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Analysing Questionnaire Results

Analysing Questionnaire Results

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Published by Fereshte786

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Published by: Fereshte786 on Dec 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Analysing Results
Gender The feedbacks that I have received are from female’s interest more than malesso therefore it’s not 50/50.Age The average ages of my audience feedback are 17 which are good because atthat age teenagers study the subject that they would need for university.Occupation
Looking at these results tell me that at the moment all my target audience arethinking about what they would be doing in the next year work or education, stherefore I could persuade them to continue with their education.What do you know about Higher Education? (Responses)
It is something you can choose to into after A-levels, such a university.
Higher education is what you do after you have finished KS4 Year 11, youchoose either to go to college or sixth form and you have the opportunity to choose from a range of subjects of your choice.
Higher education is very important, so that we can get appropriatequalifications in order to get into a good career 
Higher Education takes you a step higher, and gives you more opportunity to get a better job.
Clever people have higher education or rich people
From these responses, I know that the audience know what Higher Education areso therefore I do not need to spend time explaining what they are. And talkabout what are relevant for the audience to know about.If you had the opportunity to go to university, would you? If yes or no why?(Responses)
 yes, so be qualified as a solicitor 
If I had the opportunity to go to university then yes i would take that opportunity because i would like to succeed in life and fulfil my dreams.
Yes because it will give you a better chance to achieve what you really want and allows you to gain a good job
Yes, because it will provide me with an opportunity to develop new skillsand focus on my future career pathway.
 yes, best opportunity ever 
 The audience are willing to go to university because they know how important itis for their future. So knowing this, I could move away from persuading my targetaudience to go to university and how important it is I could want them of whatthey will have to face and what they could do to avoid it all.Are you interested in documentaries?
0246Student (Year 7-11)Student (sixthform)Student (college) Student (university) UnemployedSeries1
Well form these results it is good to know that majority of my audience areinterested in documentaries so won’t be hard to persuade them into watching adocumentary.Have you ever watched a documentary? If yes, what were the topics?
Yes I recently watched Katie: My Beautiful Face on channel 4 about abudding model and TV presenter who unfortunately due to unfortunateevents got acid thrown in her face. The documentary was about her newlife with her new face.
Yes, I only watch documentaries that interest me, such as: fashion,education, climate change.
 Animals, Life experiences of people all around the world 
Based on where human hair comes from with Jamelia as the main personinvolved 
Ross Kemp on GangsThis documentary is about Ross going to certain countries to stop tribalwar 
 The type of documentaries that my audience have watched are not the sametopic or similar to what mine would be so therefore I would have to havesomehow make it similar with graphics or conventions that would appeal to mytarget audience.What’s important in your life? (Ranked)
0123456789101 2 3 4 5PartyingEducationJobUniversity - degreeHome doing nothing

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