is as long as it’s not too offensive, you can find justabout anything to make a wise ass comment about and use it. Remember notto be too worried about what she’ll think or if you’ll ruin your chances, justhave fun.Playful Teasing Through Actions…Teasing a girl physically works usually just as well as verbally. Either wayyou’re portraying the same idea that you’re comfortable around her and willingto tease her a little bit which is good. Now physical teasing with a girl (for mepersonally), usually will involve just doing little subtle things that when sherealizes that you’re teasing her can be funny for the both of you. For example,physical teasing could be… 1) Lightly pushing her as you’re walking intothings, objects or other people (gotta be careful with other people, make surenobody gets pissed) which is great to add in “Sorry, she kind of has troublewith her equilibrium. We’re working on it though (smile and give her a hug).” 2) Trying to hand her something and not letting go, or pretending to grabsomething out of her hand and as she’s holding it just lightly touch it likeyou’re going to grab it but don’t. Easier done, than explained. 3) Poking her inher side, pinching her arm or tickling is great. Even pulling her hair andguiding her around or walking with you pulling on it with her yelling to get off (of course don’t get her mad, some girls do, girls who do I consider that a redflag which I‘ll explain later) And of course, once back at the ranch, you couldeven if the timing feels alright…. 4) Ask her if she wants to wrestle, armwrestle or even put on boxing gloves and you could play fight together.Physical activities together will createPage 10 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction Programbonding a lot faster than just talking or conversation if used correctly, and it’sa lot of fun for both of you. You could be surprised, I find a lot of girls who arefully willing to box or play around with you through activities like that. Keep inmind, try not to take physical teasing too far. I’ll usually avoid touching herunless she’s comfortable or already having fun with you (this is usually abouta minute after we begin talking in my case, everyone‘s different though). Onceyou guys start laughing or having fun it should be ok at that point for physicalteasing. Keep in mind not to overdo it, I’ll keep verbal and physical teasing atthe same level about mostly and not favor one.Understand The Three Keys To Making First Sex Work…The three most important things you could probably ever know about greatsex are that it’s about honesty, attention to detail, and a sense of humor. Idon’t need to tell you the up-side of sex but there are implications of each of these components that are integral to a successful experience for both of you.Honesty: There is hardly anything more honest than standing totally naked infront of someone. After the “trow” has been dropped, you are miles beyond “does my ass look fat in these pants?” So, take some time to walk yourself through the scenario in your head before you get there so you don’t becomethe dope people point and laugh at when they hear she took off your pantsand you turned on the TV. Before you get the key to the city, you have toprove your worth and probably answer some important, pop quiz questions. Afew of them, accompanied by some sample answers (remember we’re talkinghonesty), are as follows: Q: “What are we doing?” A: “Being impulsive,enjoying each other, and agreeing to deal with it later.” Page 11 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramQ: “Did you think it was going to be that easy?” A: “No. I just thought it wasgoing to be that good.” When this question was posed to me several yearsago, I didn’t end up having sex with the woman but we fooled around theentire night naked in my bed, which to me was still a fantastic experience.That is until the cable guy showed up early the next morning. Q: “Do you haveanything?” A: “Absolutely.” Have something. Enough said.Attention to detail: The saying “Why do girls work so hard on tanning when allthe guys care about is the white parts?” is a bit telling. As I have gainedexperience, I am convinced it’s almost all about all-over foreplay. If you’rehoping that your chosen partner will throw caution to the wind and get jiggywith you, some unrushed foreplay that focuses on a person’s whole body andnot just the white parts is a great way to get there. Ask yourself: Have youever prolonged the warm up so far that she begged you to have sex with her?If you haven’t, I passionately suggest you make that the next milestone in lifefor you, and anyone you want to become intimate with. How do you get to thepart when people start shedding clothes? One of my go-to approaches isgiving a back rub. This is an opportunity to demo your sensitive, healing,powerful touch to someone. Relaxation is 50% of positioning yourself to score.There are plenty of ways to become proficient: DVDs, books, etc. I am suresome of your opposite sex friends wouldn’t mind you trying out some of yournew massage skills on them. Many girls are self-conscious about how theylook. Think of how long it takes for them to get ready. For better and worse,they really care a lot about and scrutinize how they look. Now imagine thisperson taking off her clothes on stage with you watching. That is the extremeof making being uncomfortable. The other end of the spectrum is a pitch-blackbedroom where you lose all the visual pleasure of the beautiful female form.Page 12 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramMeet her in the middle, at least at first, by dimming the lights to a warm,comfortable level. The light from several candles placed near the bed not onlycreates a romantic, pleasurable ambience, but also gives her the security of not being under the microscope. There are a number of erogenous locationson a person’s body beyond the ones inside the tan lines. Not everyone’s thesame, but the body language will tell you whether you are pressing the rightbuttons. The “wet-willy,” sticking your tongue in her ear, is a great example of something that will pull the needle off the record on the wrong person. Myexperience is that if you are going to lick someone’s ear, that it be gently onthe edge coupled with a few soft, warm breaths or whispers about how hotyou think he/she is. The sides of the stomach, the sides and back of the neck,and the small of the back are also key areas for kissing and playful bitingduring foreplay. An uncommon, yet effective approach to getting a woman inthe mood is a foot message. Find some Peppermint foot lotion at a store likeBody Works and spend about ten minutes on each foot. Pressure points on thefeet, at least what I’ve experienced, are connected to other more sensitiveareas of the fairer sex. This is a very nice way to set yourself apart and thatyou are committed to taking care of her in more ways than one. When you arewith someone the first time physically or still figuring the person out, don’tyou think you need to control the situation? It’s a dance, not a liquor storerobbery. Let your partner take the wheel for a while and watch/listen/feelthem enjoy the moment in their favorite position and at their speed.Bookmark based on reaction. Sense of Humor: In any sexual relationship,some uncomfortable stupidity inevitably presents itself. Sights, sounds, andgeneral clumsiness are commonplace. It’s not like filming porn that can beedited later.Page 13 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramIf you can’t laugh at yourself in exposed, compromising situations, you don’tdeserve to be there. Laughing together at sex follies can bring you closertogether than the physical union itself. Laughter is also a big turn-on for me,and most of the women I have been with. It takes the edge of anxiety off,breaks the ice, and allows you to relax and focus on this warm, intimate dancewith each other. Now, if you liked what you’ve just read… I have some greatnews for you… there’s a WHOLE LOT more from where it came from! You see…I Have A FREE Weekly Newsletter…And I’d like to invite you to sign up for it. It’s 100% completely free andthere’s no cost or obligation for it. I respect your privacy and will never shareyour email with anyone else at anytime. Inside it, you will gain instant accessto breakthrough discoveries on the latest attraction techniques that powerfullypulls women to you; from sexual communications, the art of flirting, teasing ‘tricks’, voice tonalities, body language, and many more… This is the exactresource center where we give out a TON of free tips, tricks, advice,techniques and field-tested bonus reports on how to be more successful withwomen and dating. And if you feel it’s not suitable for you, you can quicklyunsubscribe yourself at anytime. To sign-up for my free weekly newsletter, just go here:Weekly Free NewsletterUnderstanding what women want, how to handle 'tricky' situations & 'deal'with them in ways that creates & AMPLIFIES attraction in them for you is botha complicated & not so complicated process but more importantly, it is aLEARNED skill. And yes, there are certain things you must and certain thingsyou must NOT do if you want to be 'great' with women. There's a thin fine linein between them so you better be not be left out and be 'in the know'.Page 14 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comInstant Attraction ProgramNow, if you'd prefer to save yourself YEARS of trial and error, not to mentionthousands of dollars down the drain in 'unfruitful' dates, then I suggest checkout my entire Instant Attraction Program. Here, you will go "behind thescenes" and learn EVERYTHING about how and why women become attractedto some men and not others... You can download it and be accessing all thematerials in the next 5 minutes when you click the link below:Instant Attraction Program PackageIt will definitely help you take your success with women to a whole new level,whether you're just starting out or even if you're the ultimate 'shy' guy. Takecare and happy hunting buddy! We’re sure you’ll definitely enjoy the ride…Your Friends,Simon Heong & David KwanP.S. Show your friends you care. Please feel free to spread this informationaround to those you think who’d need this. They’ll surely LOVE you for it!
Page 15 Copyright © 2006-2010, Simon Heong & David Kwan-- All RightsReserved. www.InstantAttractionProgram.comSecrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson1Secrets Of Undressing A Woman In this special bonus, you will learnsomething that most men will never ever figure out on their own, and that is…how to strategically undress a woman to minimize the chances last minuteresistance to having sex, and also turn her on to the point of having her wantto have sex with you VERY badly. Sound good? Okay, let’s get started. Iassume you’ve already read Secrets Of A Sex Magnet, and so you’re familiarwith the basics of getting a woman back to your place, and preferably yourbedroom. So what do you do when it’s obviously time to start gettingphysical? Well, you certainly can’t have sex with your clothes on, so let’s talkabout how to get those annoying clothes off 
Removing the shirt and bra.Okay, for the most part, you can’t just go right to removing a woman’sclothing right away. You have to make her WANT to take those clothes off. Butlet’s look at the psychology of it. Why would a woman WANT to take herclothes off? What is the reward for doing that? The answer… MORE PLEAUSREIMMEDIATELY. In the main book, I talked about how when a woman is on topof you, and you two are kissing… how you should reach up the back of hershirt and begin to stroke her lower back lightly. Now, remember I said NOT togo all the way up her back? Why is that? I mean, you CAN easily reach upthere if you wanted to. Well, the reason is that you don’t want to give her allthe pleasure from those light strokes while she still has her shirt on. She hasto have some motivation for an immediate reward, otherwise she’ll just lay ontop of you and let you rub her back. In order to make her want more, youcan’t give her all the pleasure until she removes the item of clothing thatyou’re working on getting her to take off.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 1Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson2The same thing goes for the front. Let’s say you’re kissing her neck, and youslowly start to kiss down by her breasts. In fact, I usually kiss right on hernipple, but OVER her shirt and bra. Why? Because she knows how good thiswould feel if you were doing this to her bare breasts, instead of her stupidshirt. She’ll feel a little pleasure from kissing her breasts over the shirt, butshe’ll be annoyed that she can’t get to enjoy all of it. Also, another method formaking her want to take her top off is to kiss down her neck, and if she has anopen cleavage shirt, start pulling it down a little, so you can kiss lower ontoher breasts. But DON’T kiss the sensitive nipple area while she still has hershirt on…. EVER. If she wants to enjoy THAT, she will take her top off. Nowrealize, a lot of the time she won’t just take her top off. She’ll wait for you todo it for her. This is extremely easy when she’s on top of you, because usuallyshe has her hands on the bed on either side of you to support herself up whileshe kisses you. Now is the perfect position to reach up, and undo her bra. Andnow you can stroke a LITTLE bit higher on the back, but still not all the way.Why are you doing this? Simple, now… she not only still wants to experiencepleasure, but now she’s got this annoying feeling of an undone bra on herbody. So she’ll either want to redo the bra strap, or just take it off. And youknow what, I’ve never had a woman redo her bra strap
So remember, nowthat you’ve got her turned on, and you’ve got the bra undone, you’re 80%there. Now, it’s just a matter of time. Keep turning her on, and lifting her shirta little bit at a time. Usually what will happen is that you’ll rub her back, andas you’re lifting her shirt up, you’ll notice her arch her back forward a little.She’s doing this to make it extremely easy for you to remove her shirt, so takethe cue and DO IT. Oh yeah, and one more thing… there’s an important reasonwhy you ALWAYS undo the bra before you remove the shirt.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 2Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson3That reason is, when you take off the shirt, you can just scoop up the bra andremove it WITH the shirt… all at once. Think about it… WHAT girl is going towant to sit there with an undone bra and no shirt? At this point, it’s either allor nothing, and they almost always go for taking them both off. Piece of cakeright? With some practice, you’ll be able to pull this off so smoothly that it willfeel completely natural to the girl, because she’s so preoccupied with receivingmore pleasure from you. Oh man, I love women! Removing the pants. Thesame general strategy applies for removing the pants as well. Start bystroking her outer thighs, and then move inward into the inner thighs, andthen lightly stroke over her vagina. The pants have to come off slowly as well.First, undo her button, and unzip… but leave it there. Then gently rub yourhands in and out of wherever you can reach into her unzipped pants, but don’tgo too far down. Remember, you want to give her the promise of immediatepleasure after those pants come off, but not a moment sooner. Next, get inbetween her legs and start kissing her all the way down to her stomach. Then,start kissing lower and lower down onto her panties. Then, at the same timeyou’re kissing her panties, grab her pants in both hands and slowly startpulling them down while continuing to kiss lower and lower. At this point, you’llbe able to tell if she wants them off or not, because if she does, she’ll almostalways lift up her ass so you can slide them off easily. If she doesn’t do that,don’t worry… just keep kissing around that area, and move onto plan B. Plan BIf she doesn’t lift her ass up to let you get her pants off, start kissing aroundher lower thighs and directly onto her vagina area through her pants. Usuallypants are pretty thick, so you can even give a little bit. The idea is that youwant to imply the promise of immediate oral sex.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 3Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson4This is almost always enough to make those pants FLY off. Just be persistentand realize that sometimes the girl just isn’t ready. Usually, if you’re this farinto things, you can take it all the way… it just takes patience and persistence.And by the way, when those pants DO come off, remove the socks too whileyou’re pulling the pants off. You don’t want her to be completely naked andstill have her damn socks on. Removing the panties Believe it or not, this isthe easiest part. Now you’ve gotten her down to her panties and it’s almosttime for sex. By the way, if you don’t have your shirt off at this point, youshould take it off while removing the pants. If you’re completely clothed, andshe’s naked, that is NOT good. She’ll feel awkward, because you’re notundressing along with her. If you want, while you’re kissing her neck, whisperin her ear to help you out of your shirt. She’ll be glad to. Anyway, back to thepanties. So you’re between her legs and you just took off her pants and socks.Now, go back up to her and start kissing her really slowly deliberately. Next,start working your way down her body with your mouth. First her mouth, thenneck, then breasts, then stomach… and then…… Then you start kissing herright over her panties onto her vagina… almost as if you were going down onhere right there. Then slide your fingers in from the sides of the panties, andmove them to one side and actually start going down on her bare vagina. Butagain, remember not to give her 100% of the pleasure until the panties comeoff completely. The idea here is to lick everywhere on her vagina EXCEPT herclitoris… which is where she really WANTS your tongue to be. What you can dois… threaten her with clitoral pleasure by coming VERY VERY close to theclitoris, but not actually on it. At this point, those panties are coming off. I’venever had resistance at this point… not once ever.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 4Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson5Why? Because she KNOWS she’s about to receive massive pleasure, and thosedarn panties are getting in the way of her getting what she craves. ConclusionOkay big boy, the clothes are off, and it’s time to get it on. One last thing,while you’re going down on her, take off your pants and boxers. She won’treally be paying attention, because you’re going down on her. If you wantmore to know more about how to pleasure a woman once the clothes are off,please check out the Advanced Seduction Guide.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved5Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson1READ THIS FIRST Thank you for purchasing Secrets Of A Sex Magnet. Ipromise that if you follow this program, and are willing to have an open mind,you will easily meet the kind of women that you're looking for, and be able toget them into bed. There’s one thing you must know beforehand. This bookisn’t going to do it for you. What I mean is… most guys buy a product on howto seduce women, and they automatically think that just by having the book,that women will start knocking on their door begging to go down on you (ohwait, that’s MY fantasy… woops). If you wanted to go from New York to LosAngeles, and you were driving by car, there are two things you’re going toneed to know: 1. Where you are right now. 2. A map to get you where youwant to go. You could easily just hop in your car and drive west, and hope thatyou’ll get to Los Angeles eventually. That’s what most guys do with dating.They try a bunch of crap that gets them nowhere, and wonder why their penisis always dry and alone. You see, if you wanted to go from New York to LosAngeles, you wouldn’t want a map made by a guy who has only been back andforth from New York to Texas a few times. If you did that, then you wouldn’tget an accurate set of directions to get to Los Angeles. The same goes forseduction. Most guys go out and buy these bullshit “dating and relationships” books at the bookstore, and wonder why they can’t get laid. That stuff doesn’twork, because it’s not designed for seduction If you want to learn how to get awoman into bed, you need to learn from someone who has figured it out. Youneed to learn from someone who has gotten many women in bed, and learnedhow to teach it to others. And that brings us to right now.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved1Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson2To stick with the above analogy, I’ve been from New York to Los Angeles morefriggen times than I can even count, and so I have a damn good map which Iam about to share with you. What’s the advantage of having such a map?Well, to begin with, you will be able to avoid all the stupid mistakes that Imade, and discover some really amazing shortcuts and tricks that will havewomen screaming “fuck me now!” faster than you can say DAAAAMMMMNNNChris, that’s nice! The main thing that I want you to understand is thatalthough I’m going to show you some really amazing stuff, you ARE going tohave to get your ass out into the real world and do what I say. But when youdo, you’ll find out that meeting women was never hard at all. So have fun, anddon’t take yourself so seriously. For cryin’ out loud, this is about getting tonsof poontang, not world peace! BEFORE WE BEGIN In order for you to get themost from this book, it’s important that you set your goals ahead of time, sothat while you read this material, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of howyou can use this material in your specific situation. Example: If you’re lookingto improve your ability to meet women in malls, then while you read this book,you will see certain ideas and skills that might make sense intellectually, butyou won’t have a functional understanding of them until you start to thinkabout how you can actually USE it in the real world. If you have a clearunderstanding of what you’re looking to gain right off the top, you will have amuch greater chance of remembering the skills when you need them. Also,there’s no need to write down every single goal you’ve ever had when it comesto getting laid. Just choose the most important one, and work with that as youread this book the first time. Chances are… once you get out there and startgetting laid regularly, you’ll want to read this book again and again to improveyour skills.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 2Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson3Please print out this page, and read the entire page before you fill in theblanks. What do you want to be able to do as a result of reading this book?(Be specific) _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________What is your biggest strength when it comes to seducing women? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________What is your biggest weakness when it comes to seducing women? What onespecific area needs improvement more than anything else? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________List three ways that your life would improve if you could not only overcomethis weakness, but also gain incredible skills when it comes to seducingwomen and getting them to want to have sex with you. How, if at all, wouldyou life be different?1:____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________2:____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________3:____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Write down any additional notes or ideas that you think would are relevant toseducing women. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 3Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson4MENTAL SECRETS OF GUYS WHO GET LAID Last week I was in one of myfavorite bars with my friend Frank. Now Frank is someone who’s alwayswanted to meet beautiful women, but could never understand how… like mostguys I think. So we were sitting there, and I was explaining how seductionworks, and why looks really don’t matter as long as you have skill. But all heheard me say was that looks don’t matter, and missed the part about the skillsbeing needed. So Frank got upset and started ranting and raving about howhe’s asked many women out, and they always say no, and how no woman whois beautiful is going to want to be with a guy who looks average. Well, Godmust have been listening in on our conversation, because 15 seconds later… inwalks this absolutely stunning brunette. She had it all, legs, breast, longflowing hair, and she moved very gracefully. She obviously knew she was hot.I got excited, because I was getting ready to go talk to her. So Frank and I arewatching her walk across the room, and she walks RIGHT up to this guy whowas obviously her boyfriend, hugs and kisses him. Well Frank’s jaw hit thefloor, because the guy was easily 10 years older than her, and he looked like just your average guy in his mid 30’s. He was losing some hair, had a potbelly, and dressed average. There was nothing unique about the way this guylooked at all. So Frank and I watched this couple as their friends joined them
for drinks over the course of the night. Eventually I was so curious, I decidedto find a way to make conversation with these people. I had to find out whatthis guy was like, and I wanted to show Frank too. 10 minutes later I waschatting with him and his girlfriend (I confirmed that it was his girlfriend), andFrank and I were blown away by his personality! He was cracking dirty jokes,telling stories, and just generally entertaining the whole group. Everyoneseemed really comfortable around him, and his girlfriend was obviously in lovewith this man.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 4Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson5So later that night, Frank and I were talking and he said, “You know Chris, if that plain looking guy can get women just with his personality, I can too!” Inthat night, his entire perspective changed, because he saw with his own eyesthat it was possible to have what he wanted. He knew it was possible, becausehe saw someone else who was uglier than him who had a woman that wasbetter looking than anyone Frank ever dated. Now here’s the thing… Frankcould have always gotten women, but what stood in his way was a LimitingBelief about women. This might be what’s going on with you. In fact, I’mwilling to bet that if you’re not getting what you want in terms of women rightnow, it’s because you’re getting in your OWN way. So what do you do? Well,remember the map analogy? First we have to discover where you are, beforewe can go someplace better. What does a limiting belief look like? Well, hereare some examples of beliefs that I used to have. I like to keep a record of them, so that I can look back and see how far I’ve come. I hope that whenyou’re having tons of women wanting to be with you, you’ll be able to lookback to this moment as being the start of getting your thinking straightenedout. Examples of limiting beliefs about women: • Beautiful women only go forgood looking, popular “alpha male” type guys. • She won’t go for me, becauseI’m not attractive enough. • Women should accept me just as I am now. Ishouldn’t have to improve myself. (this was a big one for me) • Women don’twant to have sex with me unless they are my girlfriend, and I commit tohaving a relationship with them.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved5Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson6IDENTIFYING LIMITING BELIEFS Now it’s your turn. Read each question, andfill out the blanks. This is a VERY important exercise. Remember, you need toknow where you are right now, before you can know how to improve and getbetter results. What do you believe really beautiful women think of you? Whatdo you think they would say about you if a group of 3 hot women werediscussing you amongst themselves? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________If an attractive woman spent the night at your place, and you absolutelybanged her as best as you knew how, how do you think she would rate you asa lover? (1 being absolute shit, and 10 being a porn star stud muffin) CircleOne: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10Do you think that you would be nervous about having sex with a really hot,sexy woman… knowing that this is the kind of woman that every guy wants tobe with? Circle One: Yes No What do you think other people would say aboutyou if they saw really beautiful women wanting to be with you? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Why do you think a really attractive woman would want to be with you? Whatdo you have to offer a woman who can have any guy she wants? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________What is your opinion of those popular guys who always have lots of friends,and always seem to have beautiful women that want them? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 6Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson7How did you do? If you’re wondering what the point of those questions was,you’re not alone. I answered those questions for myself years ago, and theresults were astonishing. Let me explain. Okay, question #1 was about whatyou think beautiful women think of you. You see, if you don’t think thatbeautiful women would say good things about you when you’re not around,then you most likely have a thought that says you don’t deserve to havebeautiful women. And if you don’t think that you deserve beautiful women,then you will unconsciously sabotage yourself when you try to meet them. It’sa protection mechanism that your mind has, so if you find yourself thinkinglike this… it’s important to replace that belief with a positive one such as: If 3beautiful women were discussing me when I was not around, I believe theywould talk about my positive attributes and how sexy and funny I am. Even if you don’t think it’s true right now, if you adopt this believe and repeat it toyourself every day, you will soon take on a new attitude about women andabout life. Okay, onto the next question. How would a beautiful woman rateyou in bed? Now think about it, if you answered lower than a 5 or 6, again…you will not allow yourself to be with a beautiful women in bed. Why? Becauseyou will unconsciously think that she is not enjoying it (and who wants to bewith a lover that doesn’t enjoy them?). If you answered 5 or lower, it might beuseful for you to get one or two sex education videos and learn how to pleasea woman in bed. It’s really not difficult once you get some good skills, and aregular partner to practice with. Question 3 also ties into the issue of beingsecure that you are a confident and skilled lover. Most guys want to be superskilled before they ever even sleep with a woman. Unfortunately, skill in thebedroom must come with experience combined with active learning.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 7Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson8Question 4 is all about how you think other people will view you if you hadbeautiful women wanting you. You see, people want to be liked and acceptedby others, that’s a given. And if you believe… even a little bit… that people will judge you harshly or not like you if you start dating hot women, then you’renot going to follow through. So sit back and think about it. Think about howyour friends would see you differently if you started bringing around hotwomen. Would they see it as a positive improvement, or an unwelcomechange? I’m not telling you what to do here, but I am telling you to payattention, because people ARE going to view you differently. Some will viewyou in a new positive light, and some won’t believe their eyes. And the lastquestion is all about what you believe you have to offer. You see, if you’re notsure what you have to offer a woman, then how do you expect to comfortablyand confidently talk to a woman who can have any guy in the world? Thinkabout it. ANY guy (almost) can get beautiful women, but for the average guyit takes a little more preparation and thought. You need to honestly believethat you are worthy of a beautiful woman before you can have one. But onceyou start getting one… LOOK OUT, because you’ll start easily getting more andmore and more. You see, beautiful women want what OTHER beautiful womenwant. If you are seen around town as a guy who gets hot chicks, then astrange thing will happen. Suddenly MORE hot chicks will start talking to you.It’s absolutely weird, but that’s what has happened to me, and to some of myreaders who emailed me about this phenomenon. I can’t explain it, but I knowit works. So if you found yourself thinking some “less than helpful” thingsabout yourself with regards to getting hot women, it’s time to do somereprogramming. Replace those negative images about yourself with positiveones. A detailed explanation of this is beyond the scope of this book, but thereare many books on how to create a powerful self image. Check outAmazon.com and you’ll find a ton of them.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 8Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson9ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING One of the most important aspects of dating is tohave a positive outlook on things. A woman can sense instantly if you aregoing to be a negative and draining person to be around, and she'll go to greatlengths to avoid you if you're this type of person. Regardless of what'shappened to you in your life, you CAN develop the habit of having what I call"positive expectancy". What that means it that you expect things to turn outwell for you. When you meet a woman, you assume that she's going to likeyou, because.... who wouldn't? When you are going out with a woman, youalready know that she's going to have a great time, because hey... she's outwith YOU tonight. It's important to always assume the best about people. Andthe funny thing is, if you see the best in people, they will tend to demonstratethe best kind of behavior when they are around you. Now me personally, thiswas a huge challenge to meet. I didn't realize it at the time, but I had datedso many women, and had so many relationship failures, that I would go out ondates, but have a negative outlook on things. I would say things to myself like, "Well, I might as well get her in bed tonight, because this probably isn'tgoing to last anyway. I mean, look at how she was 10 minutes late. Shedoesn't even respect my time... and so forth." I realize that might sound alittle extreme, but this was where I was at in my life. I had been burned by somany women, that I became jaded. What I finally realized was that it was MEwho was screwing up my my chances of getting laid, not the women. Once Itook a real honest look at my internal beliefs about life, people, and aboutmyself, I began to notice a lot of conflicts in my mental make up. You may ormay not be able to identify with what I'm talking about. What about you? Doyou have the same kind of problems with women over and over again? Do youfind that there is an undesirable pattern going on in your dating life, and yoursocial life? Most likely it's because you have some limiting beliefs that areconflicting with your desires and your values. Here's an example:Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 9Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson10Let's say you have a desire that sounds something like this. "I want to dateand sleep with several woman simultaneously." Fair enough, I often date andsleep with several women at once too. Okay, now let me ask you a question.Have you ever had a woman that you cared about a lot, and then you noticedthat she was paying a lot of attention to another man? Or, have you ever hada woman sleep with another man while she was also dating and sleeping withyou? If you answered yes, I'm just curious... how did it feel when you foundout? Did you get that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, and you wereuneasy for days, weeks, or even months or years (especially if this was a wife,or a true love)? Okay, so now you've got a conflict going on, because yourconscious mind says that you want to enjoy several women sexually at thesame time (I'm not talking about threesomes here, I'm just saying that youhappen to be sleeping with multiple women at various times). On the otherhand, your subconscious mind... the part of your mind that rememberseverything that has ever happened to you, and that controls all yourinvoluntary body functions... remembers the pain that you experienced whenYOU were on the receiving end of someone who was not monogamous. Well,do you think that might cause some internal conflicts? On one hand, you wantone thing, but on the other hand, you remember how much pain that situationcaused you in the past. So you will endlessly vacillate between those twodesires. Okay, so knowing this... what can you do? Well, you can do a LOT, butit takes a little bit of mental training. So here we go. Step 1 - Observe whatkind of questions you are asking yourself about your partner. This will becomeeasy after a little bit of practice. What I'm asking you to do is pay attention towhat you're saying to yourself inside your mind. You see, you might be askingyourself things like:• • •I wonder what she's thinking. Does she really like me, or is she justpretending to like me? Why doesn't she return my calls all the time?Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 10Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson• • • •11I wonder if she really wants to be with me. Should I call her? I wonder whyshe's not home tonight. I hope she shows up for our date tonight. ... the listgoes on and on.You see, your brain is just a computer. Whatever question you ask yourself,you will get an answer to. That's your brain's job. If you were to ask yourself,"Why am I so fat?", your brain would spit out a bunch of answers like:• • •Because you eat too much fast food. You are lazy and you don't exercise.Because you're a loser and you eat too much junk food.Those kind of answers wouldn't be very helpful would they? But what if youasked yourself a better question like, "How can I lose 10 pounds?", then yourbrain would start giving you answers to that question. But it doesn't stopthere. How do you think we could modify that question to make get our brainto give us more potent and powerful answers? Here's some examples:How can I lose 10 pounds within 2 months? (now you're adding the element of a deadline to the question, which will give you a completely different answer.)How can I lose 10 pounds within 2 months and really have FUN doing it?(that's a great question, and you will get a completely different answer,because your brain will be looking for ways to lose the weight that are fun,and only give you those answers) What can I do RIGHT NOW that will get meon the road to losing 10 pounds and having fun? (again, that's a differentquestion completely, because it not only mixes in the element of time, but alsotells your brain to only give you answers that you can act on right now.)So I hope you're starting to see just how powerful your brain really is. Butremember, YOU are the one who's in control of it, and the way you control it isby controlling the questions that you ask yourself on a regular basis. You see,you probably don't even realize it yet, but you are ALWAYSCopyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 11Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson12asking and answering questions in your mind. It's just that you are doing itautomatically, and you're not consciously aware of it. It's kind of like driving acar. When you're first learning, you have to conscious pay attention toeverything that you're doing. But the more you practice driving, and the morecompetent you get, the more those individual actions of driving (like checkingthe mirrors, shifting gears, knowing how much pressure to apply to thebrakes) get put on your subconscious autopilot system. That's what you wantto happen here too, but first you've got to change the questions that you'reasking yourself habitually when it comes to women and dating. So let’s try afun exercise. To begin with, let’s pick a question that many guys askthemselves at one point in their lives. “Why can’t I get those really hot womento be interested in me?” Well, if you ask yourself that question, you’re going toget some really lousy answers, because the brain is just a computer and it’s job is to give you all the reasons why you can’t get laid. Do yourself a hugefavor, and start paying close attention to the questions that you ask yourself when it comes to women, dating, and sex. You might not think that you askyourself questions like I mentioned above, and I can answer statement likethis. Have you ever had a car that you REALLY wanted? Maybe you even wentout and bought it, who knows. But when you thought about that car, it’s likeyou could actually feel yourself driving in it. It was so real to you. And thensomething funny happened. As you went through your day, you began tonotice that very same car EVERYWHERE. You saw it on the highway, in themalls, at your college, wherever. Why? Because your mind was nowconditioned to pay attention to, and notice that car whenever you saw one.The same thing applies to the questions that you ask yourself. If you tell yourbrain to notice the questions that you ask yourself around women, you WILLstart to notice them all.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 12Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson13REFRAMING QUESTIONS - WORKSHEET Okay, so here’s the exercise. Take alimiting question that you would normally ask yourself to make yourself feellike shit about meeting women. Got one? I’m sure it won’t be hard to think of one. Us guys can be really hard on ourselves when it comes to getting thepoontangus. Now, once you have a question in mind, I want you to ask it in apositive way. Once you get the hang of this, you’ll find that your entire way of thinking will change, and you will be a more positive person to be around.Practice turning your old limiting question into a “how” question, and also a “what” question. Here’s an example: Question: Why can’t I get those reallyhot women to be interested in me? Positive “How” Question: How can I get allthose really hot women to be interested in me? Positive “What” Question:What can I do today to get THAT hot woman over there interested in me rightnow? Question: _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Positive “How” Question: ________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Positive “What” Question: _______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________One more time. Pick another question, and practice reframing it in thepositive. Question: _____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Positive “How” Question: ________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Positive “What” Question: _______________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 13Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson14WHY MOST MEN FAIL WITH WOMEN Have you ever wondered why most guys just can’t seem to get any skills when it comes to getting hot women into bed?They meet a woman, and they try so hard to please that woman, and they doeverything “right” according to what their mother taught them about women,but still no sex? Why? One word sums it up perfectly. Oneitis. (pronounced:one – eye – tiss) What is oneitis? It’s what happens to a perfectly normal guywho is trying to get himself laid, and he ends up getting stuck on oneparticular girl. “But isn’t that what I’m supposed to do Chris? Aren’t Isupposed to try and please her so she’ll want to sleep with me?” In a word,NO. You see, instead of focusing on getting the one girl, it’s far better to focuson getting the ability to get women to like you. That’s far more valuable,because that means you can go anywhere and get laid. It’s like that oldmetaphor of learning HOW to catch fish, instead of just having one womangive you a piece of fish once in a while (oooh, that’s so bad… I love it!). Sowhat should I do instead Chris? Here’s the deal. The next time you findyourself paying WAY too much attention to one woman, and not gettinganything in return… just realize that you’re stuck in oneitis and it’s time tobreak out of that pussy trance that you’re in. The next time a woman cancelsher plans on you with no notice, or acts rude to you, don’t get upset. Instead,laugh it off and go out and meet 5 more women. Seriously, do you really thinkyou would ever put up with any kind of bullshit or mind games when youabsolutely know that you can go out and meet 5 more just like her? Absolutelynot, and you shouldn’t have to ever put up with that kind of crap.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 14Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson15THE ISSUE OF POWER Okay, I know this has happened to all of us. In fact,this has happened to me more times than I would like to admit. You’re sittingthere, and you’re looking forward to seeing a particular girl today, and at thelast minute… she cancels plans on you with some excuse that is obviouslybullshit. And then later that night, you see her out and about with her friends(or even worse, some other guy). Embarrassingly, it’s happened to me lots of times in the past. But then I figured out something really important. You see, Iused to get so pissed off that YET ANOTHER woman canceled plans with me. Itook it personally. I thought there was something wrong with me that madeher not want to be around me, and I’d spend the rest of the night all pissedoff. Then one night, a friend of mine who strangely never seemed to get madat anything explained something to me. FRIEND: “Why did you give her theremote control to your emotions?” ME: “HUH” I stammered. And my friendcontinued. FRIEND: “Why did you decide to give her the power to piss you off.Aren’t you the one who decides how you’re going to feel in any givenmoment?” ME: “Well of course, but….” FRIEND: “But nothing. She has totalcontrol over you, and she’s not even here. She’s probably out having fun, andyou’re pissed off. So let me ask you, who has the power here… you or her?” Damn, I couldn’t believe it. He was right. I actually GAVE her the power tomake me feel happy or angry. Before I met her, I was the one calling the shotsin my brain, but now I gave my power away to her. And you know what theworst part is? She doesn’t even know it. She has no idea how angry I am thatshe canceled out. She only cares that she didn’t want to go out tonight.Simple. So keep this in mind… keep your power for YOU. NEVER give yourpower away.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 15Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson16MEETING WOMEN – SELF TALK Exercise: Remember the last time you saw ahot chick, and you wanted to meet her, but couldn’t get yourself to go overand talk to her. Fill in the blanks after each question. What was the first thingyou said to yourself when you saw that hot chick? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Did you feel compelled to act, or did you feel yourself tighten up and want tomove away from the situation? Describe how it felt in your body. _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Looking back on it now, what do you think you would have done differently? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Judging by the results you got, or didn’t get… do you think the way youhandled yourself in that situation is worth repeating? Do you want to get thosesame results with other women? Circle One: Yes No What aspect of yourself do you think you MOST need to improve in order to get a better result nexttime? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________How do you think you would have been different in that situation if you hadthis particular area of your life handled. Example: If you said that you thinkyou need to improve your verbal communication skills… how would thissituation with the hot chick have played out differently if you already HADthose awesome verbal communication skills? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 16Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson17As you can see, the way you talk to yourself on the inside plays a huge role inyour ability to walk up and talk to women. It plays an even bigger role in yourability to convince those women to come to bed with you and have sex. Youmust begin to control what is going on inside your mind before you start tocontrol your circumstances around women and sex. If you see a woman thatyou’re attracted to, and you say to yourself something like, “Oh man, she’shot… but I bet she doesn’t go for guys like me.”, then how are you ever goingto meet a woman like her? And besides, how would you know WHAT kind of guys she goes for? I know really beautiful women who only date tall skinnyguys, because that’s what they like. They aren’t into the muscular “stud” typeguys that always hit on them. So how can you possibly know in advance if you’re her type or not? There’s just no way that you can. So instead of rejecting her in advance by saying that you’re not going to fit her type, just gofor it. And you know what you’ll find out? You’ll find out that all those fantasiesof rejection that you had aren’t even real. I’ve never had a woman flat outreject me rudely like I always fantasized women would. Not once. The onlypeople who think that are guys who have never bothered to walk up andactually give a woman a chance to talk to them Anytime you say to yourself that a woman isn’t interested in you, you are actually rejecting HER inadvance. You aren’t even giving her a chance to show you how great of aperson she is, and THAT is arrogant. Here’s a couple ideas for better self talkwhen you see a hot chick. • Wow, she’s cute. I wonder what’s interestingabout her. Let’s go say hi and find out. • Oooh, I wonder what she’s like. Whatcan I notice about her that I can make a comment about, or ask her aquestion about? These thoughts make you focus on THEM, instead of your ownnervousness.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 17Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson18HOW TO BE CONFIDENT WITH WOMEN Have you ever seen someone who isso good with talking to women that it almost seems like he has magicalpowers? Do you think that guys like that FEEL confident when they are talkingto women? Okay now think about something that you do really well. Maybe it’sinteracting with customer or coworkers at your job. Maybe it’s a hobby or asport that you have exceptional skill in. Think of something right now that youKNOW that you can easily do. Maybe it’s just shooting pool with your buddies,or bowling. Maybe it’s just TALKING with your best friend. Okay, now as youthink of the last time you did that thing that you’re really good at, do youthink that you FELT confident while you were doing it? I mean, did you actuallyhave to make yourself feel confident in order to do what you were doing… yousimply did it. It’s the same way with guys who are good at talking to women.They aren’t confident, they just don’t have the mental blocks that are stoppingthem from meeting people. They don’t think about it, they just walk up andtalk to people. And why not? What’s there to be afraid of really? So the realtrick to being confident is NOT to try and develop more confidence. It’s toremove the things that are stopping you from doing what you want. Maybe it’sa little voice in your mind that says “oh, she’s too young or old. She probablydoesn’t go for guys like me anyway, etc.” Maybe it’s a feeling of nervousnessor anxiety. Whatever it is, THAT’S what’s getting in your way… NOT lack of confidence. You don’t need more confidence. Confidence is a result of clearingout the blocks. Confidence is what you have naturally when you don’t buy intothe reasons for not following through. People who seem to be confident arenot actually confident. What they ARE is free of those blocks, that screw upsomeone’s natural ability to do things.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 18Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson19THE MAGIC QUESTIONS There are two questions that I always ask myself when I want to meet new people and have fun. It’s simply this… Who lookslike they could use a friend? Think about how that changes your focus fromyour own state of nervousness or excitement about yourself to payingattention to other people and helping them have fun. Here’s magic questionnumber 2. Who looks like they could use some help having fun? Do you seewhere I’m going with this? When you focus on yourself, you’re bound to noticeall your own flaws, or feelings of insecurity. When you focus on other people,they will think you’re the most interesting person in the room. Why? Well whowould you rather talk to; someone who wants to know if you think they areinteresting, or someone who tells you how interesting YOU are? Of course, wewould all rather be in the company of the second person, wouldn’t you? Funexercise #1 When you go out to lunch or dinner today, or just the next timeyou go to a store… talk to the cashier or clerk for a few seconds, and justbefore you talk to them, ask yourself, “How can I make this person smile?”.Or, you can ask yourself, “How can I make this person feel better aboutthemselves than they did before I showed up?”. Maybe you could just think of a simple compliment, but make sure it’s sincere. People despise flattery,because it’s so fake and insincere, and often has the opposite effect than wasintended.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved19Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson20Fun exercise #2 Notice interesting things. This is a magical little habit that,once you get used to it, will make you a LOT of friends so fast your head willspin! It goes like this. Practice watching people on their daily routine, and seehow fast you can notice something interesting about them that you cancomment on, or compliment them on. Okay, I’ll do this exercise right now, soyou can see what it’s like. Right now I’m writing this book in my favorite coffeeshop. Standing near me is a man in his 40’s who’s wearing an interesting hat…and the hat has a really cool pin on it. I’ve never seen anything like it, so Imight ask him about it. Also, 10 feet from me is a woman sitting with herhusband, and she’s got a very unusual wintery sweater on. It’s tempting toask her about it. Another woman just walked by who has an amazing tan. Sheobviously goes to a tanning salon, because it’s the middle of winter and I livein New England, where it’s extremely cold. Another woman stood near me fora minute while getting her coffee and she had a beautiful red scarf on. It lookslike it was probably a fine wool, or cashmeir. And there is yet ANOTHERwoman standing in line who has some really pretty (and large) hoop earrings.Now, if she wore earrings that big, she obviously wants people to notice. Okayokay, so now you might be asking, “well it’s one thing to notice something thatyou can ask people about, but how do you actually ask them? What do I sayto them?”. Well, for the gentleman with the hat, I might say, “Wow that’s anawesome hat. Where can I find something like that? And then once he startstalking, I can say, “Now I notice that there’s a pin in the middle of it, what’sthat about?” For the woman with the nice tan, I would say, “Hey, you have abeautiful tan. Which salon do you go to?” Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 20Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson21For the woman with the red scarf, I might say, “Hey I love your scarf. Myfriend Michelle would love something like that. What’s it made out of?” Okay,so you get the idea. By the way, are you noticing a pattern in my openinglines? Yes, that’s right. There IS a specific formula that I use for my openinglines, and we’re going to talk about that in the next section. So get out thereand just practice noticing things to compliment people on. Try and findsomething in 5 seconds or less, so you can get in the habit of thinking fast.STARTING CONVERSATIONS WITH WOMEN Okay, so in the last section I gavesome examples of ways to open up conversations with people. Now I’m goingto share the formula that I use when deciding what to say with women. Here’show it works. Let’s talk about psychology. Let’s say you spot someone that youwant to talk to, and you’re not sure what to say. Well, there are a couplethings that we need to think about first. Number 1 – the person that you wantto meet is probably thinking about what’s going on in their life. Maybe theyare thinking about something that happened at their job, or at home. Maybethey had a fight with their ex boyfriend, or maybe they had a wonderful dayand they are just out to relax. Now of course, it depends on the context, butyou have to realize that there’s a pretty good chance that the other person isnot standing there just WAITING for you to start a conversation with them. Sowhen you start talking to them, it might be taken as a welcome surprise, or anintrusion. Now am I trying to discourage you from starting a conversation? Of course not. What I am saying is that before you start the conversation, it’s agood idea to realize that the other person can have a million things going on inCopyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 21Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson22their mind, and you need to make sure that your opening statement containssome aspects of the following formula. #1 – It should be relevant to thesituation your in. If you see something interesting about that person, and youwant to comment on it, then that’s relevant. If you make a casual remarkabout the weather, then that’s relevant. You might talk about the long lines, orwhatever. Just make sure that it’s relevant, and ….. #2 – easy to agree with.Make sure your statement is easy to agree with. Yes, it IS hot outside. Yes, Iam wearing a beautiful sweater. Etc. #3 – it should answer the silent question “why are you talking to me”. Okay this is a biggie. Even though the otherperson might not be asking themselves yet “why are they talking to me”, mostpeople want to know that your intentions are good. If you live in a city, thenyou’re probably familiar with people who will walk up to you and ask you formoney, donations, a sip of your drink, or they might even try and talk you into joining some business of theirs. My point is, often times, people (especiallywomen) get approached by people who WANT something from them. Maybeit’s their money, or their attention, or their phone number. So, your openingstatement should tell the other person what you want from them. Why? Welllook… if you don’t get your foot in the door first, then you sure as hell aren’tgoing to get all the way up to her bedroom. In an average scenario on thestreets, a woman will be guarded against talking to you until she feels safe,and knows that you aren’t trying to “get” something from her. Now let’s takesome of my previous opening statements and look at them. “Hey, you have abeautiful tan. What salon do you go to?” – Now do you see how this statementhas 3 elements? It’s complimentary – I complimented her tan. It’s relevant tothe situation. I’m asking about something that’s going on right now.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 22Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson23And it let’s her know what I want from her, and that it’s safe to talk to me. Idid that by asking her a specific question about the thing that I complimented.Now what person WOULDN’T answer a question like that? It’s a great way toget the conversation started. Now the other person may or may not bereceptive to talking to you right now, but if they are, then you will improveyour chances of getting a conversation started by 1000%. You have a MUCHbetter chance of talking to the hot girl than if you just delivered a “line” like….Hey, you’re pretty. What’s your name?”. Or, “wow, you’re cute… do you comehere often”. Some dating books even have the nerve to say that all you haveto do is say “hi”. Well nooooo, it doesn’t really work that way. “Hi” is great,when you combine it with an opening statement that uses the formula that Italked about, but “Hi”, by itself, sucks. DATING WISDOM Here’s some profounddating wisdom that took me years to figure out: You cannot solve your datingproblems in a way that fits your current VIEW of the problem. You must learnto think OUTSIDE your box, and take a different, unexpected path. That’s thepath that I’m going to take you on. This is NOT a book on stupid pick up lines,or sleezy techniques to get women into bed. What you’re going to learn is aproven system for transforming yourself into the kind of man who womennaturally just want to be around and sleep with. Do you get that? I’m going toteach you how to be the kind of guy who gets the girl without having tobullshit, or pretend to be someone he’s not. Full service, that’s my motto
Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved23Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson24WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY “NO” TO? In order to get really good atmeeting hot women and getting them into bed, you’re going to have to say NOto some things. What do you have to give up in order to really benefit fromthis course? • Low self esteem. Thinking you’re not worth having a hot lookinggirl. • Self defeating habits like procrastination and self doubt. • Perfectionism “all or none” thinking. (like thinking that you have to seduce a womanperfectly, or it doesn’t count for anything) • Oneitis – the need to have oneparticular lover or partner. Nothing could be more toxic to your love and sociallife.. as well as your self esteem. • A stressful sense of urgency.. that youmust master this material right now. • You must also say NO to needing otherpeople’s approval for your actions and desires. Do you really need yourfriends’ permission to go get laid by a hot woman? • Say NO to settling for arelationship with any girl who happens to be interested in you. Be selective,and choose only the ones that really turn you on, and make you happy. By theway, the funny thing about becoming selective is that other people take notice.And when other hot girls notice that you’re turning down some of the betterlooking girls, they will wonder what makes you so great that you can afford todo that. And a funny thing happens when a hot chick gets curious about you.She won’t leave you alone until she’s satisfied, even if that means bangingyour brains out, just to find out if you have any right to be that selective. Youdon’t want to let her keep wondering do you? I didn’t think so.Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 24Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson25WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY “NO” TO - WORKSHEET Now that you have anidea of the kinds of things in your life that you need to let go of in order to bewith beautiful women, it’s time to write them down. Remember, this is yourlife, and only you know the right answers. I gave you some suggestions on theprevious page, and now it’s your turn. Fill in the blanks after each question. Inorder for you to have sex with hot girls on a regular basis, what are you goingto have to say “NO” to… in terms of your friends, who are used to the way youare right now? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________In order for you to have sex with hot girls on a regular basis, what are yougoing to have to say “NO” to… in terms of your limiting beliefs about women,which have been holding you back? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________In order for you to meet really cute girls when you go out and have fun, whatare you going to have to say “NO” to… in terms of the way you usually act insocial situations? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________In order for you to get really skilled at the art of seducing sexy women intoyour bedroom, what are you going to have to say “NO” to… in terms of whatyou spend your free time learning about and studying? And what will you say “YES” to? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________Copyright © 2003 – All Rights Reserved 25Secrets Of A Sex Magnet - By Chris Jackson26WHERE TO FIND WOMEN IF YOU ARE A BEGINNER Okay, so now it's time toget started, but where do we begin? I mean... how exactly do you "getstarted" with practicing how to meet women? That's what this section is allabout. There are several things we need to think about before we begin.• • •Where to find women that are open to meeting new people. Coming up with adefault routine to use with women. Getting to the point where you arecomfortable starting a conversation with any woman.Some of that stuff might sound simple, but each of those skills is going to taketime to get good at. So let's start with the first skill: Where to find women thatare open to meeting new people. I want you to notice that I said "where tofind women that are open to meeting new people". That's a whole lot differentthan just trying to meet women at the local grocery store. You see, themistake that I made when I was first learning how to meet women was that Iwas looking in the wrong places. It's strange but true. Most guys think that

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